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SQL + Go migrations

This example: Custom goose binary with built-in Go migrations

$ go build -o goose *.go
$ ./goose sqlite3 ./foo.db status
    Applied At                  Migration
    Pending                  -- 00001_create_users_table.sql
    Pending                  -- 00002_rename_root.go

$ ./goose sqlite3 ./foo.db up
OK    00001_create_users_table.sql
OK    00002_rename_root.go
goose: no migrations to run. current version: 2

    Applied At                  Migration
    Mon Jun 19 21:56:00 2017 -- 00001_create_users_table.sql
    Mon Jun 19 21:56:00 2017 -- 00002_rename_root.go

Best practice: Split migrations into a standalone package

  1. Move main.go into your cmd/ directory

  2. Rename package name in all *_.go migration files from main to migrations.

  3. Import this migrations package from your custom cmd/main.go file:

    import (
        // Invoke init() functions within migrations pkg.
        _ "github.com/pressly/goose/example/migrations-go"


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