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var (
	DatabaseConfig  = new(Database)
	DatabasesConfig = make(map[string]*Database)
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var ApplicationConfig = new(Application)
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var CacheConfig = new(Cache)

CacheConfig cache配置

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var (
	ExtendConfig interface{}
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var GenConfig = new(Gen)
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var JwtConfig = new(Jwt)
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var LockerConfig = new(Locker)
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var LoggerConfig = new(Logger)
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var QueueConfig = new(Queue)
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var SslConfig = new(Ssl)


func GetRedisClient

func GetRedisClient() *redis.Client

GetRedisClient 获取redis客户端

func SetRedisClient

func SetRedisClient(c *redis.Client)

SetRedisClient 设置redis客户端

func Setup

func Setup(s source.Source,
	fs ...func())

Setup 载入配置文件


type Application

type Application struct {
	ReadTimeout   int
	WriterTimeout int
	Host          string
	Port          int64
	Name          string
	JwtSecret     string
	Mode          string
	DemoMsg       string
	EnableDP      bool

type Cache

type Cache struct {
	Redis  *RedisConnectOptions
	Memory interface{}

func (Cache) Setup

func (e Cache) Setup() (storage.AdapterCache, error)

Setup 构造cache 顺序 redis > 其他 > memory

type Config

type Config struct {
	Application *Application          `yaml:"application"`
	Ssl         *Ssl                  `yaml:"ssl"`
	Logger      *Logger               `yaml:"logger"`
	Jwt         *Jwt                  `yaml:"jwt"`
	Database    *Database             `yaml:"database"`
	Databases   *map[string]*Database `yaml:"databases"`
	Gen         *Gen                  `yaml:"gen"`
	Cache       *Cache                `yaml:"cache"`
	Queue       *Queue                `yaml:"queue"`
	Locker      *Locker               `yaml:"locker"`
	Extend      interface{}           `yaml:"extend"`

Config 配置集合

type DBResolverConfig

type DBResolverConfig struct {
	Sources  []string
	Replicas []string
	Policy   string
	Tables   []string

type Database

type Database struct {
	Driver          string
	Source          string
	ConnMaxIdleTime int
	ConnMaxLifeTime int
	MaxIdleConns    int
	MaxOpenConns    int
	Registers       []DBResolverConfig

type Gen

type Gen struct {
	DBName    string
	FrontPath string

type Jwt

type Jwt struct {
	Secret  string
	Timeout int64

type Locker

type Locker struct {
	Redis *RedisConnectOptions

func (Locker) Empty

func (e Locker) Empty() bool

Empty 空设置

func (Locker) Setup

func (e Locker) Setup() (storage.AdapterLocker, error)

Setup 启用顺序 redis > 其他 > memory

type Logger

type Logger struct {
	Type      string
	Path      string
	Level     string
	Stdout    string
	EnabledDB bool
	Cap       uint

func (Logger) Setup

func (e Logger) Setup()

Setup 设置logger

type NSQOptions

type NSQOptions struct {
	DialTimeout time.Duration `opt:"dial_timeout" default:"1s"`

	// Deadlines for network reads and writes
	ReadTimeout  time.Duration `opt:"read_timeout" min:"100ms" max:"5m" default:"60s"`
	WriteTimeout time.Duration `opt:"write_timeout" min:"100ms" max:"5m" default:"1s"`

	// Addresses is the local address to use when dialing an nsqd.
	Addresses []string `opt:"addresses"`

	// Duration between polling lookupd for new producers, and fractional jitter to add to
	// the lookupd pool loop. this helps evenly distribute requests even if multiple consumers
	// restart at the same time
	// NOTE: when not using nsqlookupd, LookupdPollInterval represents the duration of time between
	// reconnection attempts
	LookupdPollInterval time.Duration `opt:"lookupd_poll_interval" min:"10ms" max:"5m" default:"60s"`
	LookupdPollJitter   float64       `opt:"lookupd_poll_jitter" min:"0" max:"1" default:"0.3"`

	// Maximum duration when REQueueing (for doubling of deferred requeue)
	MaxRequeueDelay     time.Duration `opt:"max_requeue_delay" min:"0" max:"60m" default:"15m"`
	DefaultRequeueDelay time.Duration `opt:"default_requeue_delay" min:"0" max:"60m" default:"90s"`

	// Maximum amount of time to backoff when processing fails 0 == no backoff
	MaxBackoffDuration time.Duration `opt:"max_backoff_duration" min:"0" max:"60m" default:"2m"`
	// Unit of time for calculating consumer backoff
	BackoffMultiplier time.Duration `opt:"backoff_multiplier" min:"0" max:"60m" default:"1s"`

	// Maximum number of times this consumer will attempt to process a message before giving up
	MaxAttempts uint16 `opt:"max_attempts" min:"0" max:"65535" default:"5"`

	// Duration to wait for a message from an nsqd when in a state where RDY
	// counts are re-distributed (e.g. max_in_flight < num_producers)
	LowRdyIdleTimeout time.Duration `opt:"low_rdy_idle_timeout" min:"1s" max:"5m" default:"10s"`
	// Duration to wait until redistributing RDY for an nsqd regardless of LowRdyIdleTimeout
	LowRdyTimeout time.Duration `opt:"low_rdy_timeout" min:"1s" max:"5m" default:"30s"`
	// Duration between redistributing max-in-flight to connections
	RDYRedistributeInterval time.Duration `opt:"rdy_redistribute_interval" min:"1ms" max:"5s" default:"5s"`

	// Identifiers sent to nsqd representing this client
	// UserAgent is in the spirit of HTTP (default: "<client_library_name>/<version>")
	ClientID  string `opt:"client_id"` // (defaults: short hostname)
	Hostname  string `opt:"hostname"`
	UserAgent string `opt:"user_agent"`

	// Duration of time between heartbeats. This must be less than ReadTimeout
	HeartbeatInterval time.Duration `opt:"heartbeat_interval" default:"30s"`
	// Integer percentage to sample the channel (requires nsqd 0.2.25+)
	SampleRate int32 `opt:"sample_rate" min:"0" max:"99"`

	Tls *Tls `yaml:"tls" json:"tls"`

	// Compression Settings
	Deflate      bool `opt:"deflate"`
	DeflateLevel int  `opt:"deflate_level" min:"1" max:"9" default:"6"`
	Snappy       bool `opt:"snappy"`

	// Size of the buffer (in bytes) used by nsqd for buffering writes to this connection
	OutputBufferSize int64 `opt:"output_buffer_size" default:"16384"`
	// Timeout used by nsqd before flushing buffered writes (set to 0 to disable).
	// WARNING: configuring clients with an extremely low
	// (< 25ms) output_buffer_timeout has a significant effect
	// on nsqd CPU usage (particularly with > 50 clients connected).
	OutputBufferTimeout time.Duration `opt:"output_buffer_timeout" default:"250ms"`

	// Maximum number of messages to allow in flight (concurrency knob)
	MaxInFlight int `opt:"max_in_flight" min:"0" default:"1"`

	// The server-side message timeout for messages delivered to this client
	MsgTimeout time.Duration `opt:"msg_timeout" min:"0"`

	// secret for nsqd authentication (requires nsqd 0.2.29+)
	AuthSecret string `opt:"auth_secret"`

func (NSQOptions) GetNSQOptions

func (e NSQOptions) GetNSQOptions() (*nsq.Config, error)

type Queue

type Queue struct {
	Redis  *QueueRedis
	Memory *QueueMemory
	NSQ    *QueueNSQ `json:"nsq" yaml:"nsq"`

func (Queue) Empty

func (e Queue) Empty() bool

Empty 空设置

func (Queue) Setup

func (e Queue) Setup() (storage.AdapterQueue, error)

Setup 启用顺序 redis > 其他 > memory

type QueueMemory

type QueueMemory struct {
	PoolSize uint

type QueueNSQ

type QueueNSQ struct {
	ChannelPrefix string

type QueueRedis

type QueueRedis struct {
	Producer *redisqueue.ProducerOptions
	Consumer *redisqueue.ConsumerOptions

type RedisConnectOptions

type RedisConnectOptions struct {
	Network    string `yaml:"network" json:"network"`
	Addr       string `yaml:"addr" json:"addr"`
	Username   string `yaml:"username" json:"username"`
	Password   string `yaml:"password" json:"password"`
	DB         int    `yaml:"db" json:"db"`
	PoolSize   int    `yaml:"pool_size" json:"pool_size"`
	Tls        *Tls   `yaml:"tls" json:"tls"`
	MaxRetries int    `yaml:"max_retries" json:"max_retries"`

func (RedisConnectOptions) GetRedisOptions

func (e RedisConnectOptions) GetRedisOptions() (*redis.Options, error)

type Settings

type Settings struct {
	Settings Config `yaml:"settings"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Settings 兼容原先的配置结构

func (*Settings) Init

func (e *Settings) Init()

func (*Settings) OnChange

func (e *Settings) OnChange()

type Ssl

type Ssl struct {
	KeyStr string
	Pem    string
	Enable bool
	Domain string

type Tls

type Tls struct {
	Cert string `yaml:"cert" json:"cert"`
	Key  string `yaml:"key" json:"key"`
	Ca   string `yaml:"ca" json:"ca"`

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