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func PrettyPrintJSON

func PrettyPrintJSON(v interface{}) error


type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(cfg *config.Config) (*Client, error)

func (*Client) ActiveVotes

func (c *Client) ActiveVotes() (*v1.ActiveVoteReply, error)

func (*Client) AuthorizeVote

func (c *Client) AuthorizeVote(av *v1.AuthorizeVote) (*v1.AuthorizeVoteReply, error)

func (*Client) CastVotes

func (c *Client) CastVotes(b *v1.Ballot) (*v1.BallotReply, error)

func (*Client) CensorComment

func (c *Client) CensorComment(cc *v1.CensorComment) (*v1.CensorCommentReply, error)

func (*Client) ChangePassword

func (c *Client) ChangePassword(cp *v1.ChangePassword) (*v1.ChangePasswordReply, error)

func (*Client) ChangeUsername

func (c *Client) ChangeUsername(cu *v1.ChangeUsername) (*v1.ChangeUsernameReply, error)

func (*Client) EditProposal

func (c *Client) EditProposal(ep *v1.EditProposal) (*v1.EditProposalReply, error)

func (*Client) EditUser

func (c *Client) EditUser(eu *v1.EditUser) (*v1.EditUserReply, error)

func (*Client) GetAllUnvetted

func (c *Client) GetAllUnvetted(gau *v1.GetAllUnvetted) (*v1.GetAllUnvettedReply, error)

func (*Client) GetAllVetted

func (c *Client) GetAllVetted(gav *v1.GetAllVetted) (*v1.GetAllVettedReply, error)

func (*Client) GetComments

func (c *Client) GetComments(token string) (*v1.GetCommentsReply, error)

func (*Client) LikeComment

func (c *Client) LikeComment(lc *v1.LikeComment) (*v1.LikeCommentReply, error)

func (*Client) LoadWalletClient

func (c *Client) LoadWalletClient() error

func (*Client) Login

func (c *Client) Login(l *v1.Login) (*v1.LoginReply, error)

func (*Client) Logout

func (c *Client) Logout() (*v1.LogoutReply, error)

func (*Client) ManageUser

func (c *Client) ManageUser(mu *v1.ManageUser) (*v1.ManageUserReply, error)

func (*Client) Me

func (c *Client) Me() (*v1.LoginReply, error)

func (*Client) NewComment

func (c *Client) NewComment(nc *v1.NewComment) (*v1.NewCommentReply, error)

func (*Client) NewProposal

func (c *Client) NewProposal(np *v1.NewProposal) (*v1.NewProposalReply, error)

func (*Client) NewUser

func (c *Client) NewUser(nu *v1.NewUser) (*v1.NewUserReply, error)

func (*Client) Policy

func (c *Client) Policy() (*v1.PolicyReply, error)

func (*Client) ProposalDetails

func (c *Client) ProposalDetails(token string, pd *v1.ProposalsDetails) (*v1.ProposalDetailsReply, error)

func (*Client) ProposalPaywallDetails

func (c *Client) ProposalPaywallDetails(ppd *v1.ProposalPaywallDetails) (*v1.ProposalPaywallDetailsReply, error)

func (*Client) ProposalPaywallPayment

func (c *Client) ProposalPaywallPayment() (*v1.ProposalPaywallPaymentReply, error)

func (*Client) ProposalVotes

func (c *Client) ProposalVotes(token string) (*v1.VoteResultsReply, error)

func (*Client) ResetPassword

func (c *Client) ResetPassword(rp *v1.ResetPassword) (*v1.ResetPasswordReply, error)

func (*Client) Secret

func (c *Client) Secret() (*v1.UserError, error)

func (*Client) SetProposalStatus

func (c *Client) SetProposalStatus(sps *v1.SetProposalStatus) (*v1.SetProposalStatusReply, error)

func (*Client) SignMessages

func (*Client) StartVote

func (c *Client) StartVote(sv *v1.StartVote) (*v1.StartVoteReply, error)

func (*Client) UpdateUserKey

func (c *Client) UpdateUserKey(uuk *v1.UpdateUserKey) (*v1.UpdateUserKeyReply, error)

func (*Client) UserCommentsLikes

func (c *Client) UserCommentsLikes(token string) (*v1.UserCommentsLikesReply, error)

func (*Client) UserDetails

func (c *Client) UserDetails(userID string) (*v1.UserDetailsReply, error)

func (*Client) UserPaymentsRescan

func (c *Client) UserPaymentsRescan(upr *v1.UserPaymentsRescan) (*v1.UserPaymentsRescanReply, error)

func (*Client) UserProposals

func (c *Client) UserProposals(up *v1.UserProposals) (*v1.UserProposalsReply, error)

func (*Client) Users

func (c *Client) Users(u *v1.Users) (*v1.UsersReply, error)

func (*Client) VerifyNewUser

func (c *Client) VerifyNewUser(vnu *v1.VerifyNewUser) (*v1.VerifyNewUserReply, error)

func (*Client) VerifyUpdateUserKey

func (c *Client) VerifyUpdateUserKey(vuuk *v1.VerifyUpdateUserKey) (*v1.VerifyUpdateUserKeyReply, error)

func (*Client) VerifyUserPayment

func (c *Client) VerifyUserPayment() (*v1.VerifyUserPaymentReply, error)

func (*Client) Version

func (c *Client) Version() (*v1.VersionReply, error)

func (*Client) VoteStatus

func (c *Client) VoteStatus(token string) (*v1.VoteStatusReply, error)

func (*Client) WalletAccounts

func (c *Client) WalletAccounts() (*walletrpc.AccountsResponse, error)

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