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const (
	AT_EACCESS          = 0x200
	AT_FDCWD            = -0x64
	AT_REMOVEDIR        = 0x200

	UTIME_OMIT = 0x3ffffffe
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const (
	R_OK = 0x4
	W_OK = 0x2
	X_OK = 0x1


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func CopyFileRange added in go1.15

func CopyFileRange(rfd int, roff *int64, wfd int, woff *int64, len int, flags int) (n int, err error)

func Eaccess added in go1.20

func Eaccess(path string, mode uint32) error

func Fcntl added in go1.21.0

func Fcntl(fd int, cmd int, arg int) (int, error)

func Fstatat added in go1.12

func Fstatat(dirfd int, path string, stat *syscall.Stat_t, flags int) error

func GetRandom

func GetRandom(p []byte, flags GetRandomFlag) (n int, err error)

GetRandom calls the getrandom system call.

func HasNonblockFlag added in go1.20.5

func HasNonblockFlag(flag int) bool

func IsNonblock added in go1.11

func IsNonblock(fd int) (nonblocking bool, err error)

func KernelVersion added in go1.20

func KernelVersion() (major, minor int)

KernelVersion returns major and minor kernel version numbers, parsed from the syscall.Uname's Release field, or 0, 0 if the version can't be obtained or parsed.

Currently only implemented for Linux.

func Openat added in go1.12

func Openat(dirfd int, path string, flags int, perm uint32) (int, error)

func PidFDSendSignal added in go1.22.0

func PidFDSendSignal(pidfd uintptr, s syscall.Signal) error

func RecvfromInet4 added in go1.18

func RecvfromInet4(fd int, p []byte, flags int, from *syscall.SockaddrInet4) (int, error)

func RecvfromInet6 added in go1.18

func RecvfromInet6(fd int, p []byte, flags int, from *syscall.SockaddrInet6) (n int, err error)

func RecvmsgInet4 added in go1.18

func RecvmsgInet4(fd int, p, oob []byte, flags int, from *syscall.SockaddrInet4) (n, oobn int, recvflags int, err error)

func RecvmsgInet6 added in go1.18

func RecvmsgInet6(fd int, p, oob []byte, flags int, from *syscall.SockaddrInet6) (n, oobn int, recvflags int, err error)

func SendmsgNInet4 added in go1.18

func SendmsgNInet4(fd int, p, oob []byte, to *syscall.SockaddrInet4, flags int) (n int, err error)

func SendmsgNInet6 added in go1.18

func SendmsgNInet6(fd int, p, oob []byte, to *syscall.SockaddrInet6, flags int) (n int, err error)

func SendtoInet4 added in go1.18

func SendtoInet4(fd int, p []byte, flags int, to *syscall.SockaddrInet4) (err error)

func SendtoInet6 added in go1.18

func SendtoInet6(fd int, p []byte, flags int, to *syscall.SockaddrInet6) (err error)

func Unlinkat added in go1.12

func Unlinkat(dirfd int, path string, flags int) error


type GetRandomFlag

type GetRandomFlag uintptr

GetRandomFlag is a flag supported by the getrandom system call.

const (
	// GRND_NONBLOCK means return EAGAIN rather than blocking.
	GRND_NONBLOCK GetRandomFlag = 0x0001

	// GRND_RANDOM means use the /dev/random pool instead of /dev/urandom.
	GRND_RANDOM GetRandomFlag = 0x0002

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