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Published: Nov 15, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 19 Imported by: 0


Sina Weibo Plugin


Added in version 0.3.1. Inner name weibo.


This plugin use Sina weibo to store your image.


You should provide a cookies string which stand for a logged weibo account in env var RIKKA_WEIBO_COOKIES.

And you should provide a password (with option -ucpwd, update cookies password) which will be checked when you update cookies from /cookies page. Default password is weibo.

Format of cookies string:

FOO=foofoofoof; BAR=barbarbarb; ZOO=zoozozozozozo

Notice: You should provide ALL cookies of, contains those be tag with HTTPOnly.

A way of get cookies string

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. visit
  3. Login if you haven't
  4. F12 to open dev tools, turn to Network tab
  5. Refresh page
  6. Click first request(starts with home) in the left list
  7. Find Cookies field of Request Header in the request content(right side), copy field value(without the Cookies: prefix)

Tutorial with image can be find in Guide section.

Update cookies after launch

After you deploy and launch Rikka, you can update weibo cookies when expired.

Visit /cookies page, put new cookies string into first textarea, your ucpwd into second, and submit.

If update successfully, you will be redirect to homepage of Rikka. And Error message will shown if error happened.


See Rikka Deploy Guide with Weibo plugin on DaoCloud




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var (

	// Plugin is the main plugin object instance
	Plugin weiboPlugin


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