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func AESDecryptMsg

func AESDecryptMsg(ciphertext []byte, aesKey []byte) (random, rawXMLMsg, appID []byte, err error)

AESDecryptMsg ciphertext = AES_Encrypt[random(16B) + msg_len(4B) + rawXMLMsg + appId] 参考:github.com/chanxuehong/wechat.v2

func AESEncryptMsg

func AESEncryptMsg(random, rawXMLMsg []byte, appID string, aesKey []byte) (ciphertext []byte)

AESEncryptMsg ciphertext = AES_Encrypt[random(16B) + msg_len(4B) + rawXMLMsg + appId] 参考:github.com/chanxuehong/wechat.v2

func DecodeWithCommonError

func DecodeWithCommonError(response []byte, apiName string) (err error)

DecodeWithCommonError 将返回值按照CommonError解析

func DecryptMsg

func DecryptMsg(appID, encryptedMsg, aesKey string) (random, rawMsgXMLBytes []byte, err error)

DecryptMsg 消息解密

func EncryptMsg

func EncryptMsg(random, rawXMLMsg []byte, appID, aesKey string) (encrtptMsg []byte, err error)

EncryptMsg 加密消息

func GetCurrTs

func GetCurrTs() int64

GetCurrTs return current timestamps

func HTTPGet

func HTTPGet(uri string) ([]byte, error)

HTTPGet get 请求

func MD5Sum

func MD5Sum(txt string) (sum string)

MD5Sum 计算 32 位长度的 MD5 sum

func PostFile

func PostFile(fieldname, filename, uri string) ([]byte, error)

PostFile 上传文件

func PostJSON

func PostJSON(uri string, obj interface{}) ([]byte, error)

PostJSON post json 数据请求

func PostJSONWithRespContentType added in v1.2.0

func PostJSONWithRespContentType(uri string, obj interface{}) ([]byte, string, error)

PostJSONWithRespContentType post json数据请求,且返回数据类型

func PostMultipartForm

func PostMultipartForm(fields []MultipartFormField, uri string) (respBody []byte, err error)

PostMultipartForm 上传文件或其他多个字段

func PostXML

func PostXML(uri string, obj interface{}) ([]byte, error)

PostXML perform a HTTP/POST request with XML body

func PostXMLWithTLS added in v1.2.0

func PostXMLWithTLS(uri string, obj interface{}, ca, key string) ([]byte, error)

PostXMLWithTLS perform a HTTP/POST request with XML body and TLS

func RandomStr

func RandomStr(length int) string

RandomStr 随机生成字符串

func Signature

func Signature(params ...string) string

Signature sha1签名


type CommonError

type CommonError struct {
	ErrCode int64  `json:"errcode"`
	ErrMsg  string `json:"errmsg"`

CommonError 微信返回的通用错误json

type MultipartFormField

type MultipartFormField struct {
	IsFile    bool
	Fieldname string
	Value     []byte
	Filename  string

MultipartFormField 保存文件或其他字段信息

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