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Published: Jun 28, 2021 License: MIT Imports: 27 Imported by: 0


Cloudy Uploader

Unofficial CLI client for Overcast® Premium upload feature

It's just a wrapper around upload a form at

I wanted to automate the uploading of my mp3s to my favorite podcast player and decided to share it here. Sorry for the code quality, this is also my first go project. It works, whatever;) Issues and pull requests are welcome.

This project shouldn't cause any trouble, but I (of course) will shut it down if Marco isn't ok with it.

Usage: cloudyuploader [--login LOGIN] [--password PASSWORD]
                      [--save-creds] [--no-load-creds] [--silent]
                      [--parallel-uploads N] [--unordered-submit] FILE [FILE ...]

Positional arguments:
  FILE                   files to be uploaded

  --login LOGIN          email for Overcast account
  --password PASSWORD    password for Overcast account
  --save-creds           save credentials in secure system storge
  --no-load-creds        do not use stored creds
  --parallel-uploads N, -j N
                         maximum number of concurrent uploads [default: 4]
  --silent, -s           disable user interaction
  --unordered-submit     don't wait to submit uploads in proper order
  --help, -h             display this help and exit

macOS first launch note

You need to run xattr -rc ./cloudyuploader before launching the tool. Otherwise apple will helpfully suggest throwing the app in the trash since I'm not an Identified Developer. Still figuring out how to deal with this without paying apple $100/year, code signatures are a mess.


There are 3 ways to supply cloudyuploader with credentials. In order of priority:

  1. --login and --password command line arguments
  2. Credentials saved in secure system storage (macOS Keychain, GNOME Keyring or Windows Credential Manager API)
  3. Enter them interactively, when prompted

You can prevent any of these methods:

  1. Don't supply --login and --password command line arguments
  2. Add --no-load-creds
  3. Add --silent (also disables all output, useful for scripting/automation)

If you want to save the credentials to secure system storage:

  • Add --save-creds command line argument
  • You will be asked to save the credentials after a successful interactive login
Note for macOS users

In order to save or read the credentials from the keychain it should be unlocked. Normally unlocking your mac is all that's needed, however, this doesn't extend to ssh logins. If you are connecting over ssh you should execute security unlock-keychain command prior to running cloudyuploader.

security unlock-keychain could be automated, it accepts -p PASSWORD argument, but storing your keychain's (mac's) password in this way is really insecure.

Your best bet is to supply Overcast --login and --password via the command line, they are less important than your main keychain password.


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