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Package socktest provides utilities for socket testing.



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type AfterFilter

type AfterFilter func(*Status) error

An AfterFilter represents a socket system call filter after an execution of a system call.

It will only be executed after a system call for a socket that has an entry in internal table. If the filter returns a non-nil error, the system call function returns the non-nil error.

type Cookie uint64

A Cookie represents a 3-tuple of a socket; address family, socket type and protocol number.

func (Cookie) Family

func (c Cookie) Family() int

Family returns an address family.

func (Cookie) Protocol

func (c Cookie) Protocol() int

Protocol returns a protocol number.

func (Cookie) Type

func (c Cookie) Type() int

Type returns a socket type.

type Filter

type Filter func(*Status) (AfterFilter, error)

A Filter represents a socket system call filter.

It will only be executed before a system call for a socket that has an entry in internal table. If the filter returns a non-nil error, the execution of system call will be canceled and the system call function returns the non-nil error. It can return a non-nil AfterFilter for filtering after the execution of the system call.

type FilterType

type FilterType int

A FilterType represents a filter type.

const (
	FilterSocket        FilterType = iota // for Socket
	FilterConnect                         // for Connect or ConnectEx
	FilterListen                          // for Listen
	FilterAccept                          // for Accept, Accept4 or AcceptEx
	FilterGetsockoptInt                   // for GetsockoptInt
	FilterClose                           // for Close or Closesocket

type Sockets

type Sockets map[int]Status

Sockets maps a socket descriptor to the status of socket.

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	Family   int // address family
	Type     int // socket type
	Protocol int // protocol number

	Opened    uint64 // number of sockets opened
	Connected uint64 // number of sockets connected
	Listened  uint64 // number of sockets listened
	Accepted  uint64 // number of sockets accepted
	Closed    uint64 // number of sockets closed

	OpenFailed    uint64 // number of sockets open failed
	ConnectFailed uint64 // number of sockets connect failed
	ListenFailed  uint64 // number of sockets listen failed
	AcceptFailed  uint64 // number of sockets accept failed
	CloseFailed   uint64 // number of sockets close failed

A Stat represents a per-cookie socket statistics.

func (Stat) String

func (st Stat) String() string

type Status

type Status struct {
	Cookie    Cookie
	Err       error // error status of socket system call
	SocketErr error // error status of socket by SO_ERROR

A Status represents the status of a socket.

func (Status) String

func (so Status) String() string

type Switch

type Switch struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Switch represents a callpath point switch for socket system calls.

func (*Switch) Accept

func (sw *Switch) Accept(s int) (ns int, sa syscall.Sockaddr, err error)

Accept wraps syscall.Accept.

func (*Switch) Accept4

func (sw *Switch) Accept4(s, flags int) (ns int, sa syscall.Sockaddr, err error)

Accept4 wraps syscall.Accept4.

func (*Switch) Close

func (sw *Switch) Close(s int) (err error)

Close wraps syscall.Close.

func (*Switch) Connect

func (sw *Switch) Connect(s int, sa syscall.Sockaddr) (err error)

Connect wraps syscall.Connect.

func (*Switch) GetsockoptInt

func (sw *Switch) GetsockoptInt(s, level, opt int) (soerr int, err error)

GetsockoptInt wraps syscall.GetsockoptInt.

func (*Switch) Listen

func (sw *Switch) Listen(s, backlog int) (err error)

Listen wraps syscall.Listen.

func (*Switch) Set

func (sw *Switch) Set(t FilterType, f Filter)

Set deploys the socket system call filter f for the filter type t.

func (*Switch) Socket

func (sw *Switch) Socket(family, sotype, proto int) (s int, err error)

Socket wraps syscall.Socket.

func (*Switch) Sockets

func (sw *Switch) Sockets() Sockets

Sockets returns mappings of socket descriptor to socket status.

func (*Switch) Stats

func (sw *Switch) Stats() []Stat

Stats returns a list of per-cookie socket statistics.

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