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GRPC Server

The grpc server is a micro.Server compatible server.


The server makes use of the framework for the underlying server but continues to use micro handler signatures and protoc-gen-micro generated code.


Specify the server to your micro service

import (

func main() {
        service := micro.NewService(
                // This needs to be first as it replaces the underlying server
                // which causes any configuration set before it
                // to be discarded

NOTE: Setting the gRPC server and/or client causes the underlying the server/client to be replaced which causes any previous configuration set on that server/client to be discarded. It is therefore recommended to set gRPC server/client before any other configuration



Package grpc provides a grpc server



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var (
	// DefaultMaxMsgSize define maximum message size that server can send
	// or receive.  Default value is 4MB.
	DefaultMaxMsgSize = 1024 * 1024 * 4


func AuthTLS

func AuthTLS(t *tls.Config) server.Option

AuthTLS should be used to setup a secure authentication using TLS

func Codec

func Codec(contentType string, c encoding.Codec) server.Option

gRPC Codec to be used to encode/decode requests for a given content type

func Listener

func Listener(l net.Listener) server.Option

Listener specifies the net.Listener to use instead of the default

func MaxConn

func MaxConn(n int) server.Option

MaxConn specifies maximum number of max simultaneous connections to server

func MaxMsgSize

func MaxMsgSize(s int) server.Option

MaxMsgSize set the maximum message in bytes the server can receive and send. Default maximum message size is 4 MB.

func NewServer

func NewServer(opts ...server.Option) server.Server

func Options

func Options(opts ...grpc.ServerOption) server.Option

Options to be used to configure gRPC options

func Server

func Server(srv *grpc.Server) server.Option

Server specifies a *grpc.Server to use instead of the default This is for rare use case where user need to expose grpc.Server for customization. Please NOTE however user injected grpcServer doesn't support server Handler abstraction


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