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Package gover implements support for Go toolchain versions like 1.21.0 and 1.21rc1. (For historical reasons, Go does not use semver for its toolchains.) This package provides the same basic analysis that does for semver.

The go/version package should be imported instead of this one when possible. Note that this package works on "1.21" while go/version works on "go1.21".



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func CmpInt

func CmpInt(x, y string) int

CmpInt returns cmp.Compare(x, y) interpreting x and y as decimal numbers. (Copied from's compareInt.)

func Compare

func Compare(x, y string) int

Compare returns -1, 0, or +1 depending on whether x < y, x == y, or x > y, interpreted as toolchain versions. The versions x and y must not begin with a "go" prefix: just "1.21" not "go1.21". Malformed versions compare less than well-formed versions and equal to each other. The language version "1.21" compares less than the release candidate and eventual releases "1.21rc1" and "1.21.0".

func DecInt

func DecInt(decimal string) string

DecInt returns the decimal string decremented by 1, or the empty string if the decimal is all zeroes. (Copied from's decDecimal.)

func IsLang

func IsLang(x string) bool

IsLang reports whether v denotes the overall Go language version and not a specific release. Starting with the Go 1.21 release, "1.x" denotes the overall language version; the first release is "1.x.0". The distinction is important because the relative ordering is

1.21 < 1.21rc1 < 1.21.0

meaning that Go 1.21rc1 and Go 1.21.0 will both handle go.mod files that say "go 1.21", but Go 1.21rc1 will not handle files that say "go 1.21.0".

func IsValid

func IsValid(x string) bool

IsValid reports whether the version x is valid.

func Lang

func Lang(x string) string

Lang returns the Go language version. For example, Lang("1.2.3") == "1.2".

func Max

func Max(x, y string) string

Max returns the maximum of x and y interpreted as toolchain versions, compared using Compare. If x and y compare equal, Max returns x.


type Version

type Version struct {
	Major string // decimal
	Minor string // decimal or ""
	Patch string // decimal or ""
	Kind  string // "", "alpha", "beta", "rc"
	Pre   string // decimal or ""

A Version is a parsed Go version: major[.Minor[.Patch]][kind[pre]] The numbers are the original decimal strings to avoid integer overflows and since there is very little actual math. (Probably overflow doesn't matter in practice, but at the time this code was written, there was an existing test that used go1.99999999999, which does not fit in an int on 32-bit platforms. The "big decimal" representation avoids the problem entirely.)

func Parse

func Parse(x string) Version

Parse parses the Go version string x into a version. It returns the zero version if x is malformed.

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