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Published: Mar 1, 2017 License: MIT Imports: 13 Imported by: 0



Golang FTP library with Walk support.


  • AUTH TLS support
  • Walk


package main

import (


func main() {
    var err error
    var ftp *goftp.FTP

    // For debug messages: goftp.ConnectDbg("ftp.server.com:21")
    if ftp, err = goftp.Connect("ftp.server.com:21"); err != nil {

    defer ftp.Close()
    fmt.Println("Successfully connected to", server)

    // TLS client authentication
    config := tls.Config{
        InsecureSkipVerify: true,
        ClientAuth:         tls.RequestClientCert,

    if err = ftp.AuthTLS(config); err != nil {

    // Username / password authentication
    if err = ftp.Login("username", "password"); err != nil {

    if err = ftp.Cwd("/"); err != nil {

    var curpath string
    if curpath, err = ftp.Pwd(); err != nil {

    fmt.Printf("Current path: %s", curpath)

    // Get directory listing
    var files []string
    if files, err = ftp.List(""); err != nil {
    fmt.Println("Directory listing:", files)

    // Upload a file
    var file *os.File
    if file, err = os.Open("/tmp/test.txt"); err != nil {

    if err := ftp.Stor("/test.txt", file); err != nil {

    // Download each file into local memory, and calculate it's sha256 hash
    err = ftp.Walk("/", func(path string, info os.FileMode, err error) error {
        _, err = ftp.Retr(path, func(r io.Reader) error {
            var hasher = sha256.New()
            if _, err = io.Copy(hasher, r); err != nil {
                return err

            hash := fmt.Sprintf("%s %x", path, hex.EncodeToString(hasher.Sum(nil)))

            return err

        return nil


Contributions are welcome.

  • Sourav Datta: for his work on the anonymous user login and multiline return status.
  • Vincenzo La Spesa: for his work on resolving login issues with specific ftp servers


Remco Verhoef

Code and documentation copyright 2011-2014 Remco Verhoef. Code released under the MIT license.



Package goftp upload helper



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const (
	StatusFileOK                = "150"
	StatusOK                    = "200"
	StatusSystemStatus          = "211"
	StatusDirectoryStatus       = "212"
	StatusFileStatus            = "213"
	StatusConnectionClosing     = "221"
	StatusSystemType            = "215"
	StatusClosingDataConnection = "226"
	StatusActionOK              = "250"
	StatusPathCreated           = "257"
	StatusActionPending         = "350"

FTP Status codes, defined in RFC 959

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const (
	// TypeASCII for ASCII
	TypeASCII = "A"
	TypeEBCDIC = "E"
	// TypeImage for an Image
	TypeImage = "I"
	// TypeLocal for local byte size
	TypeLocal = "L"


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var (
	SystemTypeUnixL8    = "UNIX Type: L8"
	SystemTypeWindowsNT = "Windows_NT"

System types from Syst

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var RePwdPath = regexp.MustCompile(`\"(.*)\"`)

RePwdPath is the default expression for matching files in the current working directory


func StatusText

func StatusText(code string) string

StatusText returns a text for the FTP status code. It returns the empty string if the code is unknown.


type FTP

type FTP struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FTP is a session for File Transfer Protocol

func Connect

func Connect(addr string) (*FTP, error)

Connect to server at addr (format "host:port"). debug is OFF

func ConnectDbg

func ConnectDbg(addr string) (*FTP, error)

ConnectDbg to server at addr (format "host:port"). debug is ON

func (*FTP) AuthTLS

func (ftp *FTP) AuthTLS(config *tls.Config) error

AuthTLS secures the ftp connection by using TLS

func (*FTP) Close

func (ftp *FTP) Close() error

Close ends the FTP connection

func (*FTP) Cwd

func (ftp *FTP) Cwd(path string) (err error)

Cwd changes current working directory on remote host to path

func (*FTP) Dele

func (ftp *FTP) Dele(path string) (err error)

Dele deletes path on remote host

func (*FTP) List

func (ftp *FTP) List(path string) (files []string, err error)

List lists the path (or current directory)

func (*FTP) Login

func (ftp *FTP) Login(username string, password string) (err error)

Login to the server with provided username and password. Typical default may be ("anonymous","").

func (*FTP) Mkd

func (ftp *FTP) Mkd(path string) error

Mkd makes a directory on the remote host

func (*FTP) Noop

func (ftp *FTP) Noop() (err error)

Noop will send a NOOP (no operation) to the server

func (*FTP) Pasv

func (ftp *FTP) Pasv() (port int, err error)

Pasv enables passive data connection and returns port number

func (*FTP) Pwd

func (ftp *FTP) Pwd() (path string, err error)

Pwd gets current path on the remote host

func (*FTP) Quit

func (ftp *FTP) Quit() (err error)

Quit sends quit to the server and close the connection. No need to Close after this.

func (*FTP) RawCmd

func (ftp *FTP) RawCmd(command string, args ...interface{}) (code int, line string)

RawCmd sends raw commands to the remote server. Returns response code as int and response as string.

func (*FTP) ReadAndDiscard

func (ftp *FTP) ReadAndDiscard() (int, error)

ReadAndDiscard reads all the buffered bytes and returns the number of bytes that cleared from the buffer

func (*FTP) Rename

func (ftp *FTP) Rename(from string, to string) (err error)

Rename file on the remote host

func (*FTP) Retr

func (ftp *FTP) Retr(path string, retrFn RetrFunc) (s string, err error)

Retr retrieves file from remote host at path, using retrFn to read from the remote file.

func (*FTP) Rmd

func (ftp *FTP) Rmd(path string) (err error)

Rmd remove directory

func (*FTP) Size

func (ftp *FTP) Size(path string) (size int, err error)

Size returns the size of a file.

func (*FTP) Stat

func (ftp *FTP) Stat(path string) ([]string, error)

Stat gets the status of path from the remote host

func (*FTP) Stor

func (ftp *FTP) Stor(path string, r io.Reader) (err error)

Stor uploads file to remote host path, from r

func (*FTP) Syst

func (ftp *FTP) Syst() (line string, err error)

Syst returns the system type of the remote host

func (*FTP) Type

func (ftp *FTP) Type(t TypeCode) error

Type changes transfer type.

func (*FTP) Upload

func (ftp *FTP) Upload(localPath string) (err error)

Upload a file, or recursively upload a directory. Only normal files and directories are uploaded. Symlinks are not kept but treated as normal files/directories if targets are so.

func (*FTP) Walk

func (ftp *FTP) Walk(path string, walkFn WalkFunc) (err error)

Walk walks recursively through path and call walkfunc for each file

type RetrFunc

type RetrFunc func(r io.Reader) error

RetrFunc is passed to Retr and is the handler for the stream received for a given path

type TypeCode

type TypeCode string

TypeCode for the representation types

type WalkFunc

type WalkFunc func(path string, info os.FileMode, err error) error

WalkFunc is called on each path in a Walk. Errors are filtered through WalkFunc

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