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Published: Jun 13, 2016 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 0


Akana Community Manager CLI

A command-line tool to manage Akana's Community Manager API Portal.

For downloads, please see the releases.

  atmotool zip --prefix <prefix> <dir>
  atmotool upload less <file> [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool upload file --path <path> <files>... [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool download --path <path> <filename> [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool list apis [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool list topapis [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool list apps [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool list users [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool list policies [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool rebuild [<theme>] [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool reset [<theme>] [--config <config>] [--debug]
  atmotool -h | --help
  atmotool --version


Upload Less file
atmotool upload less <file> [--config <config>]

Will upload a .less file to Community Manager using the specified config file. Automatically names less file custom.less when uploading.

The config file is optional, will default to looking for local.conf in the current directory.

Upload to CM CMS

Uploads to CM's CMS, allowing user to specify file name and path.

atmotool upload file --path <path> <files>... [--config <config>]

Note, that if the filename ends in .zip, zip expansion will occur at the target path.

The config file is optional, will default to looking for local.conf in the current directory.

Example usage of uploading customization zipfile to /content/home/landing

atmotool upload file --path /content/home/landing
Download a cms path as zip

Downloads a zipfile for the indicated CMS path

atmotool download --path <path> <filename> [--config <config>]
  • path: CM CMS path
  • filename: output filename, does not need .zip

Example usage

atmotool download --path /content/home/landing contentHomeLanding

Output would be a zip file which will contain a zip of the contents of the CMS directory /content/home/landing

Rebuild Styles

Rebuilds the CM styles that already exist for a particular theme; no uploading, see Upload Less File

atmotool rebuild [<theme>] [--config <config>]
  • theme: defaults to default
Reset CM

Deletes a pre-selected list of items in CM to "reset" the UI to default out-of-the-box state.

atmotool reset [<theme>] [--config <config>]

Items deleted (note the default theme is modifiable via flag)

  • resources/theme/default/i18n
  • resources/theme/default/style/images/favico.ico
  • resources/theme/default/less/custom.les
  • content/home/landing/index.htm
Build zipfiles

Builds zipfiles, suitable for uploading to Community Manager

atmotool zip --prefix <prefix> [--dir <dir>] --config <config>
  • prefix: Prefix for zip to be created, will be generated
  • config: Config file, see above
  • dir: base directory of the CM customization files, defaults to the current directory

Example usage creating two zipfiles

atmotool zip --prefix test --config ./testdata/local.conf --dir ./testdata/testfiles

Outputs would be, in the current working directory:

  • for use to upload to CM's CMS at /resources/theme/default
  • for use to upload to CM's CMS at /content/home/landing
Upload customizations to CM

Looks for and uploads custom.less,, to Community Manager located at ATMO_BASE_URL

atmotool upload all --config <config> [--dir <dir>]
  • config: config file, as above
  • dir: base directory for the CM customizations to upload, defaults to current directory


Clone git repo to $GOPATH/src/, change into the directory (cd atmotool), get the prerequisite, and issue the go install command.

go get
go install

Requires a config file (typically called environment.config, ex. local.config or eap.config) that contains CM url, username, and password, in JSON format:

    "url": "",
    "email": "administrator@cm.demo",
    "password": "password"

Note, no CM context (ex. /atmosphere or /enterpriseapi).

Development Notes

Using for command line argument processing


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