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Published: Apr 18, 2024 License: MIT Imports: 20 Imported by: 1



Go library for communicating with qBittorrent.




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const (
	ConnectionStatusConnected    = "connected"
	ConnectionStatusFirewalled   = "firewalled"
	ConnectionStatusDisconnected = "disconnected"
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const (
	ReannounceMaxAttempts = 50
	ReannounceInterval    = 7 // interval in seconds


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var (
	DefaultTimeout = 60 * time.Second
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var (
	ErrReannounceTookTooLong = errors.New("reannounce took too long, deleted torrent")


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type AppPreferences added in v1.7.2

type AppPreferences struct {
	AddTrackers                      string      `json:"add_trackers"`
	AddTrackersEnabled               bool        `json:"add_trackers_enabled"`
	AltDlLimit                       int         `json:"alt_dl_limit"`
	AltUpLimit                       int         `json:"alt_up_limit"`
	AlternativeWebuiEnabled          bool        `json:"alternative_webui_enabled"`
	AlternativeWebuiPath             string      `json:"alternative_webui_path"`
	AnnounceIP                       string      `json:"announce_ip"`
	AnnounceToAllTiers               bool        `json:"announce_to_all_tiers"`
	AnnounceToAllTrackers            bool        `json:"announce_to_all_trackers"`
	AnonymousMode                    bool        `json:"anonymous_mode"`
	AsyncIoThreads                   int         `json:"async_io_threads"`
	AutoDeleteMode                   int         `json:"auto_delete_mode"`
	AutoTmmEnabled                   bool        `json:"auto_tmm_enabled"`
	AutorunEnabled                   bool        `json:"autorun_enabled"`
	AutorunOnTorrentAddedEnabled     bool        `json:"autorun_on_torrent_added_enabled"`
	AutorunOnTorrentAddedProgram     string      `json:"autorun_on_torrent_added_program"`
	AutorunProgram                   string      `json:"autorun_program"`
	BannedIPs                        string      `json:"banned_IPs"`
	BittorrentProtocol               int         `json:"bittorrent_protocol"`
	BlockPeersOnPrivilegedPorts      bool        `json:"block_peers_on_privileged_ports"`
	BypassAuthSubnetWhitelist        string      `json:"bypass_auth_subnet_whitelist"`
	BypassAuthSubnetWhitelistEnabled bool        `json:"bypass_auth_subnet_whitelist_enabled"`
	BypassLocalAuth                  bool        `json:"bypass_local_auth"`
	CategoryChangedTmmEnabled        bool        `json:"category_changed_tmm_enabled"`
	CheckingMemoryUse                int         `json:"checking_memory_use"`
	ConnectionSpeed                  int         `json:"connection_speed"`
	CurrentInterfaceAddress          string      `json:"current_interface_address"`
	CurrentNetworkInterface          string      `json:"current_network_interface"`
	Dht                              bool        `json:"dht"`
	DiskCache                        int         `json:"disk_cache"`
	DiskCacheTTL                     int         `json:"disk_cache_ttl"`
	DiskIoReadMode                   int         `json:"disk_io_read_mode"`
	DiskIoType                       int         `json:"disk_io_type"`
	DiskIoWriteMode                  int         `json:"disk_io_write_mode"`
	DiskQueueSize                    int         `json:"disk_queue_size"`
	DlLimit                          int         `json:"dl_limit"`
	DontCountSlowTorrents            bool        `json:"dont_count_slow_torrents"`
	DyndnsDomain                     string      `json:"dyndns_domain"`
	DyndnsEnabled                    bool        `json:"dyndns_enabled"`
	DyndnsPassword                   string      `json:"dyndns_password"`
	DyndnsService                    int         `json:"dyndns_service"`
	DyndnsUsername                   string      `json:"dyndns_username"`
	EmbeddedTrackerPort              int         `json:"embedded_tracker_port"`
	EmbeddedTrackerPortForwarding    bool        `json:"embedded_tracker_port_forwarding"`
	EnableCoalesceReadWrite          bool        `json:"enable_coalesce_read_write"`
	EnableEmbeddedTracker            bool        `json:"enable_embedded_tracker"`
	EnableMultiConnectionsFromSameIP bool        `json:"enable_multi_connections_from_same_ip"`
	EnablePieceExtentAffinity        bool        `json:"enable_piece_extent_affinity"`
	EnableUploadSuggestions          bool        `json:"enable_upload_suggestions"`
	Encryption                       int         `json:"encryption"`
	ExcludedFileNames                string      `json:"excluded_file_names"`
	ExcludedFileNamesEnabled         bool        `json:"excluded_file_names_enabled"`
	ExportDir                        string      `json:"export_dir"`
	ExportDirFin                     string      `json:"export_dir_fin"`
	FilePoolSize                     int         `json:"file_pool_size"`
	HashingThreads                   int         `json:"hashing_threads"`
	IdnSupportEnabled                bool        `json:"idn_support_enabled"`
	IncompleteFilesExt               bool        `json:"incomplete_files_ext"`
	IPFilterEnabled                  bool        `json:"ip_filter_enabled"`
	IPFilterPath                     string      `json:"ip_filter_path"`
	IPFilterTrackers                 bool        `json:"ip_filter_trackers"`
	LimitLanPeers                    bool        `json:"limit_lan_peers"`
	LimitTCPOverhead                 bool        `json:"limit_tcp_overhead"`
	LimitUtpRate                     bool        `json:"limit_utp_rate"`
	ListenPort                       int         `json:"listen_port"`
	Locale                           string      `json:"locale"`
	Lsd                              bool        `json:"lsd"`
	MailNotificationAuthEnabled      bool        `json:"mail_notification_auth_enabled"`
	MailNotificationEmail            string      `json:"mail_notification_email"`
	MailNotificationEnabled          bool        `json:"mail_notification_enabled"`
	MailNotificationPassword         string      `json:"mail_notification_password"`
	MailNotificationSender           string      `json:"mail_notification_sender"`
	MailNotificationSMTP             string      `json:"mail_notification_smtp"`
	MailNotificationSslEnabled       bool        `json:"mail_notification_ssl_enabled"`
	MailNotificationUsername         string      `json:"mail_notification_username"`
	MaxActiveCheckingTorrents        int         `json:"max_active_checking_torrents"`
	MaxActiveDownloads               int         `json:"max_active_downloads"`
	MaxActiveTorrents                int         `json:"max_active_torrents"`
	MaxActiveUploads                 int         `json:"max_active_uploads"`
	MaxConcurrentHTTPAnnounces       int         `json:"max_concurrent_http_announces"`
	MaxConnec                        int         `json:"max_connec"`
	MaxConnecPerTorrent              int         `json:"max_connec_per_torrent"`
	MaxRatio                         int         `json:"max_ratio"`
	MaxRatioAct                      int         `json:"max_ratio_act"`
	MaxRatioEnabled                  bool        `json:"max_ratio_enabled"`
	MaxSeedingTime                   int         `json:"max_seeding_time"`
	MaxSeedingTimeEnabled            bool        `json:"max_seeding_time_enabled"`
	MaxUploads                       int         `json:"max_uploads"`
	MaxUploadsPerTorrent             int         `json:"max_uploads_per_torrent"`
	MemoryWorkingSetLimit            int         `json:"memory_working_set_limit"`
	OutgoingPortsMax                 int         `json:"outgoing_ports_max"`
	OutgoingPortsMin                 int         `json:"outgoing_ports_min"`
	PeerTos                          int         `json:"peer_tos"`
	PeerTurnover                     int         `json:"peer_turnover"`
	PeerTurnoverCutoff               int         `json:"peer_turnover_cutoff"`
	PeerTurnoverInterval             int         `json:"peer_turnover_interval"`
	PerformanceWarning               bool        `json:"performance_warning"`
	Pex                              bool        `json:"pex"`
	PreallocateAll                   bool        `json:"preallocate_all"`
	ProxyAuthEnabled                 bool        `json:"proxy_auth_enabled"`
	ProxyHostnameLookup              bool        `json:"proxy_hostname_lookup"`
	ProxyIP                          string      `json:"proxy_ip"`
	ProxyPassword                    string      `json:"proxy_password"`
	ProxyPeerConnections             bool        `json:"proxy_peer_connections"`
	ProxyPort                        int         `json:"proxy_port"`
	ProxyTorrentsOnly                bool        `json:"proxy_torrents_only"`
	ProxyType                        interface{} `json:"proxy_type"` // pre 4.5.x this is an int and post 4.6.x it's a string
	ProxyUsername                    string      `json:"proxy_username"`
	QueueingEnabled                  bool        `json:"queueing_enabled"`
	RandomPort                       bool        `json:"random_port"`
	ReannounceWhenAddressChanged     bool        `json:"reannounce_when_address_changed"`
	RecheckCompletedTorrents         bool        `json:"recheck_completed_torrents"`
	RefreshInterval                  int         `json:"refresh_interval"`
	RequestQueueSize                 int         `json:"request_queue_size"`
	ResolvePeerCountries             bool        `json:"resolve_peer_countries"`
	ResumeDataStorageType            string      `json:"resume_data_storage_type"`
	RssAutoDownloadingEnabled        bool        `json:"rss_auto_downloading_enabled"`
	RssDownloadRepackProperEpisodes  bool        `json:"rss_download_repack_proper_episodes"`
	RssMaxArticlesPerFeed            int         `json:"rss_max_articles_per_feed"`
	RssProcessingEnabled             bool        `json:"rss_processing_enabled"`
	RssRefreshInterval               int         `json:"rss_refresh_interval"`
	RssSmartEpisodeFilters           string      `json:"rss_smart_episode_filters"`
	SavePath                         string      `json:"save_path"`
	SavePathChangedTmmEnabled        bool        `json:"save_path_changed_tmm_enabled"`
	SaveResumeDataInterval           int         `json:"save_resume_data_interval"`
	ScanDirs                         struct {
	} `json:"scan_dirs"`
	ScheduleFromHour                   int    `json:"schedule_from_hour"`
	ScheduleFromMin                    int    `json:"schedule_from_min"`
	ScheduleToHour                     int    `json:"schedule_to_hour"`
	ScheduleToMin                      int    `json:"schedule_to_min"`
	SchedulerDays                      int    `json:"scheduler_days"`
	SchedulerEnabled                   bool   `json:"scheduler_enabled"`
	SendBufferLowWatermark             int    `json:"send_buffer_low_watermark"`
	SendBufferWatermark                int    `json:"send_buffer_watermark"`
	SendBufferWatermarkFactor          int    `json:"send_buffer_watermark_factor"`
	SlowTorrentDlRateThreshold         int    `json:"slow_torrent_dl_rate_threshold"`
	SlowTorrentInactiveTimer           int    `json:"slow_torrent_inactive_timer"`
	SlowTorrentUlRateThreshold         int    `json:"slow_torrent_ul_rate_threshold"`
	SocketBacklogSize                  int    `json:"socket_backlog_size"`
	SsrfMitigation                     bool   `json:"ssrf_mitigation"`
	StartPausedEnabled                 bool   `json:"start_paused_enabled"`
	StopTrackerTimeout                 int    `json:"stop_tracker_timeout"`
	TempPath                           string `json:"temp_path"`
	TempPathEnabled                    bool   `json:"temp_path_enabled"`
	TorrentChangedTmmEnabled           bool   `json:"torrent_changed_tmm_enabled"`
	TorrentContentLayout               string `json:"torrent_content_layout"`
	TorrentStopCondition               string `json:"torrent_stop_condition"`
	UpLimit                            int    `json:"up_limit"`
	UploadChokingAlgorithm             int    `json:"upload_choking_algorithm"`
	UploadSlotsBehavior                int    `json:"upload_slots_behavior"`
	Upnp                               bool   `json:"upnp"`
	UpnpLeaseDuration                  int    `json:"upnp_lease_duration"`
	UseCategoryPathsInManualMode       bool   `json:"use_category_paths_in_manual_mode"`
	UseHTTPS                           bool   `json:"use_https"`
	UtpTCPMixedMode                    int    `json:"utp_tcp_mixed_mode"`
	ValidateHTTPSTrackerCertificate    bool   `json:"validate_https_tracker_certificate"`
	WebUIAddress                       string `json:"web_ui_address"`
	WebUIBanDuration                   int    `json:"web_ui_ban_duration"`
	WebUIClickjackingProtectionEnabled bool   `json:"web_ui_clickjacking_protection_enabled"`
	WebUICsrfProtectionEnabled         bool   `json:"web_ui_csrf_protection_enabled"`
	WebUICustomHTTPHeaders             string `json:"web_ui_custom_http_headers"`
	WebUIDomainList                    string `json:"web_ui_domain_list"`
	WebUIHostHeaderValidationEnabled   bool   `json:"web_ui_host_header_validation_enabled"`
	WebUIHTTPSCertPath                 string `json:"web_ui_https_cert_path"`
	WebUIHTTPSKeyPath                  string `json:"web_ui_https_key_path"`
	WebUIMaxAuthFailCount              int    `json:"web_ui_max_auth_fail_count"`
	WebUIPort                          int    `json:"web_ui_port"`
	WebUIReverseProxiesList            string `json:"web_ui_reverse_proxies_list"`
	WebUIReverseProxyEnabled           bool   `json:"web_ui_reverse_proxy_enabled"`
	WebUISecureCookieEnabled           bool   `json:"web_ui_secure_cookie_enabled"`
	WebUISessionTimeout                int    `json:"web_ui_session_timeout"`
	WebUIUpnp                          bool   `json:"web_ui_upnp"`
	WebUIUseCustomHTTPHeadersEnabled   bool   `json:"web_ui_use_custom_http_headers_enabled"`
	WebUIUsername                      string `json:"web_ui_username"`

type Category

type Category struct {
	Name     string `json:"name"`
	SavePath string `json:"savePath"`

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClient

func NewClient(cfg Config) *Client

func (*Client) AddTags added in v1.3.3

func (c *Client) AddTags(hashes []string, tags string) error

func (*Client) AddTagsCtx added in v1.3.3

func (c *Client) AddTagsCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, tags string) error

func (*Client) AddTorrentFromFile

func (c *Client) AddTorrentFromFile(filePath string, options map[string]string) error

AddTorrentFromFile add new torrent from torrent file

func (*Client) AddTorrentFromFileCtx

func (c *Client) AddTorrentFromFileCtx(ctx context.Context, filePath string, options map[string]string) error

func (*Client) AddTorrentFromMemory added in v1.7.2

func (c *Client) AddTorrentFromMemory(buf []byte, options map[string]string) error

func (*Client) AddTorrentFromMemoryCtx added in v1.7.2

func (c *Client) AddTorrentFromMemoryCtx(ctx context.Context, buf []byte, options map[string]string) error

func (*Client) AddTorrentFromUrl

func (c *Client) AddTorrentFromUrl(url string, options map[string]string) error

AddTorrentFromUrl add new torrent from torrent file

func (*Client) AddTorrentFromUrlCtx

func (c *Client) AddTorrentFromUrlCtx(ctx context.Context, url string, options map[string]string) error

func (*Client) CreateCategory

func (c *Client) CreateCategory(category string, path string) error

func (*Client) CreateCategoryCtx

func (c *Client) CreateCategoryCtx(ctx context.Context, category string, path string) error

func (*Client) CreateTags added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) CreateTags(tags []string) error

func (*Client) CreateTagsCtx added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) CreateTagsCtx(ctx context.Context, tags []string) error

func (*Client) DecreasePriority added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) DecreasePriority(hashes []string) error

DecreasePriority decrease priority for torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) DecreasePriorityCtx added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) DecreasePriorityCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

DecreasePriorityCtx decrease priority for torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) DeleteTags added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) DeleteTags(tags []string) error

DeleteTags delete tags from qBittorrent

func (*Client) DeleteTagsCtx added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) DeleteTagsCtx(ctx context.Context, tags []string) error

DeleteTagsCtx delete tags from qBittorrent

func (*Client) DeleteTorrents

func (c *Client) DeleteTorrents(hashes []string, deleteFiles bool) error

func (*Client) DeleteTorrentsCtx

func (c *Client) DeleteTorrentsCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, deleteFiles bool) error

func (*Client) EditCategory

func (c *Client) EditCategory(category string, path string) error

func (*Client) EditCategoryCtx

func (c *Client) EditCategoryCtx(ctx context.Context, category string, path string) error

func (*Client) EditTracker added in v1.5.0

func (c *Client) EditTracker(hash string, old, new string) error

EditTracker edit tracker of torrent

func (*Client) EditTrackerCtx added in v1.5.0

func (c *Client) EditTrackerCtx(ctx context.Context, hash string, old, new string) error

EditTrackerCtx edit tracker of torrent

func (*Client) ExportTorrent added in v1.3.0

func (c *Client) ExportTorrent(hash string) ([]byte, error)

func (*Client) ExportTorrentCtx added in v1.3.0

func (c *Client) ExportTorrentCtx(ctx context.Context, hash string) ([]byte, error)

func (*Client) GetAppPreferences added in v1.7.2

func (c *Client) GetAppPreferences() (AppPreferences, error)

func (*Client) GetAppPreferencesCtx added in v1.7.2

func (c *Client) GetAppPreferencesCtx(ctx context.Context) (AppPreferences, error)

func (*Client) GetAppVersion added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) GetAppVersion() (string, error)

func (*Client) GetAppVersionCtx added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) GetAppVersionCtx(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (*Client) GetCategories

func (c *Client) GetCategories() (map[string]Category, error)

func (*Client) GetCategoriesCtx

func (c *Client) GetCategoriesCtx(ctx context.Context) (map[string]Category, error)

func (*Client) GetFilesInformation

func (c *Client) GetFilesInformation(hash string) (*TorrentFiles, error)

func (*Client) GetFilesInformationCtx

func (c *Client) GetFilesInformationCtx(ctx context.Context, hash string) (*TorrentFiles, error)

func (*Client) GetTags added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) GetTags() ([]string, error)

func (*Client) GetTagsCtx added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) GetTagsCtx(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentProperties added in v1.7.2

func (c *Client) GetTorrentProperties(hash string) (TorrentProperties, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentPropertiesCtx added in v1.7.2

func (c *Client) GetTorrentPropertiesCtx(ctx context.Context, hash string) (TorrentProperties, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentTrackers

func (c *Client) GetTorrentTrackers(hash string) ([]TorrentTracker, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentTrackersCtx

func (c *Client) GetTorrentTrackersCtx(ctx context.Context, hash string) ([]TorrentTracker, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrents

func (c *Client) GetTorrents(o TorrentFilterOptions) ([]Torrent, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentsActiveDownloads

func (c *Client) GetTorrentsActiveDownloads() ([]Torrent, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentsActiveDownloadsCtx

func (c *Client) GetTorrentsActiveDownloadsCtx(ctx context.Context) ([]Torrent, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentsCtx

func (c *Client) GetTorrentsCtx(ctx context.Context, o TorrentFilterOptions) ([]Torrent, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentsRaw

func (c *Client) GetTorrentsRaw() (string, error)

func (*Client) GetTorrentsRawCtx

func (c *Client) GetTorrentsRawCtx(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (*Client) GetTransferInfo

func (c *Client) GetTransferInfo() (*TransferInfo, error)

func (*Client) GetTransferInfoCtx

func (c *Client) GetTransferInfoCtx(ctx context.Context) (*TransferInfo, error)

func (*Client) GetWebAPIVersion added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) GetWebAPIVersion() (string, error)

func (*Client) GetWebAPIVersionCtx added in v1.4.0

func (c *Client) GetWebAPIVersionCtx(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (*Client) IncreasePriority added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) IncreasePriority(hashes []string) error

IncreasePriority increase priority for torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) IncreasePriorityCtx added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) IncreasePriorityCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

IncreasePriorityCtx increase priority for torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) LoginCtx

func (c *Client) LoginCtx(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Client) Pause

func (c *Client) Pause(hashes []string) error

func (*Client) PauseCtx

func (c *Client) PauseCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

func (*Client) ReAnnounceTorrents

func (c *Client) ReAnnounceTorrents(hashes []string) error

func (*Client) ReAnnounceTorrentsCtx

func (c *Client) ReAnnounceTorrentsCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

func (*Client) ReannounceTorrentWithRetry added in v1.1.0

func (c *Client) ReannounceTorrentWithRetry(ctx context.Context, hash string, opts *ReannounceOptions) error

func (*Client) Recheck

func (c *Client) Recheck(hashes []string) error

func (*Client) RecheckCtx

func (c *Client) RecheckCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

func (*Client) RemoveCategories

func (c *Client) RemoveCategories(categories []string) error

func (*Client) RemoveCategoriesCtx

func (c *Client) RemoveCategoriesCtx(ctx context.Context, categories []string) error

func (*Client) RemoveTags added in v1.3.3

func (c *Client) RemoveTags(hashes []string, tags string) error

RemoveTags remove tags from torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) RemoveTagsCtx added in v1.3.3

func (c *Client) RemoveTagsCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, tags string) error

RemoveTagsCtx remove tags from torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) RenameFile

func (c *Client) RenameFile(hash, oldPath, newPath string) error

func (*Client) RenameFileCtx

func (c *Client) RenameFileCtx(ctx context.Context, hash, oldPath, newPath string) error

func (*Client) Resume

func (c *Client) Resume(hashes []string) error

func (*Client) ResumeCtx

func (c *Client) ResumeCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

func (*Client) SetAutoManagement

func (c *Client) SetAutoManagement(hashes []string, enable bool) error

func (*Client) SetAutoManagementCtx

func (c *Client) SetAutoManagementCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, enable bool) error

func (*Client) SetCategory

func (c *Client) SetCategory(hashes []string, category string) error

func (*Client) SetCategoryCtx

func (c *Client) SetCategoryCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, category string) error

func (*Client) SetForceStart

func (c *Client) SetForceStart(hashes []string, value bool) error

func (*Client) SetForceStartCtx

func (c *Client) SetForceStartCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, value bool) error

func (*Client) SetLocation

func (c *Client) SetLocation(hashes []string, location string) error

func (*Client) SetLocationCtx

func (c *Client) SetLocationCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string, location string) error

func (*Client) SetMaxPriority added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) SetMaxPriority(hashes []string) error

SetMaxPriority set torrents to max priority specified by hashes

func (*Client) SetMaxPriorityCtx added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) SetMaxPriorityCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

SetMaxPriorityCtx set torrents to max priority specified by hashes

func (*Client) SetMinPriority added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) SetMinPriority(hashes []string) error

SetMinPriority set torrents to min priority specified by hashes

func (*Client) SetMinPriorityCtx added in v1.7.0

func (c *Client) SetMinPriorityCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

SetMinPriorityCtx set torrents to min priority specified by hashes

func (*Client) SetPreferences added in v1.8.0

func (c *Client) SetPreferences(prefs map[string]interface{}) error

func (*Client) SetPreferencesCtx added in v1.8.0

func (c *Client) SetPreferencesCtx(ctx context.Context, prefs map[string]interface{}) error

func (*Client) SetPreferencesMaxActiveDownloads added in v1.8.0

func (c *Client) SetPreferencesMaxActiveDownloads(max int) error

SetPreferencesMaxActiveDownloads set max active downloads

func (*Client) SetPreferencesMaxActiveTorrents added in v1.8.0

func (c *Client) SetPreferencesMaxActiveTorrents(max int) error

SetPreferencesMaxActiveTorrents set max active torrents

func (*Client) SetPreferencesMaxActiveUploads added in v1.8.0

func (c *Client) SetPreferencesMaxActiveUploads(max int) error

SetPreferencesMaxActiveUploads set max active uploads

func (*Client) SetPreferencesQueueingEnabled added in v1.8.0

func (c *Client) SetPreferencesQueueingEnabled(enabled bool) error

SetPreferencesQueueingEnabled enable/disable torrent queueing

func (*Client) ToggleFirstLastPiecePrio added in v1.9.0

func (c *Client) ToggleFirstLastPiecePrio(hashes []string) error

ToggleFirstLastPiecePrio toggles the priority of the first and last pieces of torrents specified by hashes

func (*Client) ToggleFirstLastPiecePrioCtx added in v1.9.0

func (c *Client) ToggleFirstLastPiecePrioCtx(ctx context.Context, hashes []string) error

ToggleFirstLastPiecePrioCtx toggles the priority of the first and last pieces of torrents specified by hashes

type Config

type Config struct {
	Host     string
	Username string
	Password string

	// TLS skip cert validation
	TLSSkipVerify bool

	// HTTP Basic auth username
	BasicUser string

	// HTTP Basic auth password
	BasicPass string

	Timeout int
	Log     *log.Logger

type ConnectionStatus

type ConnectionStatus string

type ContentLayout

type ContentLayout string
const (
	ContentLayoutOriginal        ContentLayout = "Original"
	ContentLayoutSubfolderNone   ContentLayout = "NoSubfolder"
	ContentLayoutSubfolderCreate ContentLayout = "Subfolder"

type ReannounceOptions added in v1.1.0

type ReannounceOptions struct {
	Interval        int
	MaxAttempts     int
	DeleteOnFailure bool

type Torrent

type Torrent struct {
	AddedOn            int64        `json:"added_on"`
	AmountLeft         int64        `json:"amount_left"`
	AutoManaged        bool         `json:"auto_tmm"`
	Availability       float64      `json:"availability"`
	Category           string       `json:"category"`
	Completed          int64        `json:"completed"`
	CompletionOn       int64        `json:"completion_on"`
	ContentPath        string       `json:"content_path"`
	DlLimit            int64        `json:"dl_limit"`
	DlSpeed            int64        `json:"dlspeed"`
	DownloadPath       string       `json:"download_path"`
	Downloaded         int64        `json:"downloaded"`
	DownloadedSession  int64        `json:"downloaded_session"`
	ETA                int64        `json:"eta"`
	FirstLastPiecePrio bool         `json:"f_l_piece_prio"`
	ForceStart         bool         `json:"force_start"`
	Hash               string       `json:"hash"`
	InfohashV1         string       `json:"infohash_v1"`
	InfohashV2         string       `json:"infohash_v2"`
	LastActivity       int64        `json:"last_activity"`
	MagnetURI          string       `json:"magnet_uri"`
	MaxRatio           float64      `json:"max_ratio"`
	MaxSeedingTime     int64        `json:"max_seeding_time"`
	Name               string       `json:"name"`
	NumComplete        int64        `json:"num_complete"`
	NumIncomplete      int64        `json:"num_incomplete"`
	NumLeechs          int64        `json:"num_leechs"`
	NumSeeds           int64        `json:"num_seeds"`
	Priority           int64        `json:"priority"`
	Progress           float64      `json:"progress"`
	Ratio              float64      `json:"ratio"`
	RatioLimit         float64      `json:"ratio_limit"`
	SavePath           string       `json:"save_path"`
	SeedingTime        int64        `json:"seeding_time"`
	SeedingTimeLimit   int64        `json:"seeding_time_limit"`
	SeenComplete       int64        `json:"seen_complete"`
	SequentialDownload bool         `json:"seq_dl"`
	Size               int64        `json:"size"`
	State              TorrentState `json:"state"`
	SuperSeeding       bool         `json:"super_seeding"`
	Tags               string       `json:"tags"`
	TimeActive         int64        `json:"time_active"`
	TotalSize          int64        `json:"total_size"`
	Tracker            string       `json:"tracker"`
	TrackersCount      int64        `json:"trackers_count"`
	UpLimit            int64        `json:"up_limit"`
	Uploaded           int64        `json:"uploaded"`
	UploadedSession    int64        `json:"uploaded_session"`
	UpSpeed            int64        `json:"upspeed"`

type TorrentAddOptions

type TorrentAddOptions struct {
	Paused             bool
	SkipHashCheck      bool
	ContentLayout      ContentLayout
	SavePath           string
	AutoTMM            bool
	Category           string
	Tags               string
	LimitUploadSpeed   int64
	LimitDownloadSpeed int64
	LimitRatio         float64
	LimitSeedTime      int64
	Rename             string
	FirstLastPiecePrio bool

func (*TorrentAddOptions) Prepare

func (o *TorrentAddOptions) Prepare() map[string]string

type TorrentFiles

type TorrentFiles []struct {
	Availability float32 `json:"availability"`
	Index        int     `json:"index"`
	IsSeed       bool    `json:"is_seed,omitempty"`
	Name         string  `json:"name"`
	PieceRange   []int   `json:"piece_range"`
	Priority     int     `json:"priority"`
	Progress     float32 `json:"progress"`
	Size         int64   `json:"size"`

type TorrentFilter

type TorrentFilter string
const (
	// Torrent is paused
	TorrentFilterAll TorrentFilter = "all"

	// Torrent is active
	TorrentFilterActive TorrentFilter = "active"

	// Torrent is inactive
	TorrentFilterInactive TorrentFilter = "inactive"

	// Torrent is completed
	TorrentFilterCompleted TorrentFilter = "completed"

	// Torrent is resumed
	TorrentFilterResumed TorrentFilter = "resumed"

	// Torrent is paused
	TorrentFilterPaused TorrentFilter = "paused"

	// Torrent is stalled
	TorrentFilterStalled TorrentFilter = "stalled"

	// Torrent is being seeded and data is being transferred
	TorrentFilterUploading TorrentFilter = "uploading"

	// Torrent is being seeded, but no connection were made
	TorrentFilterStalledUploading TorrentFilter = "stalled_uploading"

	// Torrent is being downloaded and data is being transferred
	TorrentFilterDownloading TorrentFilter = "downloading"

	// Torrent is being downloaded, but no connection were made
	TorrentFilterStalledDownloading TorrentFilter = "stalled_downloading"

	// Torrent is errored
	TorrentFilterError TorrentFilter = "errored"

type TorrentFilterOptions

type TorrentFilterOptions struct {
	Filter   TorrentFilter
	Category string
	Tag      string
	Sort     string
	Reverse  bool
	Limit    int
	Offset   int
	Hashes   []string

type TorrentProperties added in v1.7.2

type TorrentProperties struct {
	AdditionDate           int     `json:"addition_date"`
	Comment                string  `json:"comment"`
	CompletionDate         int     `json:"completion_date"`
	CreatedBy              string  `json:"created_by"`
	CreationDate           int     `json:"creation_date"`
	DlLimit                int     `json:"dl_limit"`
	DlSpeed                int     `json:"dl_speed"`
	DlSpeedAvg             int     `json:"dl_speed_avg"`
	DownloadPath           string  `json:"download_path"`
	Eta                    int     `json:"eta"`
	Hash                   string  `json:"hash"`
	InfohashV1             string  `json:"infohash_v1"`
	InfohashV2             string  `json:"infohash_v2"`
	IsPrivate              bool    `json:"is_private"`
	LastSeen               int     `json:"last_seen"`
	Name                   string  `json:"name"`
	NbConnections          int     `json:"nb_connections"`
	NbConnectionsLimit     int     `json:"nb_connections_limit"`
	Peers                  int     `json:"peers"`
	PeersTotal             int     `json:"peers_total"`
	PieceSize              int     `json:"piece_size"`
	PiecesHave             int     `json:"pieces_have"`
	PiecesNum              int     `json:"pieces_num"`
	Reannounce             int     `json:"reannounce"`
	SavePath               string  `json:"save_path"`
	SeedingTime            int     `json:"seeding_time"`
	Seeds                  int     `json:"seeds"`
	SeedsTotal             int     `json:"seeds_total"`
	ShareRatio             float64 `json:"share_ratio"`
	TimeElapsed            int     `json:"time_elapsed"`
	TotalDownloaded        int64   `json:"total_downloaded"`
	TotalDownloadedSession int64   `json:"total_downloaded_session"`
	TotalSize              int64   `json:"total_size"`
	TotalUploaded          int64   `json:"total_uploaded"`
	TotalUploadedSession   int64   `json:"total_uploaded_session"`
	TotalWasted            int64   `json:"total_wasted"`
	UpLimit                int     `json:"up_limit"`
	UpSpeed                int     `json:"up_speed"`
	UpSpeedAvg             int     `json:"up_speed_avg"`

type TorrentState

type TorrentState string
const (
	// Some error occurred, applies to paused torrents
	TorrentStateError TorrentState = "error"

	// Torrent data files is missing
	TorrentStateMissingFiles TorrentState = "missingFiles"

	// Torrent is being seeded and data is being transferred
	TorrentStateUploading TorrentState = "uploading"

	// Torrent is paused and has finished downloading
	TorrentStatePausedUp TorrentState = "pausedUP"

	// Queuing is enabled and torrent is queued for upload
	TorrentStateQueuedUp TorrentState = "queuedUP"

	// Torrent is being seeded, but no connection were made
	TorrentStateStalledUp TorrentState = "stalledUP"

	// Torrent has finished downloading and is being checked
	TorrentStateCheckingUp TorrentState = "checkingUP"

	// Torrent is forced to uploading and ignore queue limit
	TorrentStateForcedUp TorrentState = "forcedUP"

	// Torrent is allocating disk space for download
	TorrentStateAllocating TorrentState = "allocating"

	// Torrent is being downloaded and data is being transferred
	TorrentStateDownloading TorrentState = "downloading"

	// Torrent has just started downloading and is fetching metadata
	TorrentStateMetaDl TorrentState = "metaDL"

	// Torrent is paused and has NOT finished downloading
	TorrentStatePausedDl TorrentState = "pausedDL"

	// Queuing is enabled and torrent is queued for download
	TorrentStateQueuedDl TorrentState = "queuedDL"

	// Torrent is being downloaded, but no connection were made
	TorrentStateStalledDl TorrentState = "stalledDL"

	// Same as checkingUP, but torrent has NOT finished downloading
	TorrentStateCheckingDl TorrentState = "checkingDL"

	// Torrent is forced to downloading to ignore queue limit
	TorrentStateForcedDl TorrentState = "forcedDL"

	// Checking resume data on qBt startup
	TorrentStateCheckingResumeData TorrentState = "checkingResumeData"

	// Torrent is moving to another location
	TorrentStateMoving TorrentState = "moving"

	// Unknown status
	TorrentStateUnknown TorrentState = "unknown"

type TorrentTracker

type TorrentTracker struct {
	//Tier          int   `json:"tier"` // can be both empty "" and int
	Url           string        `json:"url"`
	Status        TrackerStatus `json:"status"`
	NumPeers      int           `json:"num_peers"`
	NumSeeds      int           `json:"num_seeds"`
	NumLeechers   int           `json:"num_leechers"`
	NumDownloaded int           `json:"num_downloaded"`
	Message       string        `json:"msg"`

type TorrentTrackersResponse

type TorrentTrackersResponse struct {
	Trackers []TorrentTracker `json:"trackers"`

type TrackerStatus

type TrackerStatus int

TrackerStatus https://github.com/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/wiki/WebUI-API-(qBittorrent-4.1)#get-torrent-trackers

const (
	// 0 Tracker is disabled (used for DHT, PeX, and LSD)
	TrackerStatusDisabled TrackerStatus = 0

	// 1 Tracker has not been contacted yet
	TrackerStatusNotContacted TrackerStatus = 1

	// 2 Tracker has been contacted and is working
	TrackerStatusOK TrackerStatus = 2

	// 3 Tracker is updating
	TrackerStatusUpdating TrackerStatus = 3

	// 4 Tracker has been contacted, but it is not working (or doesn't send proper replies)
	TrackerStatusNotWorking TrackerStatus = 4

type TransferInfo

type TransferInfo struct {
	ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatus `json:"connection_status"`
	DHTNodes         int64            `json:"dht_nodes"`
	DlInfoData       int64            `json:"dl_info_data"`
	DlInfoSpeed      int64            `json:"dl_info_speed"`
	DlRateLimit      int64            `json:"dl_rate_limit"`
	UpInfoData       int64            `json:"up_info_data"`
	UpInfoSpeed      int64            `json:"up_info_speed"`
	UpRateLimit      int64            `json:"up_rate_limit"`



dl_info_speed integer Global download rate (bytes/s)

dl_info_data integer Data downloaded this session (bytes)

up_info_speed integer Global upload rate (bytes/s)

up_info_data integer Data uploaded this session (bytes)

dl_rate_limit integer Download rate limit (bytes/s)

up_rate_limit integer Upload rate limit (bytes/s)

dht_nodes integer DHT nodes connected to

connection_status string Connection status. See possible values here below


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