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const (
	AgentSSHPort             = tailnet.WorkspaceAgentSSHPort
	AgentReconnectingPTYPort = tailnet.WorkspaceAgentReconnectingPTYPort
	AgentSpeedtestPort       = tailnet.WorkspaceAgentSpeedtestPort
	// AgentHTTPAPIServerPort serves a HTTP server with endpoints for e.g.
	// gathering agent statistics.
	AgentHTTPAPIServerPort = 4

	// AgentMinimumListeningPort is the minimum port that the listening-ports
	// endpoint will return to the client, and the minimum port that is accepted
	// by the proxy applications endpoint. Coder consumes ports 1-4 at the
	// moment, and we reserve some extra ports for future use. Port 9 and up are
	// available for the user.
	// This is not enforced in the CLI intentionally as we don't really care
	// *that* much. The user could bypass this in the CLI by using SSH instead
	// anyways.
	AgentMinimumListeningPort = 9
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const AgentAPIMismatchMessage = "Unknown or unsupported API version"


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var AgentIP = netip.MustParseAddr("fd7a:115c:a1e0:49d6:b259:b7ac:b1b2:48f4")

AgentIP is a static IPv6 address with the Tailscale prefix that is used to route connections from clients to this node. A dynamic address is not required because a Tailnet client only dials a single agent at a time.

Deprecated: use tailnet.IP() instead. This is kept for backwards compatibility with outdated CLI clients and Workspace Proxies that dial it. See:

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var AgentIgnoredListeningPorts = map[uint16]struct{}{
	0: {},

	1: {},
	2: {},
	3: {},
	4: {},
	5: {},
	6: {},
	7: {},
	8: {},

	20: {},
	21: {},

	22: {},

	23: {},

	25: {},

	53: {},

	110: {},

	143: {},

	179: {},

	389: {},
	636: {},

	465: {},

	587: {},

	989: {},
	990: {},

	993: {},

	995: {},

	3306: {},

	3389: {},

	5432: {},

	27017: {},
	27018: {},
	27019: {},
	28017: {},

AgentIgnoredListeningPorts contains a list of ports to ignore when looking for running applications inside a workspace. We want to ignore non-HTTP servers, so we pre-populate this list with common ports that are not HTTP servers.

This is implemented as a map for fast lookup.

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var ErrSkipClose = xerrors.New("skip tailnet close")


This section is empty.


type AgentConn

type AgentConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AgentConn represents a connection to a workspace agent. @typescript-ignore AgentConn

func NewAgentConn

func NewAgentConn(conn *tailnet.Conn, opts AgentConnOptions) *AgentConn

NewAgentConn creates a new WorkspaceAgentConn. `conn` may be unique to the WorkspaceAgentConn, or it may be shared in the case of coderd. If the conn is shared and closing it is undesirable, you may return ErrNoClose from opts.CloseFunc. This will ensure the underlying conn is not closed.

func (*AgentConn) AwaitReachable

func (c *AgentConn) AwaitReachable(ctx context.Context) bool

AwaitReachable waits for the agent to be reachable.

func (*AgentConn) Close

func (c *AgentConn) Close() error

Close ends the connection to the workspace agent.

func (*AgentConn) DebugLogs

func (c *AgentConn) DebugLogs(ctx context.Context) ([]byte, error)

DebugLogs returns up to the last 10MB of `/tmp/coder-agent.log`

func (*AgentConn) DebugMagicsock

func (c *AgentConn) DebugMagicsock(ctx context.Context) ([]byte, error)

DebugMagicsock makes a request to the workspace agent's magicsock debug endpoint.

func (*AgentConn) DebugManifest

func (c *AgentConn) DebugManifest(ctx context.Context) ([]byte, error)

DebugManifest returns the agent's in-memory manifest. Unfortunately this must be returns as a []byte to avoid an import cycle.

func (*AgentConn) DialContext

func (c *AgentConn) DialContext(ctx context.Context, network string, addr string) (net.Conn, error)

DialContext dials the address provided in the workspace agent. The network must be "tcp" or "udp".

func (*AgentConn) GetPeerDiagnostics

func (c *AgentConn) GetPeerDiagnostics() tailnet.PeerDiagnostics

func (*AgentConn) ListeningPorts

ListeningPorts lists the ports that are currently in use by the workspace.

func (*AgentConn) Ping

Ping pings the agent and returns the round-trip time. The bool returns true if the ping was made P2P.

func (*AgentConn) PrometheusMetrics

func (c *AgentConn) PrometheusMetrics(ctx context.Context) ([]byte, error)

PrometheusMetrics returns a response from the agent's prometheus metrics endpoint

func (*AgentConn) ReconnectingPTY

func (c *AgentConn) ReconnectingPTY(ctx context.Context, id uuid.UUID, height, width uint16, command string) (net.Conn, error)

ReconnectingPTY spawns a new reconnecting terminal session. `ReconnectingPTYRequest` should be JSON marshaled and written to the returned net.Conn. Raw terminal output will be read from the returned net.Conn.

func (*AgentConn) SSH

func (c *AgentConn) SSH(ctx context.Context) (*gonet.TCPConn, error)

SSH pipes the SSH protocol over the returned net.Conn. This connects to the built-in SSH server in the workspace agent.

func (*AgentConn) SSHClient

func (c *AgentConn) SSHClient(ctx context.Context) (*ssh.Client, error)

SSHClient calls SSH to create a client that uses a weak cipher to improve throughput.

func (*AgentConn) Speedtest

func (c *AgentConn) Speedtest(ctx context.Context, direction speedtest.Direction, duration time.Duration) ([]speedtest.Result, error)

Speedtest runs a speedtest against the workspace agent.

type AgentConnOptions

type AgentConnOptions struct {
	AgentID   uuid.UUID
	CloseFunc func() error

@typescript-ignore AgentConnOptions

type AgentConnectionInfo

type AgentConnectionInfo struct {
	DERPMap                  *tailcfg.DERPMap `json:"derp_map"`
	DERPForceWebSockets      bool             `json:"derp_force_websockets"`
	DisableDirectConnections bool             `json:"disable_direct_connections"`

AgentConnectionInfo returns required information for establishing a connection with a workspace. @typescript-ignore AgentConnectionInfo

type AgentReconnectingPTYInit

type AgentReconnectingPTYInit struct {
	ID      uuid.UUID
	Height  uint16
	Width   uint16
	Command string

AgentReconnectingPTYInit initializes a new reconnecting PTY session. @typescript-ignore AgentReconnectingPTYInit

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(c *codersdk.Client) *Client

func (*Client) AgentConnectionInfo

func (c *Client) AgentConnectionInfo(ctx context.Context, agentID uuid.UUID) (AgentConnectionInfo, error)

func (*Client) AgentConnectionInfoGeneric

func (c *Client) AgentConnectionInfoGeneric(ctx context.Context) (AgentConnectionInfo, error)

func (*Client) AgentReconnectingPTY

func (c *Client) AgentReconnectingPTY(ctx context.Context, opts WorkspaceAgentReconnectingPTYOpts) (net.Conn, error)

AgentReconnectingPTY spawns a PTY that reconnects using the token provided. It communicates using `agent.ReconnectingPTYRequest` marshaled as JSON. Responses are PTY output that can be rendered.

func (*Client) DialAgent

func (c *Client) DialAgent(dialCtx context.Context, agentID uuid.UUID, options *DialAgentOptions) (agentConn *AgentConn, err error)

type DialAgentOptions

type DialAgentOptions struct {
	Logger slog.Logger
	// BlockEndpoints forced a direct connection through DERP. The Client may
	// have DisableDirect set which will override this value.
	BlockEndpoints bool
	// CaptureHook is a callback that captures Disco packets and packets sent
	// into the tailnet tunnel.
	CaptureHook capture.Callback

@typescript-ignore DialAgentOptions

type ReconnectingPTYRequest

type ReconnectingPTYRequest struct {
	Data   string `json:"data,omitempty"`
	Height uint16 `json:"height,omitempty"`
	Width  uint16 `json:"width,omitempty"`

ReconnectingPTYRequest is sent from the client to the server to pipe data to a PTY. @typescript-ignore ReconnectingPTYRequest

type WorkspaceAgentReconnectingPTYOpts

type WorkspaceAgentReconnectingPTYOpts struct {
	AgentID   uuid.UUID
	Reconnect uuid.UUID
	Width     uint16
	Height    uint16
	Command   string

	// SignedToken is an optional signed token from the
	// issue-reconnecting-pty-signed-token endpoint. If set, the session token
	// on the client will not be sent.
	SignedToken string


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