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var (
	// Dialer is a copy of the fastdialer from protocolstate
	Dialer *fastdialer.Dialer

	// ResponseHeaderTimeout is the timeout for response headers
	// to be read from the server (this prevents infinite hang started by server if any)
	ResponseHeaderTimeout = time.Duration(5) * time.Second
	// HttpTimeoutMultiplier is the multiplier for the http timeout
	HttpTimeoutMultiplier = 3


func Get

func Get(options *types.Options, configuration *Configuration) (*retryablehttp.Client, error)

Get creates or gets a client for the protocol based on custom configuration

func GetHttpTimeout

func GetHttpTimeout(opts *types.Options) time.Duration

GetHttpTimeout returns the http timeout for the client

func GetRawHTTP

func GetRawHTTP(options *types.Options) *rawhttp.Client

GetRawHTTP returns the rawhttp request client

func Init

func Init(options *types.Options) error

Init initializes the clientpool implementation


type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	// Threads contains the threads for the client
	Threads int
	// MaxRedirects is the maximum number of redirects to follow
	MaxRedirects int
	// NoTimeout disables http request timeout for context based usage
	NoTimeout bool
	// DisableCookie disables cookie reuse for the http client (cookiejar impl)
	DisableCookie bool
	// FollowRedirects specifies the redirects flow
	RedirectFlow RedirectFlow
	// Connection defines custom connection configuration
	Connection *ConnectionConfiguration

Configuration contains the custom configuration options for a client

func (*Configuration) HasStandardOptions

func (c *Configuration) HasStandardOptions() bool

HasStandardOptions checks whether the configuration requires custom settings

func (*Configuration) Hash

func (c *Configuration) Hash() string

Hash returns the hash of the configuration to allow client pooling

type ConnectionConfiguration

type ConnectionConfiguration struct {
	// DisableKeepAlive of the connection
	DisableKeepAlive bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConnectionConfiguration contains the custom configuration options for a connection

func (*ConnectionConfiguration) GetCookieJar

func (cc *ConnectionConfiguration) GetCookieJar() *cookiejar.Jar

func (*ConnectionConfiguration) HasCookieJar

func (cc *ConnectionConfiguration) HasCookieJar() bool

func (*ConnectionConfiguration) SetCookieJar

func (cc *ConnectionConfiguration) SetCookieJar(cookiejar *cookiejar.Jar)

type RedirectFlow

type RedirectFlow uint8
const (
	DontFollowRedirect RedirectFlow = iota

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