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const (
	FakeEmail = "test@abc.com"
	FakePass  = "V3vRyT!$5qNHt9H1"
	NewPass   = "*$M^kiD2Nhs8OpkR"
	FakeName  = "user.sdfsfdF"


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func CheckApiResponse

func CheckApiResponse(status api.Response, code string) error

CheckApiResponse checks an API resonse matches the provded message

func CheckRedirect

func CheckRedirect(url string, resp *http.Response) error

CheckRedirect checks that a given redirect is correct

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *config.AuthPlzConfig

NewConfig generates a test configuration

func ParseAndCheckAPIResponse

func ParseAndCheckAPIResponse(resp *http.Response, code string) error

func ParseJson

func ParseJson(resp *http.Response, inst interface{}) error

ParseJson assists with parsing JSON responses


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client instance Handles cookies as well as API base addresses and provides convenience wrappers to simplify testing

func NewClient

func NewClient(path string) Client

NewClient Create a new Client instance

func NewClientFromHttp

func NewClientFromHttp(path string, client *http.Client) Client

NewClientFromHttp Create a new Client instance using the provided http.Client Useful for OAuth clients

func (*Client) Get

func (tc *Client) Get(path string, statusCode int) (*http.Response, error)

Get wraps client.Get with status code checks

func (*Client) GetAPIResponse

func (tc *Client) GetAPIResponse(path string, statusCode int, code string) error

func (*Client) GetJSON

func (tc *Client) GetJSON(path string, statusCode int, inst interface{}) error

func (*Client) GetJSONWithParams

func (tc *Client) GetJSONWithParams(path string, statusCode int, v url.Values, inst interface{}) error

func (*Client) GetWithParams

func (tc *Client) GetWithParams(path string, statusCode int, v url.Values) (*http.Response, error)

GetWithParamsGet wraps client.Get with query parameters and status code checks

func (*Client) PostForm

func (tc *Client) PostForm(path string, statusCode int, v url.Values) (*http.Response, error)

PostForm Post a form to an api endpoint

func (*Client) PostJSON

func (tc *Client) PostJSON(path string, statusCode int, requestInst interface{}) (*http.Response, error)

Post JSON to an api endpoint

type MockEventEmitter

type MockEventEmitter struct {
	Event *events.AuthPlzEvent

func (*MockEventEmitter) SendEvent

func (m *MockEventEmitter) SendEvent(e interface{})

type TestServer

type TestServer struct {
	Router       *web.Router
	DataStore    *datastore.DataStore
	TokenControl *token.TokenController
	EventEmitter *MockEventEmitter
	Config       *config.AuthPlzConfig

func NewTestServer

func NewTestServer() (*TestServer, error)

func (*TestServer) Address

func (ts *TestServer) Address() string

func (*TestServer) Run

func (ts *TestServer) Run()

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