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func AbsPath

func AbsPath(target string) string

AbsPath 转换相对路径为绝对路径

func Dirname

func Dirname(target string) string

Dirname 返回指定路径的文件夹名

func FileExt

func FileExt(path string) string

FileExt 返回文件扩展名

func FileGetContents

func FileGetContents(filename string) (data []byte, e error)

FileGetContents Get bytes to file. if non-exist, create this file.

func FilePutContents

func FilePutContents(filename string, content []byte, append bool) error

FilePutContents Put bytes to file. if non-exist, create this file.

func GetAppPath

func GetAppPath() string

GetAppPath 返回应用程序当前路径

func GetDirFiles

func GetDirFiles(dirPath string, stripExt bool) []string

GetDirFiles 获取指定文件夹文件列表

func IsDir

func IsDir(filePath string) bool

IsDir returns true if given path is a directory,

func IsExist

func IsExist(path string) bool

IsExist checks whether a file or directory exists. It returns false when the file or directory does not exist.

func IsFile

func IsFile(filePath string) bool

IsFile returns true if given path is a file, or returns false when it's a directory or does not exist.

func RelPath

func RelPath(target string) string

RelPath 转相对路径

func SafeFileName

func SafeFileName(fileName string) string

SafeFileName replace all illegal chars to a underline char

func WalkRelDirs

func WalkRelDirs(target string, suffixes ...string) (dirs []string)

WalkRelDirs 遍历目录,可指定后缀,返回相对路径

func WalkRelFiles

func WalkRelFiles(target string, suffixes ...string) (files []string)

WalkRelFiles 遍历文件,可指定后缀,返回相对路径


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client http client

func NewClient

func NewClient() *Client

NewClient new http client

func (*Client) Download

func (c *Client) Download(url string, filename string, auto bool) error

Download 下载文件

func (*Client) EnableIncrement

func (c *Client) EnableIncrement(file string)

EnableIncrement 设置支持增量下载的状态存储文件

func (*Client) GetByte

func (c *Client) GetByte(url string, payload *ClientPayload) ([]byte, *http.Response, error)

GetByte 从 URL 读取字节内容及状态码

func (*Client) GetCodec

func (c *Client) GetCodec(url string, payload *ClientPayload, codec string, out interface{}) error

GetCodec 从 URL 创建反序列化对象

func (*Client) GetDoc

func (c *Client) GetDoc(url string, payload *ClientPayload) (*goquery.Document, error)

GetDoc 从 URL 创建 goquery DOM 对象

func (*Client) GetURLExt

func (c *Client) GetURLExt(url string) string

GetURLExt 获取 URL 中文件名扩展名

func (*Client) GetURLFilename

func (c *Client) GetURLFilename(url string) string

GetURLFilename 获取 URL 中文件名名

func (*Client) Read

func (c *Client) Read(url string, payload *ClientPayload) (*http.Response, error)

Read 从 URL 读取数据

func (*Client) SaveIncrement

func (c *Client) SaveIncrement()

SaveIncrement 保存增量下载进度

type ClientPayload

type ClientPayload struct {
	KeepAlive bool
	Method    string
	Data      interface{}
	Userinfo  *url.Userinfo
	Header    *http.Header

ClientPayload 请求内容

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