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Published: May 27, 2021 License: MPL-2.0 Imports: 12 Imported by: 0


Metroretro exporter

This is a simple Metroretro exporter for your archiving needs.


git clone
cd metroretro-exporter
go build


See the sample configuration file for configuration.

./metroretro-exporter -b [BOARD ID]

The configuration file will be looked up at ./config.yaml. Use -c to provide a different location.


The configuration file requires a couple of MetroRetro credentials.

To find them, open any MetroRetro board on your browser, then open the Storage section of your browser's developer tools (in the Storage tab on Firefox, in the Application tab on Chrome/Chromium), and copy the contents of the cookies metret.sess and metret.sess.sig to the indicated keys in your configuration file.


The exporter generates markdown following this format:

  * Note 1
    * Comment 1
    * Comment 2
  * Note 2
    * Comment 3

Each note and comment starts with initials.

For notes, this is always the initials of the note's author.

For comments, if the comment starts with XX: [...], with XX being any uppercase string, XX is used. Otherwise, the initials of the comment's author are used.

This is so one attendee (or more) can use comments to minute the discussion around a note without needing every attendee to repeat themselves in a comment.

Comment example

This comment from John Doe:

Hello world

Will translate into:

JD: Hello world

But this comment (still from John Doe):

BA: Hello world

Will translate into:

BA: Hello world


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