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var DefaultTlsFunc = func(cnf *config.RedisConfig) (*tls.Config, error) {
	if strings.EqualFold(cnf.Tls.Key, "false") {
		return nil, result.RErrNotSupport
	if strings.EqualFold(cnf.Tls.Key, "true") {
		return &tls.Config{}, nil
	if strings.EqualFold(cnf.Tls.Key, "skip-verify") ||
		strings.EqualFold(cnf.Tls.Key, "preferred") {
		return &tls.Config{InsecureSkipVerify: true}, nil
	cert, rootCertPool, err := daotls.GetCertificate(&cnf.Tls)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	return &tls.Config{
		RootCAs:      rootCertPool,
		Certificates: []tls.Certificate{cert},
	}, nil


func UseTls added in v1.9.15

func UseTls(cnf *config.RedisConfig, opts ...option.Option) (*tls.Config, error)

func WithTlsOption added in v1.9.15

func WithTlsOption(f func(cnf *config.RedisConfig) (*tls.Config, error)) option.Option


type Adapter added in v1.1.23

type Adapter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAdapter added in v1.1.23

func NewAdapter(name string, cfg *config.RedisConfig, sentinelCfg *config.RedisConfig, clusterCfg *config.RedisConfig, opts ...option.Option) (*Adapter, error)

func (*Adapter) Cluster added in v1.1.23

func (a *Adapter) Cluster() *redis.ClusterClient

func (*Adapter) Name added in v1.1.23

func (a *Adapter) Name() string

func (*Adapter) Rds added in v1.1.23

func (a *Adapter) Rds() *redis.Client

func (*Adapter) Sentinel added in v1.1.23

func (a *Adapter) Sentinel() *redis.SentinelClient

type Client

type Client interface {
	Get(name string) (Redis, error)
	Close(name string) error
	Select(name string)                    //选哪个redis
	SelectDB(name string, index int) error //选哪个redis db

func NewRedis

func NewRedis(conf []config.Redis, opts ...option.Option) (Client, error)

type Connector

type Connector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Connector) Close

func (c *Connector) Close(name string) error

func (*Connector) CloseAll

func (c *Connector) CloseAll()

func (*Connector) Get

func (c *Connector) Get(name string) (Redis, error)

func (*Connector) Select added in v0.4.1

func (c *Connector) Select(name string)

func (*Connector) SelectDB added in v0.4.6

func (c *Connector) SelectDB(name string, index int) error

type Logger added in v1.1.23

type Logger struct {

func (*Logger) Printf added in v1.1.23

func (l *Logger) Printf(ctx context.Context, format string, v ...interface{})

type Redis added in v1.1.23

type Redis interface {
	Rds() *redis.Client
	Sentinel() *redis.SentinelClient
	Cluster() *redis.ClusterClient
	Name() string


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