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Published: Oct 27, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 18 Imported by: 0




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const (
	BaseURL   = "https://identity.vwgroup.io"
	WellKnown = "https://identity.vwgroup.io/.well-known/openid-configuration"


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var Config = &oidc.ProviderConfig{
	AuthURL:     "https://identity.vwgroup.io/oidc/v1/authorize",
	TokenURL:    "https://identity.vwgroup.io/oidc/v1/token",
	UserInfoURL: "https://identity-userinfo.vwgroup.io/oidc/userinfo",


func Login

func Login(log *util.Logger, q url.Values, user, password string) (url.Values, error)

Login performs VW identity login with optional code challenge

func LoginWithAuthURL

func LoginWithAuthURL(log *util.Logger, uri string, q url.Values, user, password string) (url.Values, error)


type CredentialParams

type CredentialParams struct {
	TemplateModel struct {
		Hmac          string `json:"hmac"`
		RelayState    string `json:"relayState"`
		PostAction    string `json:"postAction"`
		IdentifierUrl string `json:"identifierUrl"`
		Error         string `json:"error"`
	} `json:"templateModel"`
	CurrentLocale     string `json:"currentLocale"`
	CsrfParameterName string `json:"csrf_parameterName"`
	CsrfToken         string `json:"csrf_token"`

func ParseCredentialsPage

func ParseCredentialsPage(r io.ReadCloser) (CredentialParams, error)

type FormVars

type FormVars struct {
	Action string
	Inputs map[string]string

FormVars holds HTML form input values required for login

func FormValues

func FormValues(reader io.Reader, id string) (FormVars, error)

FormValues extracts FormVars from given HTML document

type Service

type Service struct {

func New

func New(log *util.Logger) *Service

func (*Service) Login

func (v *Service) Login(uri, user, password string) (url.Values, error)

Login performs the identity.vwgroup.io login

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