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Package odrvcookie can fetch authentication cookies for a sharepoint webdav endpoint



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type CookieAuth

type CookieAuth struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CookieAuth hold the authentication information These are username and password as well as the authentication endpoint

func New

func New(pUser, pPass, pEndpoint string) CookieAuth

New creates a new CookieAuth struct

func (*CookieAuth) Cookies

func (ca *CookieAuth) Cookies(ctx context.Context) (*CookieResponse, error)

Cookies creates a CookieResponse. It fetches the auth token and then retrieves the Cookies

type CookieRenew

type CookieRenew struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CookieRenew holds information for the renew

func NewRenew

func NewRenew(interval time.Duration, renewFn func()) *CookieRenew

NewRenew returns and starts a CookieRenew

func (*CookieRenew) Renew

func (c *CookieRenew) Renew()

Renew calls the renewFn for every tick

type CookieResponse

type CookieResponse struct {
	RtFa    http.Cookie
	FedAuth http.Cookie

CookieResponse contains the requested cookies

type ErrorResponseBody

type ErrorResponseBody struct {
	XMLName   xml.Name
	FaultCode string `xml:"Fault>Code>Subcode>Value"`
	Reason    string `xml:"Fault>Reason>Text"`
	Detail    string `xml:"Fault>Detail>error>internalerror>text"`

ErrorResponseBody contains the body of an erroneous response

type SharepointError

type SharepointError struct {
	XMLName xml.Name          `xml:"Envelope"`
	Body    ErrorResponseBody `xml:"Body"`

SharepointError holds an error response microsoft login

func (*SharepointError) Error

func (e *SharepointError) Error() string

type SharepointSuccessResponse

type SharepointSuccessResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name            `xml:"Envelope"`
	Body    SuccessResponseBody `xml:"Body"`

SharepointSuccessResponse holds a response from a successful microsoft login

type SuccessResponseBody

type SuccessResponseBody struct {
	XMLName xml.Name
	Type    string    `xml:"RequestSecurityTokenResponse>TokenType"`
	Created time.Time `xml:"RequestSecurityTokenResponse>Lifetime>Created"`
	Expires time.Time `xml:"RequestSecurityTokenResponse>Lifetime>Expires"`
	Token   string    `xml:"RequestSecurityTokenResponse>RequestedSecurityToken>BinarySecurityToken"`

SuccessResponseBody is the body of a successful response, it holds the token

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