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type MetricsOptions

type MetricsOptions struct {
	Provider string
	Statsd   *Statsd

MetricsOptions contains the information on providers

type Options

type Options struct {
	ListenAddress string
	Metrics       MetricsOptions
	TLS           TLS

Options contains configuration for the operations system

type Statsd

type Statsd struct {
	Network       string
	Address       string
	WriteInterval time.Duration
	Prefix        string

Statsd contains configuration of statsd

type System

type System struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

System is an operations server that is responsible for metrics and health checks

func NewSystem

func NewSystem(o Options) *System

NewSystem creates a System struct

func (*System) Addr

func (s *System) Addr() string

Addr returns the address of the listener

func (*System) Log

func (s *System) Log(keyvals ...interface{}) error

Log is a function required to meet the interface required by statsd

func (*System) RegisterChecker

func (s *System) RegisterChecker(component string, checker healthz.HealthChecker) error

RegisterChecker registers the HealthCheck with Healthchecker server

func (*System) Start

func (s *System) Start() error

Start starts the operations system server

func (*System) Stop

func (s *System) Stop() error

Stop stop the operations system server

type TLS

type TLS struct {
	Enabled            bool
	CertFile           string
	KeyFile            string
	ClientCertRequired bool
	ClientCACertFiles  []string

TLS contains the TLS configuration for the operations system serve

func (*TLS) Config

func (t *TLS) Config() (*tls.Config, error)

Config returns TLS configuration

func (*TLS) ConfigGM

func (t *TLS) ConfigGM() (*gmtls.Config, error)

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