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func CreateSystem

func CreateSystem(config SysConfig, reportFactories ...ReportFactory) defaultSystem


type CliListener

type CliListener struct {
	Sys System

func (CliListener) Start

func (l CliListener) Start()

type Collector

type Collector interface {
	Name() string
	AddSample(time int64, metrics Json)
	AddXYSample(x, y float64)
	GetXYs() plotter.XYs

type CollectorFactory

type CollectorFactory func(capacity int) Collector

func NewFloatCollector

func NewFloatCollector(name string, jsonPath ...string) CollectorFactory

type FloatCollector

type FloatCollector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FloatCollector) AddSample

func (c *FloatCollector) AddSample(time int64, metrics Json)

func (*FloatCollector) AddXYSample

func (c *FloatCollector) AddXYSample(x, y float64)

func (FloatCollector) GetXYs

func (c FloatCollector) GetXYs() plotter.XYs

func (FloatCollector) Name

func (c FloatCollector) Name() string

type Json

type Json struct {
	Data map[string]interface{}

func (Json) Float

func (obj Json) Float(key string) float64

func (Json) Obj

func (obj Json) Obj(key string) Json

func (Json) String

func (obj Json) String(key string) string

type LineGraphReport

type LineGraphReport struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLineGraphReport

func NewLineGraphReport(name string,
	report PlotFactory,
	width, height vg.Length,
	sampleConfig SampleConfig,
	collectors ...Collector) LineGraphReport

func (LineGraphReport) GetCategory

func (r LineGraphReport) GetCategory() string

func (LineGraphReport) GetFileName

func (r LineGraphReport) GetFileName() string

func (LineGraphReport) GetName

func (r LineGraphReport) GetName() string

func (LineGraphReport) GetUpdateInterval

func (r LineGraphReport) GetUpdateInterval() time.Duration

func (LineGraphReport) Load

func (r LineGraphReport) Load(reportDir string)

func (LineGraphReport) Save

func (r LineGraphReport) Save(titleModifier string, reportDir string)

func (LineGraphReport) Update

func (r LineGraphReport) Update(timeSeconds int64, metrics Json)

type LineReportFactoryBuilder

type LineReportFactoryBuilder struct {
	Title, YAxis, Filename string
	X, Y                   vg.Length
	CollectorFactories     []CollectorFactory

func (LineReportFactoryBuilder) ToRequestFactory

func (b LineReportFactoryBuilder) ToRequestFactory() ReportFactory

type PlotFactory

type PlotFactory func() *plot.Plot

type Report

type Report interface {
	GetCategory() string
	GetName() string
	GetFileName() string
	GetUpdateInterval() time.Duration
	Update(timeSeconds int64, metrics Json)
	Save(titleModifier string, reportDir string)
	Load(reportDir string)

type ReportFactory

type ReportFactory func(sampleConfig SampleConfig) Report

type SampleConfig

type SampleConfig struct {
	Name, DirName, XAxis string
	MaxSamples           int
	UpdateInterval       time.Duration

func (SampleConfig) Unit

func (conf SampleConfig) Unit() unit.Unit

func (SampleConfig) Validate

func (conf SampleConfig) Validate()

type SysConfig

type SysConfig struct {
	OutputDir string
	SampleConfigs []SampleConfig

type System

type System interface {
	// function that will signal to the system to clean up and shutdown
	// function that will write the reports to disk
	// List all the Reports available
	GetReports() []Report
	// Get the output file of the report
	GetReportFile(report Report) string

type SystemSignal

type SystemSignal int


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