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type Session

type Session interface {
	Get(uri string) (response *http.Response, err error)
	Post(uri string, data url.Values) (response *http.Response, err error)
	GetDocument(response *http.Response) *goquery.Document

Session is the interface for the implemented HTTP client

func NewSession

func NewSession(novelConfig *config.NovelConfig) Session

NewSession initializes a new session and sets all the required headers etc

type UseWaybackMachineError

type UseWaybackMachineError struct {
	Handling *config.WaybackMachine
	URL      *url.URL
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

UseWaybackMachineError custom error if we get redirected on a URL configured to use the wayback machine

type WaybackMachineWrapper

type WaybackMachineWrapper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WaybackMachineWrapper contains wayback machine related variables like the session and the novel configuration

func (*WaybackMachineWrapper) ApplyRateLimit

func (s *WaybackMachineWrapper) ApplyRateLimit()

ApplyRateLimit waits for the leaky bucket to fill again

func (*WaybackMachineWrapper) Get

func (w *WaybackMachineWrapper) Get(uri string) (response *http.Response, err error)

Get performs a normal GET request but checks the redirects to a host which should use the wayback machine

func (*WaybackMachineWrapper) GetDocument

func (s *WaybackMachineWrapper) GetDocument(response *http.Response) *goquery.Document

GetDocument converts the http response to a *goquery.Document

func (*WaybackMachineWrapper) Post

func (s *WaybackMachineWrapper) Post(uri string, data url.Values) (response *http.Response, err error)

Post sends a POST request, returns the occurred error if something went wrong even after multiple tries

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