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const BackendPluginName = "backend"

BackendPluginName is the name of the plugin that can be dispensed from the plugin server.


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var ErrClientInMetadataMode = errors.New("plugin client can not perform action while in metadata mode")
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var ErrPluginShutdown = errors.New("plugin is shut down")
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var ErrServerInMetadataMode = errors.New("plugin server can not perform action while in metadata mode")


func NewBackend

func NewBackend(ctx context.Context, pluginName string, pluginType consts.PluginType, sys pluginutil.LookRunnerUtil, conf *logical.BackendConfig, isMetadataMode bool) (logical.Backend, error)

NewBackend will return an instance of an RPC-based client implementation of the backend for external plugins, or a concrete implementation of the backend if it is a builtin backend. The backend is returned as a logical.Backend interface. The isMetadataMode param determines whether the plugin should run in metadata mode.

func NewPluginClient

func NewPluginClient(ctx context.Context, sys pluginutil.RunnerUtil, pluginRunner *pluginutil.PluginRunner, logger log.Logger, isMetadataMode bool) (logical.Backend, error)

func Serve

func Serve(opts *ServeOpts) error

Serve is a helper function used to serve a backend plugin. This should be ran on the plugin's main process.


type BackendPluginClient

type BackendPluginClient struct {

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BackendPluginClient is a wrapper around backendPluginClient that also contains its plugin.Client instance. It's primarily used to cleanly kill the client on Cleanup()

func (*BackendPluginClient) Cleanup

func (b *BackendPluginClient) Cleanup(ctx context.Context)

Cleanup calls the RPC client's Cleanup() func and also calls the go-plugin's client Kill() func

type GRPCBackendPlugin

type GRPCBackendPlugin struct {
	Factory      logical.Factory
	MetadataMode bool
	Logger       log.Logger

	// Embeding this will disable the netRPC protocol

GRPCBackendPlugin is the plugin.Plugin implementation that only supports GRPC transport

func (*GRPCBackendPlugin) GRPCClient

func (b *GRPCBackendPlugin) GRPCClient(ctx context.Context, broker *plugin.GRPCBroker, c *grpc.ClientConn) (interface{}, error)

func (GRPCBackendPlugin) GRPCServer

func (b GRPCBackendPlugin) GRPCServer(broker *plugin.GRPCBroker, s *grpc.Server) error

type GRPCStorageClient

type GRPCStorageClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GRPCStorageClient is an implementation of logical.Storage that communicates over RPC.

func (*GRPCStorageClient) Delete

func (s *GRPCStorageClient) Delete(ctx context.Context, key string) error

func (*GRPCStorageClient) Get

func (*GRPCStorageClient) List

func (s *GRPCStorageClient) List(ctx context.Context, prefix string) ([]string, error)

func (*GRPCStorageClient) Put

type GRPCStorageServer

type GRPCStorageServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StorageServer is a net/rpc compatible structure for serving

func (*GRPCStorageServer) Delete

func (*GRPCStorageServer) Get

func (*GRPCStorageServer) List

func (*GRPCStorageServer) Put

type LoggerArgs

type LoggerArgs struct {
	Level int
	Msg   string
	Args  []interface{}

type LoggerReply

type LoggerReply struct {
	IsTrue bool
	Error  error

LoggerReply contains the RPC reply. Not all fields may be used for a particular RPC call.

type LoggerServer

type LoggerServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LoggerServer) Debug

func (l *LoggerServer) Debug(args *LoggerArgs, _ *struct{}) error

func (*LoggerServer) Error

func (l *LoggerServer) Error(args *LoggerArgs, reply *LoggerReply) error

func (*LoggerServer) Info

func (l *LoggerServer) Info(args *LoggerArgs, _ *struct{}) error

func (*LoggerServer) IsDebug

func (l *LoggerServer) IsDebug(args interface{}, reply *LoggerReply) error

func (*LoggerServer) IsInfo

func (l *LoggerServer) IsInfo(args interface{}, reply *LoggerReply) error

func (*LoggerServer) IsTrace

func (l *LoggerServer) IsTrace(args interface{}, reply *LoggerReply) error

func (*LoggerServer) IsWarn

func (l *LoggerServer) IsWarn(args interface{}, reply *LoggerReply) error

func (*LoggerServer) Log

func (l *LoggerServer) Log(args *LoggerArgs, _ *struct{}) error

func (*LoggerServer) SetLevel

func (l *LoggerServer) SetLevel(args int, _ *struct{}) error

func (*LoggerServer) Trace

func (l *LoggerServer) Trace(args *LoggerArgs, _ *struct{}) error

func (*LoggerServer) Warn

func (l *LoggerServer) Warn(args *LoggerArgs, reply *LoggerReply) error

type NOOPStorage

type NOOPStorage struct{}

NOOPStorage is used to deny access to the storage interface while running a backend plugin in metadata mode.

func (*NOOPStorage) Delete

func (s *NOOPStorage) Delete(_ context.Context, key string) error

func (*NOOPStorage) Get

func (*NOOPStorage) List

func (s *NOOPStorage) List(_ context.Context, prefix string) ([]string, error)

func (*NOOPStorage) Put

type ServeOpts

type ServeOpts struct {
	BackendFactoryFunc logical.Factory
	TLSProviderFunc    TLSProviderFunc
	Logger             log.Logger

type TLSProviderFunc

type TLSProviderFunc func() (*tls.Config, error)


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