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Published: Nov 2, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 9 Imported by: 0



Package ws implements a simple WebSocket transport for mangos. To enable it simply import it.



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const (
	// OptionWebSocketMux is a retrieve-only property used to obtain
	// the *http.ServeMux instance associated with the server.  This
	// can be used to subsequently register additional handlers for
	// different URIs.  This option is only valid on a Listener.
	// Generally you use this option when you want to use the standard
	// mangos Listen() method to start up the server.
	OptionWebSocketMux = "WEBSOCKET-MUX"

	// OptionWebSocketHandler is used to obtain the underlying
	// http.Handler (websocket.Server) object, so you can use this
	// on your own http.Server instances.  It is a gross error to use
	// the value returned by this method on an http server if the
	// server is also started with mangos Listen().  This means that you
	// will use at most either this option, or OptionWebSocketMux, but
	// never both.  This option is only valid on a listener.
	OptionWebSocketHandler = "WEBSOCKET-HANDLER"

	// OptionWebSocketCheckOrigin controls the check of the origin of the
	// underlying Listener (websocket.Upgrader).
	// Excerpt from
	// Web browsers allow Javascript applications to open a WebSocket
	// connection to any host. It's up to the server to enforce an origin
	// policy using the Origin request header sent by the browser. The
	// Upgrader calls the function specified in the CheckOrigin field to
	// check the origin. If the CheckOrigin function returns false, then
	// the Upgrade method fails the WebSocket handshake with HTTP status
	// 403. If the CheckOrigin field is nil, then the Upgrader uses a safe
	// default: fail the handshake if the Origin request header is present
	// and not equal to the Host request header. An application can allow
	// connections from any origin by specifying a function that always
	// returns true:
	// var upgrader = websocket.Upgrader{
	//         CheckOrigin: func(r *http.Request) bool { return true },
	// }
	// The deprecated Upgrade function does not enforce an origin policy.
	// It's the application's responsibility to check the Origin header
	// before calling Upgrade.
	OptionWebSocketCheckOrigin = "WEBSOCKET-CHECKORIGIN"

	// Transport is a transport.Transport for WebSocket
	Transport = wsTran(0)

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