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Published: Feb 15, 2023 License: AGPL-3.0 Imports: 15 Imported by: 0




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const (
	// Default minio configuration directory where below configuration files/directories are stored.
	DefaultConsoleConfigDir = ".console"

	// Directory contains below files/directories for HTTPS configuration.
	CertsDir = "certs"

	// Directory contains all CA certificates other than system defaults for HTTPS.
	CertsCADir = "CAs"

	// Public certificate file for HTTPS.
	PublicCertFile = "public.crt"

	// Private key file for HTTPS.
	PrivateKeyFile = "private.key"
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const EnvCertPassword = "CONSOLE_CERT_PASSWD"

EnvCertPassword is the environment variable which contains the password used to decrypt the TLS private key. It must be set if the TLS private key is password protected.


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var (
	// DefaultCertsDir certs directory.
	DefaultCertsDir = &ConfigDir{Path: getDefaultCertsDir()}
	// DefaultCertsCADir CA directory.
	DefaultCertsCADir = &ConfigDir{Path: getDefaultCertsCADir()}
	// GlobalCertsDir points to current certs directory set by user with --certs-dir
	GlobalCertsDir = DefaultCertsDir
	// GlobalCertsCADir points to relative Path to certs directory and is <value-of-certs-dir>/CAs
	GlobalCertsCADir = DefaultCertsCADir


func EnsureCertAndKey

func EnsureCertAndKey(clientCert, clientKey string) error

EnsureCertAndKey checks if both client certificate and key paths are provided

func GetAllCertificatesAndCAs

func GetAllCertificatesAndCAs() (*x509.CertPool, []*x509.Certificate, *xcerts.Manager, error)

func GetTLSConfig

func GetTLSConfig() (x509Certs []*x509.Certificate, manager *xcerts.Manager, err error)

func LoadX509KeyPair

func LoadX509KeyPair(certFile, keyFile string) (tls.Certificate, error)

LoadX509KeyPair - load an X509 key pair (private key , certificate) from the provided paths. The private key may be encrypted and is decrypted using the ENV_VAR: MINIO_CERT_PASSWD.

func MkdirAllIgnorePerm

func MkdirAllIgnorePerm(path string) error

MkdirAllIgnorePerm attempts to create all directories, ignores any permission denied errors.

func ParsePublicCertFile

func ParsePublicCertFile(certFile string) (x509Certs []*x509.Certificate, err error)

ParsePublicCertFile - parses public cert into its *x509.Certificate equivalent.


type ConfigDir

type ConfigDir struct {
	Path string

ConfigDir - points to a user set directory.

func NewConfigDirFromCtx

func NewConfigDirFromCtx(ctx *cli.Context, option string, getDefaultDir func() string) (*ConfigDir, bool, error)

func (*ConfigDir) Get

func (dir *ConfigDir) Get() string

Get - returns current directory.

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