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func ToRESTConfig

func ToRESTConfig(cluster *v3.Cluster, context *config.ScaledContext) (*rest.Config, error)

func VerifyIgnoreDNSName

func VerifyIgnoreDNSName(caCertsPEM []byte) (func(rawCerts [][]byte, verifiedChains [][]*x509.Certificate) error, error)


type Manager

type Manager struct {
	ScaledContext *config.ScaledContext
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewManager

func NewManager(httpsPort int, context *config.ScaledContext) *Manager

func (*Manager) APIExtClient

func (m *Manager) APIExtClient(apiContext *types.APIContext, storageContext types.StorageContext) (clientset.Interface, error)

func (*Manager) AccessControl

func (m *Manager) AccessControl(apiContext *types.APIContext, storageContext types.StorageContext) (types.AccessControl, error)

func (*Manager) CanCreate

func (m *Manager) CanCreate(apiContext *types.APIContext, schema *types.Schema) error

func (*Manager) CanDelete

func (m *Manager) CanDelete(apiContext *types.APIContext, obj map[string]interface{}, schema *types.Schema) error

func (*Manager) CanDo

func (m *Manager) CanDo(apiGroup, resource, verb string, apiContext *types.APIContext, obj map[string]interface{}, schema *types.Schema) error

func (*Manager) CanGet

func (m *Manager) CanGet(apiContext *types.APIContext, schema *types.Schema) error

func (*Manager) CanList

func (m *Manager) CanList(apiContext *types.APIContext, schema *types.Schema) error

func (*Manager) CanUpdate

func (m *Manager) CanUpdate(apiContext *types.APIContext, obj map[string]interface{}, schema *types.Schema) error

func (*Manager) ClusterName

func (m *Manager) ClusterName(apiContext *types.APIContext) string

func (*Manager) Filter

func (m *Manager) Filter(apiContext *types.APIContext, schema *types.Schema, obj map[string]interface{}, context map[string]string) map[string]interface{}

func (*Manager) FilterList

func (m *Manager) FilterList(apiContext *types.APIContext, schema *types.Schema, obj []map[string]interface{}, context map[string]string) []map[string]interface{}

func (*Manager) GetHTTPSPort

func (m *Manager) GetHTTPSPort() int

func (*Manager) KubeConfig

func (m *Manager) KubeConfig(clusterName, token string) *clientcmdapi.Config

func (*Manager) RESTConfig

func (m *Manager) RESTConfig(cluster *v3.Cluster) (rest.Config, error)

func (*Manager) Start

func (m *Manager) Start(ctx context.Context, cluster *v3.Cluster, clusterOwner bool) error

func (*Manager) Stop

func (m *Manager) Stop(cluster *v3.Cluster)

func (*Manager) UnversionedClient

func (m *Manager) UnversionedClient(apiContext *types.APIContext, storageContext types.StorageContext) (rest.Interface, error)

func (*Manager) UserContext

func (m *Manager) UserContext(clusterName string) (*config.UserContext, error)

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