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Published: Jul 11, 2021 License: MIT Imports: 14 Imported by: 1



http 请求的封装, 链式API





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const (
	CharsetUTF8            = "utf-8"
	MimeNone               = ""
	MimeFormUrlencoded     = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
	MimeFormUrlencodedUTF8 = MimeFormUrlencoded + "; " + CharsetUTF8
	MimeJSON               = "application/json"
	MimeJSONUTF8           = MimeJSON + "; " + CharsetUTF8
	MimeXML                = "text/xml"
	MimeXMLUTF8            = MimeXML + "; " + CharsetUTF8
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const HeaderContentType = "Content-Type"


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func FormInput

func FormInput(form url.Values) (io.Reader, string)

func JSONInput

func JSONInput(input interface{}) (io.Reader, string)

func Sleep

func Sleep(ctx context.Context, sleep time.Duration) error

func XMLInput

func XMLInput(xmlObj interface{}) (io.Reader, string)


type ClientOption

type ClientOption interface{ Apply(client *http.Client) }

func Proxy

func Proxy(proxy ProxyFunc) ClientOption

Proxy 设置代理

type ClientOptionFunc

type ClientOptionFunc func(client *http.Client)

func (ClientOptionFunc) Apply

func (fn ClientOptionFunc) Apply(client *http.Client)

type ClientOptions

type ClientOptions []ClientOption

func (ClientOptions) Apply

func (opts ClientOptions) Apply(client *http.Client)

type Crawl

type Crawl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCrawl

func NewCrawl() *Crawl

func With

func With(crawler *Crawler) *Crawl

func (*Crawl) ClientOpt

func (c *Crawl) ClientOpt(options ...ClientOption) *Crawl

ClientOpt 客户端配置

func (*Crawl) Enqueue

func (c *Crawl) Enqueue() *Crawler

Enqueue 将请求添加到队列

func (*Crawl) EnqueueTo

func (c *Crawl) EnqueueTo(crawler *Crawler) *Crawler

EnqueueTo 将请求添加到队列

func (*Crawl) Get

func (c *Crawl) Get(url string) *Crawl

Get 请求

func (*Crawl) GetBytes

func (c *Crawl) GetBytes(url string, data *[]byte) *Crawl

GetBytes 请求并将结果读取为字节组

func (*Crawl) GetJSON

func (c *Crawl) GetJSON(url string, out interface{}) *Crawl

GetJSON 请求并将结果以JSON方式解析到对象

func (*Crawl) Method

func (c *Crawl) Method(method string) *Crawl

Method 请求方法

func (*Crawl) PostForm

func (c *Crawl) PostForm(url string, data url.Values) *Crawl

PostForm 表单提交请求

func (*Crawl) PostJSON

func (c *Crawl) PostJSON(url string, data interface{}) *Crawl


func (*Crawl) PostXML

func (c *Crawl) PostXML(url string, data interface{}) *Crawl

PostXML XML提交请求

func (*Crawl) Process

func (c *Crawl) Process(processor Processor) *Crawl

Process 设置处理方法

func (*Crawl) Query

func (c *Crawl) Query(query url.Values) *Crawl

Query 设置Query参数

func (*Crawl) QueryAdd

func (c *Crawl) QueryAdd(key, value string) *Crawl

QueryAdd 添加Query参数

func (*Crawl) QuerySet

func (c *Crawl) QuerySet(key, value string) *Crawl

QuerySet 设置

func (*Crawl) RequestOpt

func (c *Crawl) RequestOpt(options ...RequestOption) *Crawl

RequestOpt 请求配置

func (*Crawl) Run

func (c *Crawl) Run(ctx context.Context) (err error)

Run 执行请求

func (*Crawl) SetBody

func (c *Crawl) SetBody(data io.Reader, contentType string) *Crawl

SetBody 设置请求数据

func (*Crawl) Url

func (c *Crawl) Url(url string) *Crawl

Url 请求地址

func (*Crawl) With

func (c *Crawl) With(crawler *Crawler) *Crawl

type Crawler

type Crawler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New() *Crawler

func (*Crawler) ClientOpt

func (c *Crawler) ClientOpt(options ...ClientOption) *Crawler

func (*Crawler) CookieEnabled

func (c *Crawler) CookieEnabled(enabled ...bool) *Crawler

func (*Crawler) Crawl

func (c *Crawler) Crawl() *Crawl

func (*Crawler) Enqueue

func (c *Crawler) Enqueue(crawl *Crawl) *Crawler

func (*Crawler) ErrTry

func (c *Crawler) ErrTry(trySleep func(i int) time.Duration) *Crawler

func (*Crawler) GetCookie

func (c *Crawler) GetCookie(u *url.URL, key string) string

func (*Crawler) MaxTry

func (c *Crawler) MaxTry(maxTry int) *Crawler

func (*Crawler) RequestOpt

func (c *Crawler) RequestOpt(options ...RequestOption) *Crawler

func (*Crawler) SetCookie

func (c *Crawler) SetCookie(u *url.URL, cookie *http.Cookie)

func (*Crawler) Start

func (c *Crawler) Start(ctx context.Context) error

type Processor

type Processor = func(resp *http.Response) error

func ProcessBytes

func ProcessBytes(readBytes func(data []byte) error) Processor

func ProcessDownload

func ProcessDownload(fn string, report func(cur, total int64)) Processor

func ProcessJSON

func ProcessJSON(out interface{}) Processor

func ProcessProgress

func ProcessProgress(readBody func(body io.Reader) error, report func(cur, total int64)) Processor

func ProcessXML

func ProcessXML(out interface{}) Processor

type ProxyFunc

type ProxyFunc func(*http.Request) (*url.URL, error)

type RequestOption

type RequestOption interface{ Apply(req *http.Request) }

func Accept

func Accept(accept string) RequestOption

func AcceptEncoding

func AcceptEncoding(acceptEncoding string) RequestOption

func AcceptLanguage

func AcceptLanguage(acceptLanguage string) RequestOption

func ContentType

func ContentType(contentType string) RequestOption

func DefaultOption

func DefaultOption() RequestOption

func FormUrlencoded

func FormUrlencoded() RequestOption

func HeaderDel

func HeaderDel(keys ...string) RequestOption

func HeaderSet

func HeaderSet(key, value string) RequestOption

func KeepAlive

func KeepAlive(keepAlive ...bool) RequestOption

func Referer

func Referer(referer string) RequestOption

func UserAgent

func UserAgent(userAgent string) RequestOption

type RequestOptionFunc

type RequestOptionFunc func(req *http.Request)

func (RequestOptionFunc) Apply

func (fn RequestOptionFunc) Apply(req *http.Request)

type RequestOptions

type RequestOptions []RequestOption

func (RequestOptions) Apply

func (opts RequestOptions) Apply(req *http.Request)


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