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Package singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.



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type Group

type Group struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Group represents a class of work and forms a namespace in which units of work can be executed with duplicate suppression.

func (*Group) Do

func (g *Group) Do(key string, fn func() (any, error)) (v any, err error, shared bool)

Do executes and returns the results of the given function, making sure that only one execution is in-flight for a given key at a time. If a duplicate comes in, the duplicate caller waits for the original to complete and receives the same results. The return value shared indicates whether v was given to multiple callers.

func (*Group) DoChan

func (g *Group) DoChan(key string, fn func() (any, error)) <-chan Result

DoChan is like Do but returns a channel that will receive the results when they are ready.

func (*Group) ForgetUnshared added in go1.10.1

func (g *Group) ForgetUnshared(key string) bool

ForgetUnshared tells the singleflight to forget about a key if it is not shared with any other goroutines. Future calls to Do for a forgotten key will call the function rather than waiting for an earlier call to complete. Returns whether the key was forgotten or unknown--that is, whether no other goroutines are waiting for the result.

type Result

type Result struct {
	Val    any
	Err    error
	Shared bool

Result holds the results of Do, so they can be passed on a channel.

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