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type NsxAlbClient

type NsxAlbClient struct {
	BaseUrl   string
	BasicAuth bool
	Token     string

	Debug       bool
	Version     string
	FullVersion string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewNsxAlbClient

func NewNsxAlbClient(basicAuth bool, debug bool) *NsxAlbClient

func (*NsxAlbClient) Cluster

func (c *NsxAlbClient) Cluster()

func (*NsxAlbClient) DownloadSeImage

func (c *NsxAlbClient) DownloadSeImage()

func (*NsxAlbClient) GenerateSeImage

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GenerateSeImage()

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetCloudById

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetCloudById(cloudId string) structs.Cloud

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetGslbServices

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetGslbServices() structs.GslbServices

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetGslbSites

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetGslbSites() structs.Gslb

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetHealthMonitors

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetHealthMonitors() []structs.HealthMonitor

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetLicensingLedger

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetLicensingLedger() structs.LicensingLedger

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetSeGroup

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetSeGroup()

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetSeGroupById

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetSeGroupById(segId string) structs.ServiceEngineGroup

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetServiceEngine

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetServiceEngine() []structs.ServiceEngineInventory

func (*NsxAlbClient) GetSystemConfiguration

func (c *NsxAlbClient) GetSystemConfiguration() structs.SystemConfiguration

func (*NsxAlbClient) Login

func (c *NsxAlbClient) Login(cred map[string]string) error

func (*NsxAlbClient) Logout

func (c *NsxAlbClient) Logout()

func (*NsxAlbClient) Request

func (c *NsxAlbClient) Request(method string, path string, query_param map[string]string, req_data []byte) *client.Response

func (*NsxAlbClient) ShowCloud

func (c *NsxAlbClient) ShowCloud()

func (*NsxAlbClient) ShowVirtualService

func (c *NsxAlbClient) ShowVirtualService() []structs.VirtualServiceInventory

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