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type Expectation

type Expectation struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Expectation represents the expected result of some operation.

func ExpectSuccess

func ExpectSuccess() *Expectation

ExpectSuccess returns an Expectation that trivially expects success.

func ParseExpectation

func ParseExpectation(data []byte) (*Expectation, error)

ParseExpectation parses the serialized form of an Expectation.

func ParseFile

func ParseFile(testPath string) (io.Reader, *Expectation, error)

ParseFile parses a test file generated by the testgen package.

func (*Expectation) Check

func (e *Expectation) Check(err error) error

Check validates whether err conforms to the expectation. Returns an error if it does not conform.

Conformance means that if failure is true, then err must be non-nil. If err is non-nil, then it must match errorMatcher.

type Validator

type Validator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Validator is a type used for validating a stream of trace.Events.

func NewValidator

func NewValidator() *Validator

NewValidator creates a new Validator.

func (*Validator) Event

func (v *Validator) Event(ev trace.Event) error

Event validates ev as the next event in a stream of trace.Events.

Returns an error if validation fails.

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