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airlift is a quick program that downloads versions of Roblox place assets to a Git repository.


airlift [options] [transform [args...]]
  • --id INTEGER is the ID of the asset to retrieve. This is required.
  • --auth PATH is the path to a file containing authentication cookies (.ROBLOSECURITY). The file is formatted as a number of Set-Cookie HTTP headers. If unspecified, the program will prompt the user to log in.
  • --output PATH is the directory to which files will be written. Defaults to the working directory.
  • filename FORMAT formats the name of written version files.
  • --git causes files to be written to a Git repository. Each version is written as a commit.
  • --tag causes each written commit to be tagged with the version number.
  • --pipe causes a version file to be piped to the transform command (if specified) instead of written to the output.
  • --verbose enables verbose logging.
  • -- terminates flag processing.

Any unprocessed arguments are interpreted as a command with arguments, which can be used to transform files. This command runs with --output as the working directory, and runs after each version is downloaded. If the command fails, then that version is skipped. If --git is enabled, then the entire working tree is committed after the command succeeds.

The --filename format may contain variables of the form %VARIABLE that expand based on data from the version currently being processed. %% emits a literal % character, and unknown variables emit empty strings. Variables are case-insensitive.

Variable Alias Description
Id vid Asset version ID.
AssetId aid Asset ID.
VersionNumber v Current version number.
ParentAssetVersionId pid ID of the parent or previous version.
CreatorTargetId cid ID of the asset creator.
CreatorType ct Number indicating the creator type.
CreatingUniverseId Universe ID, if present.
Created t When the version was created.
Updated u When the version was last updated.

When --git is disabled, the format must produce names that are unique per version. If not, _v%VersionNumber is appended to the filename, before the file extension. Using any of the Id, VersionNumber, Created, or Updated variables will produce unique names.


  1. Install Go
  2. Install Git
  3. Using a shell with Git (such as Git Bash), run the following command:
go get -u

If you configured Go correctly, this will install airlift to $GOPATH/bin, which will allow you run it directly from a shell.

This document uses POSIX-style flags (-f, --flag), although windows-style flags (/f, /flag) are possible when airlift is compiled for Windows. If you are compiling for Windows, you may choose to force POSIX-style flags with the forceposix build tag:

go get -u -tags forceposix

For more information, see the go-flags package.


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