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const ALPHABET = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"


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func CWD

func CWD() string

func Compress

func Compress(b []byte) []byte

func Copy

func Copy(src, dest string) error

Copy copies src to dest, doesn't matter if src is a directory or a file

func Decompress

func Decompress(data []byte) []byte

func DeepCopy

func DeepCopy(dst, src interface{}) error

func EnsureDir

func EnsureDir(dir string) (err error)

func ExpandHomeDir

func ExpandHomeDir(path string) string

func FileMove

func FileMove(src, dst string) error

func GetBytesChecksum

func GetBytesChecksum(bs []byte, m ModeChecksum) string

func GetChecksum added in v1.0.2

func GetChecksum(i interface{}, mode ModeChecksum) string

func GetFileChecksum added in v1.0.2

func GetFileChecksum(path string, m ModeChecksum) (string, error)

func GetStringChecksum

func GetStringChecksum(str string, mode ModeChecksum) string

func GzipToBase64

func GzipToBase64(bs []byte) (b64 string, err error)

func HomeDir

func HomeDir() string

func InterfaceExpand

func InterfaceExpand(msg []interface{}) string

func IsPortInUse

func IsPortInUse(port int) bool

func LineBuilder

func LineBuilder(width int, char string) string

LineBuilder Build a string line with char given

func LoadYaml

func LoadYaml(path string, i interface{}) error

func LocalIP

func LocalIP() string

func MediaSorter

func MediaSorter(m map[int]interface{}) mapSorter

func PauseExit

func PauseExit()

func RandString0f

func RandString0f(len int) string

func RandStringFromAlphabet

func RandStringFromAlphabet(length int, alphabet string) string

func RemoveDuplicateInt

func RemoveDuplicateInt(a []int) []int

func RemoveElementInt

func RemoveElementInt(a []int, ele int) []int

func RsaGenKeypair

func RsaGenKeypair() (priKey string, pubKey string)

func RsaGetPublicKey

func RsaGetPublicKey() string

func RsaLoadPrivateKey

func RsaLoadPrivateKey(path string) error

func RsaSavePrivateKey

func RsaSavePrivateKey(priKey *rsa.PrivateKey, filepath string) error

func RsaSha256Sign

func RsaSha256Sign(i interface{}) (signature, pubKey string, err error)

func RsaSha256SignHash

func RsaSha256SignHash(hash string) (signature, pubKey string, err error)

func RsaSha256Verify

func RsaSha256Verify(i interface{}, signature, pubKey string) bool

func RsaSha256VerifyHash

func RsaSha256VerifyHash(hash, signature, pubKey string) bool

func SaveYaml

func SaveYaml(path string, i interface{}) error

func ScreenClear

func ScreenClear()

func StringsCompress

func StringsCompress(strs []string) (str string, err error)

StringsCompress Strings to json string

func StringsDecompress

func StringsDecompress(str string) (strs []string, err error)

StringsDecompress Json string to strings

func StringsDedup

func StringsDedup(slice []string) []string

func StringsDedupWithSort

func StringsDedupWithSort(a []string) (ret []string)

func StringsExcept

func StringsExcept(a []string, b []string) (ret []string)

StringsExcept sort(a-b)


type ClientPool

type ClientPool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClientPool

func NewClientPool(maxClients int) *ClientPool

func (*ClientPool) GetClient

func (p *ClientPool) GetClient() (client *http.Client)

func (*ClientPool) Init

func (p *ClientPool) Init(maxClients int)

func (*ClientPool) Recycle

func (p *ClientPool) Recycle(client *http.Client)

type ConnectData

type ConnectData struct {
	Code    int         `json:"code"`
	Data    interface{} `json:"data"`
	Message string      `json:"msg"`

func HttpGet

func HttpGet(url string) (data ConnectData, bs []byte, err error)

func HttpPost

func HttpPost(url string, data interface{}, contentType string) (rdata ConnectData, bs []byte, err error)

type MapItem

type MapItem struct {
	Mid   int
	Value interface{}

type ModeChecksum added in v1.0.2

type ModeChecksum uint
const (
	ModeChecksumMD5    ModeChecksum = iota
	ModeChecksumSHA256 ModeChecksum = iota

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