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Published: Aug 3, 2023 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 19 Imported by: 0



modemd together with modemd.connrequester control how the Raspberry Pi on the Thermal Camera accesses the internet. If the wifi is working then that will be used. If not then the USB modem plugged into the Raspberry Pi will be turned on.

Project modemd
Platform Thermal camera (Raspbian)
Build Status Build Status
Licence GNU General Public License v3.0


Download and install the latest release from Github. Then restart the device.

Development Instructions

Follow our go instructions to download and build this project.

Using modemd in an application
  1. Make sure that modemd is running on your thermal-camera
  2. Import "" into your go file
  3. Before each time your application needs to access the internet do the following:
	cr := connrequester.NewConnectionRequester()
	log.Println("requesting internet connection")
	cr.WaitUntilUpLoop(connectionTimeout, connectionRetryInterval, -1)
	log.Println("internet connection made")
	defer cr.Stop()

On some devices the USB modem only remains on for a short period after each connrequester call, so it is important to do this everytime.


Releases are created using travis and git and saved on Github. Follow our release instructions to create a new release.


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