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Published: Jun 17, 2016 License: BSD-3-Clause, Apache-2.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 0



Package credentials implements various credentials supported by gRPC library, which encapsulate all the state needed by a client to authenticate with a server and make various assertions, e.g., about the client's identity, role, or whether it is authorized to make a particular call.



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type AuthInfo

type AuthInfo interface {
	AuthType() string

AuthInfo defines the common interface for the auth information the users are interested in.

type Credentials

type Credentials interface {
	// GetRequestMetadata gets the current request metadata, refreshing
	// tokens if required. This should be called by the transport layer on
	// each request, and the data should be populated in headers or other
	// context. uri is the URI of the entry point for the request. When
	// supported by the underlying implementation, ctx can be used for
	// timeout and cancellation.
	// TODO(zhaoq): Define the set of the qualified keys instead of leaving
	// it as an arbitrary string.
	GetRequestMetadata(ctx context.Context, uri ...string) (map[string]string, error)
	// RequireTransportSecurity indicates whether the credentails requires
	// transport security.
	RequireTransportSecurity() bool

Credentials defines the common interface all supported credentials must implement.

type ProtocolInfo

type ProtocolInfo struct {
	// ProtocolVersion is the gRPC wire protocol version.
	ProtocolVersion string
	// SecurityProtocol is the security protocol in use.
	SecurityProtocol string
	// SecurityVersion is the security protocol version.
	SecurityVersion string

ProtocolInfo provides information regarding the gRPC wire protocol version, security protocol, security protocol version in use, etc.

type TLSInfo

type TLSInfo struct {
	State tls.ConnectionState

TLSInfo contains the auth information for a TLS authenticated connection. It implements the AuthInfo interface.

func (TLSInfo) AuthType

func (t TLSInfo) AuthType() string

type TransportAuthenticator

type TransportAuthenticator interface {
	// ClientHandshake does the authentication handshake specified by the corresponding
	// authentication protocol on rawConn for clients. It returns the authenticated
	// connection and the corresponding auth information about the connection.
	ClientHandshake(addr string, rawConn net.Conn, timeout time.Duration) (net.Conn, AuthInfo, error)
	// ServerHandshake does the authentication handshake for servers. It returns
	// the authenticated connection and the corresponding auth information about
	// the connection.
	ServerHandshake(rawConn net.Conn) (net.Conn, AuthInfo, error)
	// Info provides the ProtocolInfo of this TransportAuthenticator.
	Info() ProtocolInfo

TransportAuthenticator defines the common interface for all the live gRPC wire protocols and supported transport security protocols (e.g., TLS, SSL).

func NewClientTLSFromCert

func NewClientTLSFromCert(cp *x509.CertPool, serverName string) TransportAuthenticator

NewClientTLSFromCert constructs a TLS from the input certificate for client.

func NewClientTLSFromFile

func NewClientTLSFromFile(certFile, serverName string) (TransportAuthenticator, error)

NewClientTLSFromFile constructs a TLS from the input certificate file for client.

func NewServerTLSFromCert

func NewServerTLSFromCert(cert *tls.Certificate) TransportAuthenticator

NewServerTLSFromCert constructs a TLS from the input certificate for server.

func NewServerTLSFromFile

func NewServerTLSFromFile(certFile, keyFile string) (TransportAuthenticator, error)

NewServerTLSFromFile constructs a TLS from the input certificate file and key file for server.

func NewTLS

NewTLS uses c to construct a TransportAuthenticator based on TLS.


Path Synopsis
Package oauth implements gRPC credentials using OAuth.
Package oauth implements gRPC credentials using OAuth.

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