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fiber jet template middleware without the bloat that the original repository has and only brings the necceseties to work with jet template engine




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type Engine

type Engine struct {

	// templates
	Templates *jet.Set
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Engine struct

func New

func New(directory, extension string) *Engine

New returns a Jet render engine for Fiber

func NewFileSystem

func NewFileSystem(fs http.FileSystem, extension string) *Engine

func (*Engine) AddFunc

func (e *Engine) AddFunc(name string, fn interface{}) *Engine

AddFunc adds the function to the template's function map. It is legal to overwrite elements of the default actions

func (*Engine) Debug

func (e *Engine) Debug(enabled bool) *Engine

Debug will print the parsed templates when Load is triggered.

func (*Engine) Delims

func (e *Engine) Delims(left, right string) *Engine

Delims sets the action delimiters to the specified strings, to be used in templates. An empty delimiter stands for the corresponding default: {{ or }}.

func (*Engine) Layout

func (e *Engine) Layout(key string) *Engine

Layout defines the variable name that will incapsulate the template

func (*Engine) Load

func (e *Engine) Load() (err error)

Parse parses the templates to the engine.

func (*Engine) Parse

func (e *Engine) Parse() error

Parse is deprecated, please use Load() instead

func (*Engine) Reload

func (e *Engine) Reload(enabled bool) *Engine

Reload if set to true the templates are reloading on each render, use it when you're in development and you don't want to restart the application when you edit a template file.

func (*Engine) Render

func (e *Engine) Render(out io.Writer, template string, binding interface{}, layout ...string) error

Render will render the template by name


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