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Published: Oct 25, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 0




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const (
	// AuthEndpoint is the API endpoint for authentication
	AuthEndpoint = "auth/login"
	// MeEndpoint is the API endpoint for current user
	MeEndpoint = "api/me"
	// UserEndpoint is the API endpoint for users
	UserEndpoint = "api/user"
	// ReservationEndpoint is the API endpoint for reserving workouts
	ReservationEndpoint = "api/reservation"
	// FavoritesEndpoint is the API endpoint for favorites
	FavoritesEndpoint = "api/favorites"
	// InstructorEndpoint is the API endpoint for instructors
	InstructorEndpoint = "api/instructor"


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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client manages communication with Peloton API.

func NewClient

func NewClient(user string, password string) *Client

NewClient creates a new Peloton API client.

func (*Client) Authenticate

func (c *Client) Authenticate() error

Authenticate authenticates the client using username and password

func (*Client) CreateFavorite

func (c *Client) CreateFavorite(rideID string) error

CreateFavorite adds workout to authenticated user's favorites

func (*Client) CreateReservation

func (c *Client) CreateReservation(userID, workoutID string) error

CreateReservation adds workout to user's reservations

func (*Client) GetInstructorByID

func (c *Client) GetInstructorByID(instructorID string) (Instructor, error)

GetInstructorByID returns instrutor by ID

func (*Client) GetSchedule

func (c *Client) GetSchedule(category string, start, end int) (Schedule, error)

GetSchedule returns scheduled workouts for an date range

func (*Client) GetUser

func (c *Client) GetUser() (User, error)

GetUser returns data about current user

func (*Client) GetUserSchedule

func (c *Client) GetUserSchedule(category string, start, end int) ([]ScheduledWorkout, error)

GetUserSchedule returns authenticated users's schedule

func (*Client) GetUserWorkouts

func (c *Client) GetUserWorkouts(userID string, limit int) (Workouts, error)

GetUserWorkouts returns workouts for a given user

func (*Client) GetUserWorkoutsCSV

func (c *Client) GetUserWorkoutsCSV(userID string) ([]WorkoutCSV, error)

GetUserWorkoutsCSV returns csv of all workouts for a given user

func (*Client) RemoveFavorite

func (c *Client) RemoveFavorite(rideID string) error

RemoveFavorite removes workout from authenticated user's favorites

func (*Client) RemoveReservation

func (c *Client) RemoveReservation(reservationID string) error

RemoveReservation removes a workout from a user's reservations

type FavoritesRequest

type FavoritesRequest struct {
	RideID string `json:"ride_id"`

FavoritesRequest contains data needed to request favorite

type Instructor

type Instructor struct {
	ID          string   `json:"id"`
	FirstName   string   `json:"first_name"`
	LastName    string   `json:"last_name"`
	Disciplines []string `json:"fitness_disciplines"`
	Username    string   `json:"username"`

Instructor defines the struct for the schedule object

type Schedule

type Schedule struct {
	Total     int                `json:"total"`
	Count     int                `json:"count"`
	SortBy    string             `json:"sort_by"`
	Data      []ScheduledWorkout `json:"data"`
	Equipment []struct {
		ID   string `json:"id"`
		Name string `json:"name"`
		Slug string `json:"slug"`
	} `json:"equipment"`
	Instructors []struct {
		ID                 string   `json:"id"`
		Name               string   `json:"name"`
		FirstName          string   `json:"first_name"`
		LastName           string   `json:"last_name"`
		UserID             string   `json:"user_id"`
		FitnessDisciplines []string `json:"fitness_disciplines"`
	} `json:"instructors"`
	RideTypes []struct {
		ID                string `json:"id"`
		Name              string `json:"name"`
		DisplayName       string `json:"display_name"`
		FitnessDiscipline string `json:"fitness_discipline"`
		IsActive          bool   `json:"is_active"`
		ListOrder         int    `json:"list_order"`
	} `json:"ride_types"`
	ClassTypes []struct {
		ID                string `json:"id"`
		Name              string `json:"name"`
		DisplayName       string `json:"display_name"`
		FitnessDiscipline string `json:"fitness_discipline"`
		IsActive          bool   `json:"is_active"`
		ListOrder         int    `json:"list_order"`
	} `json:"class_types"`
	Rides []struct {
		ClassTypeIds                 []string      `json:"class_type_ids"`
		ContentProvider              string        `json:"content_provider"`
		ContentFormat                string        `json:"content_format"`
		Description                  string        `json:"description"`
		DifficultyEstimate           float64       `json:"difficulty_estimate"`
		OverallEstimate              float64       `json:"overall_estimate"`
		DifficultyRatingAvg          float64       `json:"difficulty_rating_avg"`
		DifficultyRatingCount        int           `json:"difficulty_rating_count"`
		DifficultyLevel              interface{}   `json:"difficulty_level"`
		Duration                     int           `json:"duration"`
		EquipmentIds                 []string      `json:"equipment_ids"`
		EquipmentTags                []interface{} `json:"equipment_tags"`
		ExtraImages                  []interface{} `json:"extra_images"`
		FitnessDiscipline            string        `json:"fitness_discipline"`
		FitnessDisciplineDisplayName string        `json:"fitness_discipline_display_name"`
		HasClosedCaptions            bool          `json:"has_closed_captions"`
		HasPedalingMetrics           bool          `json:"has_pedaling_metrics"`
		HomePelotonID                string        `json:"home_peloton_id"`
		ID                           string        `json:"id"`
		ImageURL                     string        `json:"image_url"`
		InstructorID                 string        `json:"instructor_id"`
		IsArchived                   bool          `json:"is_archived"`
		IsClosedCaptionShown         bool          `json:"is_closed_caption_shown"`
		IsExplicit                   bool          `json:"is_explicit"`
		HasFreeMode                  bool          `json:"has_free_mode"`
		IsLiveInStudioOnly           bool          `json:"is_live_in_studio_only"`
		Language                     string        `json:"language"`
		OriginLocale                 string        `json:"origin_locale"`
		Length                       int           `json:"length"`
		LiveStreamID                 string        `json:"live_stream_id"`
		LiveStreamURL                interface{}   `json:"live_stream_url"`
		Location                     string        `json:"location"`
		Metrics                      []string      `json:"metrics"`
		OriginalAirTime              int           `json:"original_air_time"`
		OverallRatingAvg             float64       `json:"overall_rating_avg"`
		OverallRatingCount           int           `json:"overall_rating_count"`
		PedalingStartOffset          int           `json:"pedaling_start_offset"`
		PedalingEndOffset            int           `json:"pedaling_end_offset"`
		PedalingDuration             int           `json:"pedaling_duration"`
		Rating                       int           `json:"rating"`
		RideTypeID                   string        `json:"ride_type_id"`
		RideTypeIds                  []string      `json:"ride_type_ids"`
		SampleVodStreamURL           interface{}   `json:"sample_vod_stream_url"`
		ScheduledStartTime           int           `json:"scheduled_start_time"`
		SeriesID                     string        `json:"series_id"`
		SoldOut                      bool          `json:"sold_out"`
		StudioPelotonID              string        `json:"studio_peloton_id"`
		Title                        string        `json:"title"`
		TotalRatings                 int           `json:"total_ratings"`
		TotalInProgressWorkouts      int           `json:"total_in_progress_workouts"`
		TotalWorkouts                int           `json:"total_workouts"`
		VodStreamURL                 interface{}   `json:"vod_stream_url"`
		VodStreamID                  string        `json:"vod_stream_id"`
		Captions                     []string      `json:"captions"`
	} `json:"rides"`
	Limit            interface{} `json:"limit"`
	BrowseCategories []struct {
		ID             string `json:"id"`
		Name           string `json:"name"`
		Slug           string `json:"slug"`
		ListOrder      int    `json:"list_order"`
		IconURL        string `json:"icon_url"`
		PortalImageURL string `json:"portal_image_url"`
	} `json:"browse_categories"`
	FitnessDisciplines []struct {
		ID   string `json:"id"`
		Name string `json:"name"`
	} `json:"fitness_disciplines"`

Schedule defines the struct for the schedule object

type ScheduleRequest

type ScheduleRequest struct {
	UserID    string `json:"user_id"`
	WorkoutID string `json:"peloton_id"`

ScheduleRequest contains data needed to request schedule

type ScheduledWorkout

type ScheduledWorkout struct {
	ID                      string      `json:"id"`
	RideID                  string      `json:"ride_id"`
	ServerTime              int         `json:"server_time"`
	ScheduledStartTime      int         `json:"scheduled_start_time"`
	StartTime               int         `json:"start_time"`
	EndTime                 int         `json:"end_time"`
	PedalingStartTime       int         `json:"pedaling_start_time"`
	PedalingEndTime         int         `json:"pedaling_end_time"`
	Status                  string      `json:"status"`
	Countdown               interface{} `json:"countdown"`
	IsLive                  bool        `json:"is_live"`
	IsStudio                bool        `json:"is_studio"`
	IsEncore                bool        `json:"is_encore"`
	SecondsSinceStart       interface{} `json:"seconds_since_start"`
	CreatedAt               int         `json:"created_at"`
	TotalWorkouts           int         `json:"total_workouts"`
	IsComplete              bool        `json:"is_complete"`
	TotalHomeReservations   int         `json:"total_home_reservations"`
	AuthedUserReservationID interface{} `json:"authed_user_reservation_id"`

ScheduledWorkout contains data for a scheduled workout

type User

type User struct {
	ID             string    `json:"id"`
	FirstName      string    `json:"first_name"`
	LastName       string    `json:"last_name"`
	Username       string    `json:"username"`
	Ftp            int       `json:"cycling_workout_ftp"`
	CustomMaxHr    int       `json:"customized_max_heart_rate"`
	TotalWorkouts  int       `json:"total_workouts"`
	DefaultMaxHr   int       `json:"default_max_heart_rate"`
	EstimatedFtp   int       `json:"estimated_cycling_ftp"`
	DefaultHrZones []float64 `json:"default_heart_rate_zones"`
	Birthday       int       `json:"birthday"`
	Location       string    `json:"location"`
	Height         float64   `json:"height"`
	Weight         float64   `json:"weight"`
	Gender         string    `json:"gender"`

User defines the struct for the user object

type Workout

type Workout struct {
	FitnessDiscipline string `json:"fitness_discipline"`
	Created           int    `json:"created_at"`
	EndTime           int    `json:"end_time"`
	ID                string `json:"id"`
	StartTime         int    `json:"start_time"`
	UserID            string `json:"user_id"`
	Status            string `json:"status"`
	PersonalRecord    bool   `json:"is_total_work_personal_record"`

Workout contains information about a specific workout

type WorkoutCSV

type WorkoutCSV struct {
	WorkoutTimestamp  string `csv:"Workout Timestamp"`
	LiveOnDemand      string `csv:"Live/On-Demand"`
	InstructorName    string `csv:"Instructor Name"`
	LengthMinutes     string `csv:"Length (minutes)"`
	FitnessDiscipline string `csv:"Fitness Discipline"`
	Type              string `csv:"Type"`
	Title             string `csv:"Title"`
	ClassTimestamp    string `csv:"Class Timestamp"`
	TotalOutput       string `csv:"Total Output"`
	AvgWatts          string `csv:"Avg. Watts"`
	AvgResistance     string `csv:"Avg. Resistance"`
	AvgCadence        string `csv:"Avg. Cadence (RPM)"`
	AvgSpeed          string `csv:"Avg. Speed (mph)"`
	DistanceMiles     string `csv:"Distance (mi)"`
	CaloriesBurned    string `csv:"Calories Burned"`
	AvgHeartrate      string `csv:"Avg. Heartrate"`
	AvgIncline        string `csv:"Avg. Incline"`
	AvgPace           string `csv:"Avg. Pace (min/mi)"`

WorkoutCSV matches Peloton CSV export

type Workouts

type Workouts struct {
	Count int `json:"count"`
	Data  []Workout

Workouts defines the struct for the workouts object

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