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A Go library that provides Steam Mobile Authenticator functionality

This is a Go port of C# SteamAuth library




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const UrlCommunityBase string = ""
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const UrlConfirmationService string = UrlCommunityBase + "/mobileconf"
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const UrlMobileAuthService string = UrlSteamApiBase + "/IMobileAuthService"
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const UrlSteamApiBase string = ""
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const UrlTwoFactorService string = UrlSteamApiBase + "/ITwoFactorService"


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var ErrAuthenticatorPresent = errors.New("authenticator already present")

ErrAuthenticatorPresent is returned by AddAuthenticator

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var ErrBadCredentials = errors.New("bad credentials")

ErrBadCredentials is returned by DoLogin when steam fails to authenticate us

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var ErrBadRSA = errors.New("bad RSA")

ErrBadRSA is returned by DoLogin when steam returns success false to rsa public key request

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var ErrBadSMSCode = errors.New("bad sms code")

ErrBadSMSCode is returned by FinalizeAddAuthenticator when steam rejects supplied SMS code

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var ErrMustProvidePhoneNumber = errors.New("no phone number on the account")

ErrMustProvidePhoneNumber is returned by AddAuthenticator when no phone set on both authentication linker and account

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var ErrMustRemovePhoneNumber = errors.New("a phone number is already on the account")

ErrMustRemovePhoneNumber is returned by AddAuthenticator when phone is set on both authentication linker and account

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var ErrNeed2FA = errors.New("need 2FA")

ErrNeed2FA is returned by DoLogin when mobile code is required

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var ErrNeedCaptcha = errors.New("need captcha")

ErrNeedCaptcha is returned by DoLogin when captcha code is required

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var ErrNeedEmail = errors.New("need email")

ErrNeedEmail is returned by DoLogin when email code is required

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var ErrTooManyFailedLogins = errors.New("two many failed logins")

ErrNeedTooManyFailedLogins is returned by DoLogin

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var ErrUnableToGenerateCorrectCodes = errors.New("unable to generate correct codes")

ErrUnableToGenerateCorrectCodes is returned by FinalizeAddAuthenticator


func AlignTime

func AlignTime() error

Aligns system time with the Steam server time. Not super advanced; probably not taking some things into account that it should. Necessary to generate up-to-date codes. In general, this will have an error of less than a second, assuming Steam is operational.

func DeleteMe

func DeleteMe(cookies []*http.Cookie)


func GetSteamTime

func GetSteamTime() int64

func MobileLoginRequest

func MobileLoginRequest(queryUrl, method string, params *url.Values, cookies *cookiejar.Jar, headers *map[string]string) ([]byte, error)

Perform a mobile login request Method must be GET or POST Returns response body

func WebRequest

func WebRequest(queryUrl, method string, params *url.Values, cookies *cookiejar.Jar, headers *map[string]string, referer *string) ([]byte, error)

func WebRequestRaw

func WebRequestRaw(queryUrl, method string, params *url.Values, cookies *cookiejar.Jar, headers *map[string]string, referer *string) (*http.Response, error)


type AuthenticatorLinker

type AuthenticatorLinker struct {
	// Set to register a new phone number when linking.
	// If a phone number is not set on the account, this must be set.
	// If a phone number is set on the account, this must be null.
	PhoneNumber string
	// Randomly-generated device ID. Should only be generated once per linker.
	DeviceID string
	// After the initial link step, if successful, this will be
	// the SteamGuard data for the account. PLEASE save this somewhere
	// after generating it; it's vital data.
	LinkedAccount *SteamGuardAccount
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handles the linking process for a new mobile authenticator

func NewAuthenticatorLinker

func NewAuthenticatorLinker(session *SessionData) *AuthenticatorLinker

func (*AuthenticatorLinker) AddAuthenticator

func (al *AuthenticatorLinker) AddAuthenticator() error

func (*AuthenticatorLinker) FinalizeAddAuthenticator

func (al *AuthenticatorLinker) FinalizeAddAuthenticator(smsCode string) error

type Confirmation

type Confirmation struct {
	ConfirmationID          string
	ConfirmationKey         string
	ConfirmationDescription string

type SessionData

type SessionData struct {
	SessionID        string
	SteamLogin       string
	SteamLoginSecure string
	WebCookie        string
	OAuthToken       string
	SteamID          uint64
	SteamParental    string //family View Pin

func (*SessionData) AddCookies

func (sd *SessionData) AddCookies(cookies *cookiejar.Jar)

type SteamGuardAccount

type SteamGuardAccount struct {
	SharedSecret   string `json:"shared_secret"`
	SerialNumber   string `json:"serial_number"`
	RevocationCode string `json:"revocation_code"`
	URI            string `json:"uri"`
	ServerTime     int64  `json:"server_time,string"`
	AccountName    string `json:"account_name"`
	TokenGID       string `json:"token_gid"`
	IdentitySecret string `json:"identity_secret"`
	Secret1        string `json:"secret_1"`
	Status         int32  `json:"status"`
	DeviceID       string `json:"device_id"`
	// Set to true if the authenticator has actually been applied to the account.
	FullyEnrolled bool         `json:"fully_enrolled"`
	Session       *SessionData `json:"session"`

func (*SteamGuardAccount) AcceptConfirmation

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) AcceptConfirmation(cn *Confirmation) error

func (*SteamGuardAccount) ConfirmationsDetail

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) ConfirmationsDetail(ConfirmationId string) (string, error)

func (*SteamGuardAccount) DeactivateAuthenticator

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) DeactivateAuthenticator() error

func (*SteamGuardAccount) DenyConfirmation

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) DenyConfirmation(cn *Confirmation) error

func (*SteamGuardAccount) FamilyPin

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) FamilyPin(pin string) error

func (*SteamGuardAccount) FetchConfirmations

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) FetchConfirmations() ([]*Confirmation, error)

func (*SteamGuardAccount) GenerateConfirmationQueryParams

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) GenerateConfirmationQueryParams(tag string) (url.Values, error)

func (*SteamGuardAccount) GenerateSteamGuardCode

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) GenerateSteamGuardCode() (string, error)

func (*SteamGuardAccount) GenerateSteamGuardCodeForTime

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) GenerateSteamGuardCodeForTime(t int64) (string, error)

func (*SteamGuardAccount) ReLogin

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) ReLogin(user, pass string) (*SessionData, error)

func (*SteamGuardAccount) RefreshSession

func (a *SteamGuardAccount) RefreshSession() error

Refreshes the Steam session. Necessary to perform confirmations if your session has expired or changed.

type UserLogin

type UserLogin struct {
	Username string
	Password string
	SteamID  uint64

	RequiresCaptcha bool
	CaptchaGID      string
	CaptchaText     string

	RequiresEmail bool
	EmailDomain   string
	EmailCode     string

	Requires2FA   bool
	TwoFactorCode string

	Session  *SessionData
	LoggedIn bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handles logging the user into the mobile Steam website. Necessary to generate OAuth token and session cookies.

func NewUserLogin

func NewUserLogin(username, password string) *UserLogin

func (*UserLogin) DoLogin

func (ul *UserLogin) DoLogin() error


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