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Unofficial Google Play Music API client library. Influenced by Unofficial-Google-Music-API .

Only required methods for gMPD are implemented.



Package gpm is unofficial Google Play Music API client library



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type Album

type Album struct {
	ID     string
	Name   string
	Artist string
	Year   uint16
	Tracks []Track

Album represents metadata of an album (kind: sj#album)

type Artist

type Artist struct {
	ID     string
	Name   string
	Albums []Album

Artist represents metadata of an artist (kind: sj#artist)

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client represents a connection to Google Play Music

func New

func New(clientID, clientSecret string) (client *Client)

New allocates a Google Play Music client with the given OAuth auth code. Obtain a new Auth Code, by entering "" in the "Input your own scopes" input box. WARN: Do not click "Exchange auth. code for tokens" on Step 2!

func (*Client) AlbumInfo

func (client *Client) AlbumInfo(albumID string, includeTracks bool) (album Album, err error)

AlbumInfo returns metadata associated with album ID

func (*Client) ArtistInfo

func (client *Client) ArtistInfo(artistID string, includeAlbums bool) (artist Artist, err error)

ArtistInfo returns metadata associated with artist ID

func (*Client) AuthURL

func (client *Client) AuthURL() string

Login tries to get authorization token from Google Login service

func (*Client) DoAuth

func (client *Client) DoAuth(authCode string) (err error)

func (*Client) MP3StreamURL

func (client *Client) MP3StreamURL(trackID, deviceID string) (mp3Url string, err error)

MP3StreamURL returns a streamable URL of the track ID

func (*Client) PlaylistEntries

func (client *Client) PlaylistEntries() (playlistEntries []PlaylistEntry, err error)

func (*Client) Playlists

func (client *Client) Playlists() ([]Playlist, error)

func (*Client) SearchAllAccess

func (client *Client) SearchAllAccess(query string, maxResults int) (body []byte, err error)

SearchAllAccess searches Google Play Music All Access

func (*Client) SearchAllAccessAlbums

func (client *Client) SearchAllAccessAlbums(query string, maxResults int) (albums []Album, err error)

SearchAllAccessAlbums searches Google Play Music All Access for albums matchin query

func (*Client) SearchAllAccessTracks

func (client *Client) SearchAllAccessTracks(query string, maxResults int) (tracks []Track, err error)

SearchAllAccessTracks searches Google Play Music All Access for tracks matching query

func (*Client) Settings

func (client *Client) Settings() (settings Settings, err error)

Settings loads user's Google Play Music service settings

func (*Client) TrackInfo

func (client *Client) TrackInfo(trackID string) (track Track, err error)

TrackInfo returns metadata associated with track ID

func (*Client) TrackList

func (client *Client) TrackList() (tracks TrackList, err error)

TrackList returns list of tracks uploaded by user to Google Play Music

type Playlist

type Playlist struct {
	ID                    string
	Name                  string
	LastModifiedTimestamp string

(kind: sj#playlist)

type PlaylistEntry

type PlaylistEntry struct {
	PlaylistID string
	Track      Track

(kind: sj#playlistEntry)

type PlaylistEntryList

type PlaylistEntryList struct {
	Data struct {
		Items []PlaylistEntry

(kind: sj#playlistEntryList)

type PlaylistList

type PlaylistList struct {
	Data struct {
		Items []Playlist

(kind: sj#playlistList)

type Settings

type Settings struct {
	Settings struct {
		Labs    []map[string]string
		Devices []map[string]interface{}

Settings represents user's Google Play Music settings

type Track

type Track struct {
	ID             string
	Nid            string
	Title          string
	Album          string
	AlbumID        string
	Artist         string
	DurationMillis string
	TrackNumber    int64
	Year           int64

Track represents the metadata of a track (kind: sj#track)

type TrackList

type TrackList struct {
	Data struct {
		Items []Track

TrackList represents a list of Tracks (kind: sj#tracklist)

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