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IdeaCrawler is a blazing fast, highly effective, flexible client-server crawling framework written in Go. We built it to perform certain tasks better than existing crawlers do. In addition to the features you would expect from a regular crawling library, it makes it very easy to do things like scaling across machines, crawling through VPNs, using cookies, using Chrome as a crawling backend, etc.

It was written to act as a layer on top of a regular crawling library, with a lot of glue code pre-written. This framework also allows users to isolate crawling to a dedicated cluster, while still being controlled from a central location.

Based on the tests we conducted, this crawler blows Scrapy and other alternatives out of the water. Oh, and did we mention it's super fast?


  • The server is written in Go. We provide client libraries in Go and Python, but clients can be written in any language that Protobuf supports.
  • A single server can simultaneously run lots of crawl jobs submitted by multiple clients. And a single client can use multiple servers running on different machines to distribute the crawling load, so that none of the server IPs get blocked, etc.
  • The server can be configured to automatically deep crawl a site through a predefined URL regex crawl path, and send back to client only URLs matching a certain regex (for example, deep crawl product listing pages, but send back only product pages)
  • Clients can choose whether server should crawl directly or use a headless chrome instance.
  • Customize UserAgent
  • Login before crawling, either using cookies, or using JS in when using headless chrome.
  • In Chrome mode, there are prewritten JS functions for some common problems - like Scroll down, or scroll down until infinite scroll stops loading new data, etc. And it is trivial to add more custom functions into the server for reuse.
  • When not using Chrome, it downloads just the actual pages, but it can be configured to prefetch and cache related files, inorder to mimic browser behaviour better.
  • Each crawl job can be configured to stop when a certain VPN network interface goes away, or when we are logged out of a site.
  • ... there's more, we are preparing detailed documentation for all the features.


  • Linux OS
  • Go compiler (>= v1.10) (from
  • Dep dependency management tool (>= v0.4.1) (from
  • Protobuf compilers for Go and Python (only if you want to recompile the proto files)
  • (Headless) Chrome (only for chrome mode)

Setup instructions

  • For the client programs to compile, you need to install grpc and protobuf packages.

For Go, use

go get -u
go get

For Python, use

pip install grpcio-tools
  • Download the code using:

    go get -u

  • Build using:

    cd $GOPATH/src/ && make install

  • This would install the server to $GOPATH/bin/. Make sure this location is in your PATH environment variable.

  • Start the server with the below command:

    ideacrawler [--ListenAddress <listen_ip_address>] [--ListenPort <port>] [--DialAddress <dial_ip_address>] [--LogPath <log_dirname>]


Parameter Description
--ListenAddress IP address of the Interface to listen on, for client connections. Defaults to
--ListenPort Port to listen on, for client connections. Defaults to 2345
--DialAddress IP address of the interface to dial on, for crawling. Useful when using a VPN. Default is to use OS defined routes.
--LogPath Creates separate log files for each submitted job, and some general logs. Writes to stdout by default.
  • Once the server is up and running, you can try running one of the example programs from the examples directory, and start writing your own programs based on the examples.


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Package protofiles is a generated protocol buffer package.

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