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const PodCreationWaitTimeout = 10 * time.Second

PodCreationWaitTimeout is used to determine how long to wait after the service account token is available for the admission control cache to catch up and allow pod creation

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const ServiceAccountWaitTimeout = 30 * time.Second

ServiceAccountWaitTimeout is used to determine how long to wait for the service account controllers to start up, and populate the service accounts in the test namespace


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func CleanupMasterEtcd

func CleanupMasterEtcd(t *testing.T, config *configapi.MasterConfig)

func CreateMasterCerts

func CreateMasterCerts(masterArgs *start.MasterArgs) error

func CreateNewProject

func CreateNewProject(clientConfig *restclient.Config, projectName, adminUser string) (kubernetes.Interface, *restclient.Config, error)

CreateNewProject creates a new project using the clusterAdminClient, then gets a token for the adminUser and returns back a client for the admin user

func DefaultMasterOptions

func DefaultMasterOptions() (*configapi.MasterConfig, error)

func DefaultMasterOptionsWithTweaks added in v1.1.2

func DefaultMasterOptionsWithTweaks() (*configapi.MasterConfig, error)

func FindAvailableBindAddress

func FindAvailableBindAddress(lowPort, highPort int) (string, error)

FindAvailableBindAddress returns a bind address on with a free port in the low-high range. If lowPort is 0, an ephemeral port is allocated.

func MasterEtcdClients

func MasterEtcdClients(config *configapi.MasterConfig) (*etcdclientv3.Client, error)

func StartConfiguredMaster

func StartConfiguredMaster(masterConfig *configapi.MasterConfig) (string, error)

func StartConfiguredMasterAPI added in v1.1.1

func StartConfiguredMasterAPI(masterConfig *configapi.MasterConfig) (string, error)

func StartConfiguredMasterWithOptions

func StartConfiguredMasterWithOptions(masterConfig *configapi.MasterConfig, stopCh <-chan struct{}) (string, error)

The returned channel can be waited on to gracefully shutdown the API server.

func StartTestMaster

func StartTestMaster() (*configapi.MasterConfig, string, error)

StartTestMaster starts up a test master and returns back the startOptions so you can get clients and certs

func StartTestMasterAPI added in v1.1.1

func StartTestMasterAPI() (*configapi.MasterConfig, string, error)

func WaitForPodCreationServiceAccounts added in v1.3.0

func WaitForPodCreationServiceAccounts(clientset kubernetes.Interface, namespace string) error

WaitForPodCreationServiceAccounts ensures that the service account needed for pod creation exists and that the cache for the admission control that checks for pod tokens has caught up to allow pod creation.

func WaitForServiceAccounts

func WaitForServiceAccounts(clientset kubernetes.Interface, namespace string, accounts []string) error

WaitForServiceAccounts ensures the service accounts needed by build pods exist in the namespace The extra controllers tend to starve the service account controller


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