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const (
	EvNone event.Type = iota // unused

	// Structural events.
	EvEventBatch // start of per-M batch of events [generation, M ID, timestamp, batch length]
	EvStacks     // start of a section of the stack table [...EvStack]
	EvStack      // stack table entry [ID, ...{PC, func string ID, file string ID, line #}]
	EvStrings    // start of a section of the string dictionary [...EvString]
	EvString     // string dictionary entry [ID, length, string]
	EvCPUSamples // start of a section of CPU samples [...EvCPUSample]
	EvCPUSample  // CPU profiling sample [timestamp, M ID, P ID, goroutine ID, stack ID]
	EvFrequency  // timestamp units per sec [freq]

	// Procs.
	EvProcsChange // current value of GOMAXPROCS [timestamp, GOMAXPROCS, stack ID]
	EvProcStart   // start of P [timestamp, P ID, P seq]
	EvProcStop    // stop of P [timestamp]
	EvProcSteal   // P was stolen [timestamp, P ID, P seq, M ID]
	EvProcStatus  // P status at the start of a generation [timestamp, P ID, status]

	// Goroutines.
	EvGoCreate            // goroutine creation [timestamp, new goroutine ID, new stack ID, stack ID]
	EvGoCreateSyscall     // goroutine appears in syscall (cgo callback) [timestamp, new goroutine ID]
	EvGoStart             // goroutine starts running [timestamp, goroutine ID, goroutine seq]
	EvGoDestroy           // goroutine ends [timestamp]
	EvGoDestroySyscall    // goroutine ends in syscall (cgo callback) [timestamp]
	EvGoStop              // goroutine yields its time, but is runnable [timestamp, reason, stack ID]
	EvGoBlock             // goroutine blocks [timestamp, reason, stack ID]
	EvGoUnblock           // goroutine is unblocked [timestamp, goroutine ID, goroutine seq, stack ID]
	EvGoSyscallBegin      // syscall enter [timestamp, P seq, stack ID]
	EvGoSyscallEnd        // syscall exit [timestamp]
	EvGoSyscallEndBlocked // syscall exit and it blocked at some point [timestamp]
	EvGoStatus            // goroutine status at the start of a generation [timestamp, goroutine ID, status]

	// STW.
	EvSTWBegin // STW start [timestamp, kind]
	EvSTWEnd   // STW done [timestamp]

	// GC events.
	EvGCActive           // GC active [timestamp, seq]
	EvGCBegin            // GC start [timestamp, seq, stack ID]
	EvGCEnd              // GC done [timestamp, seq]
	EvGCSweepActive      // GC sweep active [timestamp, P ID]
	EvGCSweepBegin       // GC sweep start [timestamp, stack ID]
	EvGCSweepEnd         // GC sweep done [timestamp, swept bytes, reclaimed bytes]
	EvGCMarkAssistActive // GC mark assist active [timestamp, goroutine ID]
	EvGCMarkAssistBegin  // GC mark assist start [timestamp, stack ID]
	EvGCMarkAssistEnd    // GC mark assist done [timestamp]
	EvHeapAlloc          // gcController.heapLive change [timestamp, heap alloc in bytes]
	EvHeapGoal           // gcController.heapGoal() change [timestamp, heap goal in bytes]

	// Annotations.
	EvGoLabel         // apply string label to current running goroutine [timestamp, label string ID]
	EvUserTaskBegin   // trace.NewTask [timestamp, internal task ID, internal parent task ID, name string ID, stack ID]
	EvUserTaskEnd     // end of a task [timestamp, internal task ID, stack ID]
	EvUserRegionBegin // trace.{Start,With}Region [timestamp, internal task ID, name string ID, stack ID]
	EvUserRegionEnd   // trace.{End,With}Region [timestamp, internal task ID, name string ID, stack ID]
	EvUserLog         // trace.Log [timestamp, internal task ID, key string ID, stack, value string ID]
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const (
	// Various format-specific constants.
	MaxBatchSize      = 64 << 10
	MaxFramesPerStack = 128
	MaxStringSize     = 1 << 10


This section is empty.


func EventString

func EventString(typ event.Type) string

EventString returns the name of a Go 1.22 event.

func Specs

func Specs() []event.Spec


type GoStatus

type GoStatus uint8
const (
	GoBad GoStatus = iota

func (GoStatus) String

func (s GoStatus) String() string

type ProcStatus

type ProcStatus uint8
const (
	ProcBad ProcStatus = iota

func (ProcStatus) String

func (s ProcStatus) String() string

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