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func AllowStale

func AllowStale(v bool) registry.Option

AllowStale sets whether any Consul server (non-leader) can service a read. This allows for lower latency and higher throughput at the cost of potentially stale data. Works similar to Consul DNS Config option [1]. Defaults to true.


func Config

func Config(c *consul.Config) registry.Option

func Connect

func Connect() registry.Option

Connect specifies services should be registered as Consul Connect services

func NewRegistry

func NewRegistry(opts ...registry.Option) registry.Registry

func QueryOptions

func QueryOptions(q *consul.QueryOptions) registry.Option

QueryOptions specifies the QueryOptions to be used when calling Consul. See `Consul API` for more information [1].


func TCPCheck

func TCPCheck(t time.Duration) registry.Option

TCPCheck will tell the service provider to check the service address and port every `t` interval. It will enabled only if `t` is greater than 0. See `TCP + Interval` for more information [1].



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