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Package smtp implements the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol as defined in RFC 5321. It also implements the following extensions:

AUTH      RFC 2554

Additional extensions may be handled by clients.

The smtp package is frozen and is not accepting new features. Some external packages provide more functionality. See:



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const (
	USER_NOT_EXIST            = 1000
	USER_OR_PASS_ERROR        = 1002
	TOKEN_MISSING             = 1003
	TOKEN_VALID               = 1004
	CREATE_USER_FAILED        = 1007


	DB_NOT_EXIST     = 3001


	GITLAB_MERGE_EXIST          = 5003


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const (
	//FROM_EMAIL = ""
	//FROM_HOST = ""
	//FROM_PORT = 587
	//FROM_ACCOUNT = "guoliben8"
	//FROM_SECRET = "ehupttnjnbhebhjc"
	//FROM_HOST = ""
	//FROM_HOST = ""
	FROM_HOST    = ""
	FROM_PORT    = 25
	FROM_ACCOUNT = "guoliben"
	FROM_SECRET  = "1(T&pi~(4S2"
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const TOKEN_EXP = 10000


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var ClientRedis *redis.Client
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var DayTimeFormat = "2006-01-02"
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var ForbiddenStr = [256]string{
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var MonthTimeFormat = "2006-01"


func AdminChecker

func AdminChecker() gin.HandlerFunc

func AppMysqlConnector

func AppMysqlConnector() *gorm.DB

func AppRedisConnector

func AppRedisConnector()

func AuthChecker

func AuthChecker() gin.HandlerFunc

func Case2Camel

func Case2Camel(name string) string

func Cmd

func Cmd(command string) string

func Condition

func Condition(condition bool, trueVal string, falseVal string) string

func Cors

func Cors() gin.HandlerFunc

func CurlDeleteWithParam

func CurlDeleteWithParam(url string, headers map[string]interface{}, params map[string]interface{}) (*goz.Response, error)

func CurlGet

func CurlGet(url string) (*goz.Response, error)

func CurlGetParam

func CurlGetParam(url string) (*goz.Response, error)

func CurlPostWithJson

func CurlPostWithJson(url string, headers map[string]interface{}, params interface{}) (*goz.Response, error)

func CurlPostWithParam

func CurlPostWithParam(url string, headers map[string]interface{}, params map[string]interface{}) (*goz.Response, error)

func CurlPutWithParam

func CurlPutWithParam(url string, headers map[string]interface{}, params map[string]interface{}) (*goz.Response, error)

func Decode

func Decode(decodeStr string) ([]byte, error)

func Del

func Del(key string)

func Encode

func Encode(encodeStr string) (string, error)

func Exist

func Exist(key string) (int64, error)

func Expire

func Expire(key string, exp int)

func FormatSqlTime

func FormatSqlTime(t sql.NullTime) string

func Get

func Get(key string) string

func GetFirstDateOfMonth

func GetFirstDateOfMonth(d time.Time) time.Time

func GetFirstDateOfWeek

func GetFirstDateOfWeek(d time.Time) time.Time

func GetLocalIp

func GetLocalIp() string

func GetLocalMac

func GetLocalMac() string

func GetRandomString

func GetRandomString(s int) string

func InitConfigFromToml

func InitConfigFromToml() *goconfig.ConfigFile


  • 获取配置文件 单例 + 动态加载

func Int64ToString

func Int64ToString(i int64) string

func IntToString

func IntToString(i int) string

func Interface2String

func Interface2String(inter interface{}) string

func JsonMar

func JsonMar(data interface{}) []byte

func JsonUnMar

func JsonUnMar(data []byte) interface{}

func Lcfirst

func Lcfirst(str string) string

func LoadEnv

func LoadEnv()


  • 加载配置文件

func LoadEnvByCronTask

func LoadEnvByCronTask()


  • 动态加载配置文件任务

func LogDebug

func LogDebug(c *gin.Context, contents ...string)

func LogError

func LogError(c *gin.Context, contents ...string)

func LogInfo

func LogInfo(c *gin.Context, contents ...string)

func LoggerErr

func LoggerErr(c *gin.Context, err error)

func PKCS5Padding

func PKCS5Padding(ciphertext []byte, blockSize int) []byte

func PKCS5UnPadding

func PKCS5UnPadding(origData []byte) []byte

func PanicErr

func PanicErr(err error)

func ParseDays

func ParseDays(startDate string, endDate string, dimension string) []string


  • 将日期处理为格式
  • dimension :day-天 week-周 month-月

func Password

func Password(str string) string

func PathCut

func PathCut(str string, index int) string

func PrintErr

func PrintErr(err error)

func ProcessDeleteCode

func ProcessDeleteCode(c *gin.Context, resp *goz.Response, result interface{}) map[string]interface{}

* 处理API返回值 -- DELETE请求

func ProcessGetCode

func ProcessGetCode(c *gin.Context, resp *goz.Response, result interface{}) map[string]interface{}

* 处理API返回值 -- GET请求

func ProcessPostCode

func ProcessPostCode(c *gin.Context, resp *goz.Response, result interface{}) map[string]interface{}

* 处理API返回值 -- POST请求

func ProcessPutCode

func ProcessPutCode(c *gin.Context, resp *goz.Response, result interface{}) map[string]interface{}

* 处理API返回值 -- PUT请求

func ReadEnv

func ReadEnv(filePth string) ([]byte, error)


  • 读取配置文件

func ResultError

func ResultError(key int, data map[string]string) map[string]interface{}

func ResultSuccess

func ResultSuccess(data map[string]interface{}) map[string]interface{}

func Run

func Run(command string) []byte

func RunFuncName

func RunFuncName() string

func SendByKylin

func SendByKylin(mail string, subject string, body string)

func SendMail

func SendMail(addr string, a Auth, from string, to []string, msg []byte) error

SendMail connects to the server at addr, switches to TLS if possible, authenticates with the optional mechanism a if possible, and then sends an email from address from, to addresses to, with message msg. The addr must include a port, as in "".

The addresses in the to parameter are the SMTP RCPT addresses.

The msg parameter should be an RFC 822-style email with headers first, a blank line, and then the message body. The lines of msg should be CRLF terminated. The msg headers should usually include fields such as "From", "To", "Subject", and "Cc". Sending "Bcc" messages is accomplished by including an email address in the to parameter but not including it in the msg headers.

The SendMail function and the net/smtp package are low-level mechanisms and provide no support for DKIM signing, MIME attachments (see the mime/multipart package), or other mail functionality. Higher-level packages exist outside of the standard library.

func SendToMail

func SendToMail(user, password, host, to, subject, body, mailtype string) error

func Set

func Set(key string, value string, exp int)

func SetRequestId

func SetRequestId() gin.HandlerFunc

func Storage

func Storage(logType string, content string)

func StringSliceCut

func StringSliceCut(arr []string, from int, to int) ([]string, error)

func StringToInt

func StringToInt(str string) int

func StringToInt64

func StringToInt64(str string) int64

func StringToIntWithError

func StringToIntWithError(str string) (int, error)

func TZToLocal

func TZToLocal(utcTime string) string

func TimeToLocal

func TimeToLocal(utcTime time.Time) string

func TlsHandler

func TlsHandler(host string, port string) gin.HandlerFunc

func ToLocal

func ToLocal(utcTime string) string

func ToUrl

func ToUrl(host string, str ...string) string

func TokenEncode

func TokenEncode(token UserToken) string

func UTCTransLocal

func UTCTransLocal(utcTime string) string

func UTCTransLocalEight

func UTCTransLocalEight(utcTime string) string

func UtcToLocal

func UtcToLocal(utcTime string) string

func UtcToLocal2

func UtcToLocal2(utcTime string) string


type Auth

type Auth interface {
	// Start begins an authentication with a server.
	// It returns the name of the authentication protocol
	// and optionally data to include in the initial AUTH message
	// sent to the server. It can return proto == "" to indicate
	// that the authentication should be skipped.
	// If it returns a non-nil error, the SMTP client aborts
	// the authentication attempt and closes the connection.
	Start(server *ServerInfo) (proto string, toServer []byte, err error)

	// Next continues the authentication. The server has just sent
	// the fromServer data. If more is true, the server expects a
	// response, which Next should return as toServer; otherwise
	// Next should return toServer == nil.
	// If Next returns a non-nil error, the SMTP client aborts
	// the authentication attempt and closes the connection.
	Next(fromServer []byte, more bool) (toServer []byte, err error)

Auth is implemented by an SMTP authentication mechanism.

func CRAMMD5Auth

func CRAMMD5Auth(username, secret string) Auth

CRAMMD5Auth returns an Auth that implements the CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism as defined in RFC 2195. The returned Auth uses the given username and secret to authenticate to the server using the challenge-response mechanism.

func PlainAuth

func PlainAuth(identity, username, password, host string) Auth

PlainAuth returns an Auth that implements the PLAIN authentication mechanism as defined in RFC 4616. The returned Auth uses the given username and password to authenticate to host and act as identity. Usually identity should be the empty string, to act as username.

PlainAuth will only send the credentials if the connection is using TLS or is connected to localhost. Otherwise authentication will fail with an error, without sending the credentials.

type Client

type Client struct {
	// Text is the textproto.Conn used by the Client. It is exported to allow for
	// clients to add extensions.
	Text *textproto.Conn
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Client represents a client connection to an SMTP server.

func Dial

func Dial(addr string) (*Client, error)

Dial returns a new Client connected to an SMTP server at addr. The addr must include a port, as in "".

func NewClient

func NewClient(conn net.Conn, host string) (*Client, error)

NewClient returns a new Client using an existing connection and host as a server name to be used when authenticating.

func (*Client) Auth

func (c *Client) Auth(a Auth) error

Auth authenticates a client using the provided authentication mechanism. A failed authentication closes the connection. Only servers that advertise the AUTH extension support this function.

func (*Client) Close

func (c *Client) Close() error

Close closes the connection.

func (*Client) Data

func (c *Client) Data() (io.WriteCloser, error)

Data issues a DATA command to the server and returns a writer that can be used to write the mail headers and body. The caller should close the writer before calling any more methods on c. A call to Data must be preceded by one or more calls to Rcpt.

func (*Client) Extension

func (c *Client) Extension(ext string) (bool, string)

Extension reports whether an extension is support by the server. The extension name is case-insensitive. If the extension is supported, Extension also returns a string that contains any parameters the server specifies for the extension.

func (*Client) Hello

func (c *Client) Hello(localName string) error

Hello sends a HELO or EHLO to the server as the given host name. Calling this method is only necessary if the client needs control over the host name used. The client will introduce itself as "localhost" automatically otherwise. If Hello is called, it must be called before any of the other methods.

func (*Client) Mail

func (c *Client) Mail(from string) error

Mail issues a MAIL command to the server using the provided email address. If the server supports the 8BITMIME extension, Mail adds the BODY=8BITMIME parameter. This initiates a mail transaction and is followed by one or more Rcpt calls.

func (*Client) Noop

func (c *Client) Noop() error

Noop sends the NOOP command to the server. It does nothing but check that the connection to the server is okay.

func (*Client) Quit

func (c *Client) Quit() error

Quit sends the QUIT command and closes the connection to the server.

func (*Client) Rcpt

func (c *Client) Rcpt(to string) error

Rcpt issues a RCPT command to the server using the provided email address. A call to Rcpt must be preceded by a call to Mail and may be followed by a Data call or another Rcpt call.

func (*Client) Reset

func (c *Client) Reset() error

Reset sends the RSET command to the server, aborting the current mail transaction.

func (*Client) StartTLS

func (c *Client) StartTLS(config *tls.Config) error

StartTLS sends the STARTTLS command and encrypts all further communication. Only servers that advertise the STARTTLS extension support this function.

func (*Client) TLSConnectionState

func (c *Client) TLSConnectionState() (state tls.ConnectionState, ok bool)

TLSConnectionState returns the client's TLS connection state. The return values are their zero values if StartTLS did not succeed.

func (*Client) Verify

func (c *Client) Verify(addr string) error

Verify checks the validity of an email address on the server. If Verify returns nil, the address is valid. A non-nil return does not necessarily indicate an invalid address. Many servers will not verify addresses for security reasons.

type CodeMsg

type CodeMsg struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func ErrorMsg

func ErrorMsg(key int) CodeMsg

type JsonCamelCase

type JsonCamelCase struct {
	Value interface{}

func (JsonCamelCase) MarshalJSON

func (c JsonCamelCase) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type ServerInfo

type ServerInfo struct {
	Name string   // SMTP server name
	TLS  bool     // using TLS, with valid certificate for Name
	Auth []string // advertised authentication mechanisms

ServerInfo records information about an SMTP server.

type UserToken

type UserToken struct {
	UserName string
	UserSalt string
	UserId   string
	TimeStr  string

func TokenDecode

func TokenDecode(token string) UserToken

type WSConnection

type WSConnection struct {
	AllowSend bool
	ClientId  int
	ClientIp  string
	Conn      *websocket.Conn
	InCh      chan []byte
	OutCh     chan []byte
	ExitCh    chan bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWSConnection

func NewWSConnection(conn *websocket.Conn) (*WSConnection, error)

* 创建WebSocket连接

func (*WSConnection) Close

func (conn *WSConnection) Close()

* 关闭连接

func (*WSConnection) ReadMessage

func (conn *WSConnection) ReadMessage() ([]byte, error)

func (*WSConnection) Start

func (conn *WSConnection) Start()

* 启动

func (*WSConnection) WriteMessage

func (conn *WSConnection) WriteMessage(data []byte) error

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