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Published: Sep 27, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 0



Package baidupcs BaiduPCS RESTful API 工具包



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const (
	// OperationGetUK 获取UK
	OperationGetUK = "获取UK"
	// OperationQuotaInfo 获取当前用户空间配额信息
	OperationQuotaInfo = "获取当前用户空间配额信息"
	// OperationFilesDirectoriesMeta 获取文件/目录的元信息
	OperationFilesDirectoriesMeta = "获取文件/目录的元信息"
	// OperationFilesDirectoriesList 获取目录下的文件列表
	OperationFilesDirectoriesList = "获取目录下的文件列表"
	// OperationSearch 搜索
	OperationSearch = "搜索"
	// OperationRemove 删除文件/目录
	OperationRemove = "删除文件/目录"
	// OperationMkdir 创建目录
	OperationMkdir = "创建目录"
	// OperationRename 重命名文件/目录
	OperationRename = "重命名文件/目录"
	// OperationCopy 拷贝文件/目录
	OperationCopy = "拷贝文件/目录"
	// OperationMove 移动文件/目录
	OperationMove = "移动文件/目录"
	// OperationRapidUpload 秒传文件
	OperationRapidUpload = "秒传文件"
	// OperationUpload 上传单个文件
	OperationUpload = "上传单个文件"
	// OperationUploadTmpFile 分片上传—文件分片及上传
	OperationUploadTmpFile = "分片上传—文件分片及上传"
	// OperationUploadCreateSuperFile 分片上传—合并分片文件
	OperationUploadCreateSuperFile = "分片上传—合并分片文件"
	// OperationUploadPrecreate 分片上传—Precreate
	OperationUploadPrecreate = "分片上传—Precreate"
	// OperationUploadSuperfile2 分片上传—Superfile2
	OperationUploadSuperfile2 = "分片上传—Superfile2"
	// OperationDownloadFile 下载单个文件
	OperationDownloadFile = "下载单个文件"
	// OperationDownloadStreamFile 下载流式文件
	OperationDownloadStreamFile = "下载流式文件"
	// OperationLocateDownload 提取下载链接
	OperationLocateDownload = "提取下载链接"
	// OperationCloudDlAddTask 添加离线下载任务
	OperationCloudDlAddTask = "添加离线下载任务"
	// OperationCloudDlQueryTask 精确查询离线下载任务
	OperationCloudDlQueryTask = "精确查询离线下载任务"
	// OperationCloudDlListTask 查询离线下载任务列表
	OperationCloudDlListTask = "查询离线下载任务列表"
	// OperationCloudDlCancelTask 取消离线下载任务
	OperationCloudDlCancelTask = "取消离线下载任务"
	// OperationCloudDlDeleteTask 删除离线下载任务
	OperationCloudDlDeleteTask = "删除离线下载任务"
	// OperationCloudDlClearTask 清空离线下载任务记录
	OperationCloudDlClearTask = "清空离线下载任务记录"
	// OperationShareSet 创建分享链接
	OperationShareSet = "创建分享链接"
	// OperationShareCancel 取消分享
	OperationShareCancel = "取消分享"
	// OperationShareList 列出分享列表
	OperationShareList = "列出分享列表"

	// PCSBaiduCom pcs api地址
	PCSBaiduCom = ""
	// PanBaiduCom 网盘首页api地址
	PanBaiduCom = ""
	// NetdiskUA 网盘客户端ua
	NetdiskUA = "netdisk;7.8.1;Red;android-android;4.3"
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const (
	// OrderByName 根据文件名排序
	OrderByName OrderBy = "name"
	// OrderByTime 根据时间排序
	OrderByTime OrderBy = "time"
	// OrderBySize 根据大小排序, 注意目录无大小
	OrderBySize OrderBy = "size"
	// OrderAsc 升序
	OrderAsc Order = "asc"
	// OrderDesc 降序
	OrderDesc Order = "desc"
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const (
	// MaxUploadBlockSize 最大上传的文件分片大小
	MaxUploadBlockSize = 2 * converter.GB
	// MinUploadBlockSize 最小的上传的文件分片大小
	MinUploadBlockSize = 4 * converter.MB
	// RecommendUploadBlockSize 推荐的上传的文件分片大小
	RecommendUploadBlockSize = 1 * converter.GB
	// DefaultSliceMD5 默认的长度为32的slicemd5
	DefaultSliceMD5 = "ec87a838931d4d5d2e94a04644788a55"


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var (
	// ErrMD5NotFound 未找到md5
	ErrMD5NotFound = errors.New("unknown response data, md5 not found")
	// ErrSavePathFound 未找到保存路径
	ErrSavePathFound = errors.New("unknown response data, file saved path not found")
	// ErrSeqNotMatch 服务器返回的上传队列不匹配
	ErrSeqNotMatch = errors.New("服务器返回的上传队列不匹配")
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var DefaultOrderOptions = &OrderOptions{
	By:    OrderByName,
	Order: OrderAsc,

DefaultOrderOptions 默认的排序

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var PublicSuffixList cookiejar.PublicSuffixList = list{}

PublicSuffixList baidupcs PublicSuffixList


func FixSliceMD5

func FixSliceMD5(slicemd5 string) string

FixSliceMD5 修复slicemd5为合法的md5

func GetHTTPScheme

func GetHTTPScheme(https bool) (scheme string)

GetHTTPScheme 获取 http 协议, https 或 http


type BaiduPCS

type BaiduPCS struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BaiduPCS 百度 PCS API 详情

func NewPCS

func NewPCS(appID int, bduss string) *BaiduPCS

NewPCS 提供app_id, 百度BDUSS, 返回 BaiduPCS 对象

func NewPCSWithClient

func NewPCSWithClient(appID int, client *requester.HTTPClient) *BaiduPCS

NewPCSWithClient 提供app_id, 自定义客户端, 返回 BaiduPCS 对象

func NewPCSWithCookieStr

func NewPCSWithCookieStr(appID int, cookieStr string) *BaiduPCS

NewPCSWithCookieStr 提供app_id, cookie 字符串, 返回 BaiduPCS 对象

func (*BaiduPCS) CloudDlAddTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) CloudDlAddTask(sourceURL, savePath string) (taskID int64, pcsError pcserror.Error)

CloudDlAddTask 添加离线下载任务

func (*BaiduPCS) CloudDlCancelTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) CloudDlCancelTask(taskID int64) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

CloudDlCancelTask 取消离线下载任务

func (*BaiduPCS) CloudDlClearTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) CloudDlClearTask() (total int, pcsError pcserror.Error)

CloudDlClearTask 清空离线下载任务记录

func (*BaiduPCS) CloudDlDeleteTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) CloudDlDeleteTask(taskID int64) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

CloudDlDeleteTask 删除离线下载任务

func (*BaiduPCS) CloudDlListTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) CloudDlListTask() (cl CloudDlTaskList, pcsError pcserror.Error)

CloudDlListTask 查询离线下载任务列表

func (*BaiduPCS) CloudDlQueryTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) CloudDlQueryTask(taskIDs []int64) (cl CloudDlTaskList, pcsError pcserror.Error)

CloudDlQueryTask 精确查询离线下载任务

func (*BaiduPCS) Copy

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Copy(cpmvJSON ...*CpMvJSON) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

Copy 批量拷贝文件/目录

func (*BaiduPCS) DownloadFile

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) DownloadFile(path string, downloadFunc DownloadFunc) (err error)

DownloadFile 下载单个文件

func (*BaiduPCS) DownloadStreamFile

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) DownloadStreamFile(path string, downloadFunc DownloadFunc) (err error)

DownloadStreamFile 下载流式文件

func (*BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesBatchMeta

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesBatchMeta(paths ...string) (data FileDirectoryList, pcsError pcserror.Error)

FilesDirectoriesBatchMeta 获取多个文件/目录的元信息

func (*BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesList

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesList(path string, options *OrderOptions) (data FileDirectoryList, pcsError pcserror.Error)

FilesDirectoriesList 获取目录下的文件和目录列表

func (*BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesMeta

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesMeta(path string) (data *FileDirectory, pcsError pcserror.Error)

FilesDirectoriesMeta 获取单个文件/目录的元信息

func (*BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesRecurseList

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) FilesDirectoriesRecurseList(path string, options *OrderOptions, handleFileDirectoryFunc HandleFileDirectoryFunc) (data FileDirectoryList)

FilesDirectoriesRecurseList 递归获取目录下的文件和目录列表

func (*BaiduPCS) Isdir

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Isdir(pcspath string) (isdir bool, pcsError pcserror.Error)

Isdir 检查路径在网盘中是否为目录

func (*BaiduPCS) LocateDownload

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) LocateDownload(pcspath string) (info *URLInfo, pcsError pcserror.Error)

LocateDownload 提取下载链接

func (*BaiduPCS) Mkdir

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Mkdir(pcspath string) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

Mkdir 创建目录

func (*BaiduPCS) Move

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Move(cpmvJSON ...*CpMvJSON) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

Move 批量移动文件/目录

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlAddTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlAddTask(sourceURL, savePath string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCloudDlAddTask 添加离线下载任务, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlCancelTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlCancelTask(taskID int64) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCloudDlCancelTask 取消离线下载任务, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlClearTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlClearTask() (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCloudDlClearTask 清空离线下载任务记录, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlDeleteTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlDeleteTask(taskID int64) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCloudDlDeleteTask 取消离线下载任务, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlListTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlListTask() (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCloudDlListTask 查询离线下载任务列表, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlQueryTask

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCloudDlQueryTask(taskIDs string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCloudDlQueryTask 精确查询离线下载任务, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息, taskids 例子: 12123,234234,2344, 用逗号隔开多个 task_id

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareCopy

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareCopy(cpmvJSON ...*CpMvJSON) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareCopy 批量拷贝文件/目录, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareFilesDirectoriesBatchMeta

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareFilesDirectoriesBatchMeta(paths ...string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareFilesDirectoriesBatchMeta 获取多个文件/目录的元信息, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareFilesDirectoriesList

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareFilesDirectoriesList(path string, options *OrderOptions) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareFilesDirectoriesList 获取目录下的文件和目录列表, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareLocateDownload

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareLocateDownload(pcspath string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareLocateDownload 提取下载链接, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareMkdir

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareMkdir(pcspath string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareMkdir 创建目录, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareMove

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareMove(cpmvJSON ...*CpMvJSON) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareMove 批量移动文件/目录, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareQuotaInfo

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareQuotaInfo() (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareQuotaInfo 获取当前用户空间配额信息, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareRapidUpload

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareRapidUpload(targetPath, contentMD5, sliceMD5, crc32 string, length int64) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareRapidUpload 秒传文件, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareRemove

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareRemove(paths ...string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareRemove 批量删除文件/目录, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareRename

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareRename(from, to string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareRename 重命名文件/目录, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareSearch

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareSearch(targetPath, keyword string, recursive bool) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareSearch 按文件名搜索文件, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareShareCancel

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareShareCancel(shareIDs []int64) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareShareCancel 取消分享, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareShareList

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareShareList(page int) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareShareList 列出分享列表, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareSharePSet

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareSharePSet(paths []string, period int) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareSharePSet 私密分享文件, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareUK

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareUK() (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareUK 获取用户 UK, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareUpload

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareUpload(targetPath string, uploadFunc UploadFunc) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareUpload 上传单个文件, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadCreateSuperFile

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadCreateSuperFile(targetPath string, blockList ...string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareUploadCreateSuperFile 分片上传—合并分片文件, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadPrecreate

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadPrecreate(targetPath, contentMD5, sliceMD5, crc32 string, size int64, bolckList ...string) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareUploadPrecreate 分片上传—Precreate, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadSuperfile2

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadSuperfile2(uploadid, targetPath string, partseq int, partOffset int64, uploadFunc UploadFunc) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareUploadSuperfile2 另一个上传接口

func (*BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadTmpFile

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) PrepareUploadTmpFile(uploadFunc UploadFunc) (dataReadCloser io.ReadCloser, pcsError pcserror.Error)

PrepareUploadTmpFile 分片上传—文件分片及上传, 只返回服务器响应数据和错误信息

func (*BaiduPCS) QuotaInfo

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) QuotaInfo() (quota, used int64, pcsError pcserror.Error)

QuotaInfo 获取当前用户空间配额信息

func (*BaiduPCS) RapidUpload

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) RapidUpload(targetPath, contentMD5, sliceMD5, crc32 string, length int64) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

RapidUpload 秒传文件

func (*BaiduPCS) Remove

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Remove(paths ...string) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

Remove 批量删除文件/目录

func (*BaiduPCS) Rename

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Rename(from, to string) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

Rename 重命名文件/目录

func (*BaiduPCS) Search

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Search(targetPath, keyword string, recursive bool) (fdl FileDirectoryList, pcsError pcserror.Error)

Search 按文件名搜索文件, 不支持查找目录

func (*BaiduPCS) SetAPPID

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) SetAPPID(appID int)

SetAPPID 设置app_id

func (*BaiduPCS) SetHTTPS

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) SetHTTPS(https bool)

SetHTTPS 是否启用https连接

func (*BaiduPCS) SetUserAgent

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) SetUserAgent(ua string)

SetUserAgent 设置 User-Agent

func (*BaiduPCS) ShareCancel

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) ShareCancel(shareIDs []int64) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

ShareCancel 取消分享

func (*BaiduPCS) ShareList

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) ShareList(page int) (records ShareRecordInfoList, pcsError pcserror.Error)

ShareList 列出分享列表

func (*BaiduPCS) ShareSet

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) ShareSet(paths []string, option *ShareOption) (s *Shared, pcsError pcserror.Error)

ShareSet 分享文件

func (*BaiduPCS) UK

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) UK() (uk int64, pcsError pcserror.Error)

UK 获取用户 UK

func (*BaiduPCS) URL

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) URL() *url.URL

URL 返回 url

func (*BaiduPCS) Upload

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) Upload(targetPath string, uploadFunc UploadFunc) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

Upload 上传单个文件

func (*BaiduPCS) UploadCreateSuperFile

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) UploadCreateSuperFile(targetPath string, blockList ...string) (pcsError pcserror.Error)

UploadCreateSuperFile 分片上传—合并分片文件

func (*BaiduPCS) UploadPrecreate

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) UploadPrecreate(targetPath, contentMD5, sliceMD5, crc32 string, size int64, bolckList ...string) (precreateInfo *PrecreateInfo, pcsError pcserror.Error)

UploadPrecreate 分片上传—Precreate, 支持检验秒传

func (*BaiduPCS) UploadSuperfile2

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) UploadSuperfile2(uploadid, targetPath string, partseq int, partOffset int64, uploadFunc UploadFunc) (md5sum string, pcsError pcserror.Error)

UploadSuperfile2 分片上传—Superfile2

func (*BaiduPCS) UploadTmpFile

func (pcs *BaiduPCS) UploadTmpFile(uploadFunc UploadFunc) (md5 string, pcsError pcserror.Error)

UploadTmpFile 分片上传—文件分片及上传

type BlockListJSON

type BlockListJSON struct {
	BlockList []string `json:"block_list"`

BlockListJSON 文件分块信息JSON

type CloudDlFileInfo

type CloudDlFileInfo struct {
	FileName string `json:"file_name"`
	FileSize int64  `json:"file_size"`

CloudDlFileInfo 离线下载的文件信息

type CloudDlTaskInfo

type CloudDlTaskInfo struct {
	TaskID       int64
	Status       int // 0下载成功, 1下载进行中, 2系统错误, 3资源不存在, 4下载超时, 5资源存在但下载失败, 6存储空间不足, 7任务取消
	StatusText   string
	FileSize     int64  // 文件大小
	FinishedSize int64  // 文件大小
	CreateTime   int64  // 创建时间
	StartTime    int64  // 开始时间
	FinishTime   int64  // 结束时间
	SavePath     string // 保存的路径
	SourceURL    string // 资源地址
	TaskName     string // 任务名称, 一般为文件名
	OdType       int
	FileList     []*CloudDlFileInfo
	Result       int // 0查询成功,结果有效,1要查询的task_id不存在

CloudDlTaskInfo 离线下载的任务信息

func (*CloudDlTaskInfo) ParseText

func (ci *CloudDlTaskInfo) ParseText()

ParseText 解析状态码

type CloudDlTaskList

type CloudDlTaskList []*CloudDlTaskInfo

CloudDlTaskList 离线下载的任务信息列表

func (CloudDlTaskList) String

func (cl CloudDlTaskList) String() string

type CpMvJSON

type CpMvJSON struct {
	From string `json:"from"` // 源文件或目录
	To   string `json:"to"`   // 目标文件或目录

CpMvJSON 源文件目录的地址和目标文件目录的地址

func (*CpMvJSON) JSON

func (cj *CpMvJSON) JSON() (data []byte, err error)

JSON json 数据构造

type CpMvListJSON

type CpMvListJSON struct {
	List []*CpMvJSON `json:"list"`

CpMvListJSON []*CpMvJSON 对象数组

func (*CpMvListJSON) JSON

func (clj *CpMvListJSON) JSON() (data []byte, err error)

JSON json 数据构造

func (*CpMvListJSON) String

func (clj *CpMvListJSON) String() string

type DownloadFunc

type DownloadFunc func(downloadURL string, jar http.CookieJar) error

DownloadFunc 下载文件处理函数

type FileDirectory

type FileDirectory struct {
	FsID     int64  // fs_id
	AppID    int64  // app_id
	Path     string // 路径
	Filename string // 文件名 或 目录名
	Ctime    int64  // 创建日期
	Mtime    int64  // 修改日期
	MD5      string // md5 值
	Size        int64 // 文件大小 (目录为0)
	Isdir       bool  // 是否为目录
	Ifhassubdir bool  // 是否含有子目录 (只对目录有效)

	Parent   *FileDirectory    // 父目录信息
	Children FileDirectoryList // 子目录信息

FileDirectory 文件或目录的元信息

func (*FileDirectory) String

func (f *FileDirectory) String() string

type FileDirectoryList

type FileDirectoryList []*FileDirectory

FileDirectoryList FileDirectory 的 指针数组

func (FileDirectoryList) AllFilePaths

func (fl FileDirectoryList) AllFilePaths() (pcspaths []string)

AllFilePaths 返回所有的网盘路径, 包括子目录

func (FileDirectoryList) Count

func (fl FileDirectoryList) Count() (fileN, directoryN int64)

Count 获取文件总数和目录总数

func (FileDirectoryList) TotalSize

func (fl FileDirectoryList) TotalSize() int64

TotalSize 获取目录下文件的总大小

type HandleFileDirectoryFunc

type HandleFileDirectoryFunc func(depth int, fdPath string, fd *FileDirectory, pcsError pcserror.Error) bool

HandleFileDirectoryFunc 处理文件或目录的元信息, 返回值控制是否退出递归

type Order

type Order string

Order 升序降序

type OrderBy

type OrderBy string

OrderBy 排序字段

type OrderOptions

type OrderOptions struct {
	By    OrderBy
	Order Order

OrderOptions 列文件/目录可选项

type PathJSON

type PathJSON struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`

PathJSON 网盘路径

type PathsListJSON

type PathsListJSON struct {
	List []*PathJSON `json:"list"`

PathsListJSON 网盘路径列表

func (*PathsListJSON) JSON

func (plj *PathsListJSON) JSON(paths ...string) (data []byte, err error)

JSON json 数据构造

type PrecreateInfo

type PrecreateInfo struct {
	IsRapidUpload bool
	UploadID      string
	UploadSeqList []*UploadSeq

PrecreateInfo 预提交文件消息返回数据

type ShareOption

type ShareOption struct {
	Password string // 密码
	Period   int    // 有效期

ShareOption 分享可选项

type ShareRecordInfo

type ShareRecordInfo struct {
	ShareID     int64    `json:"shareId"`
	FsIds       []string `json:"fsIds"`
	Passwd      string   `json:"passwd"`
	Shortlink   string   `json:"shortlink"`
	TypicalPath string   `json:"typicalPath"`

ShareRecordInfo 分享信息

func (*ShareRecordInfo) Clean

func (sri *ShareRecordInfo) Clean()

Clean 清理

func (*ShareRecordInfo) HasPasswd

func (sri *ShareRecordInfo) HasPasswd() bool

HasPasswd 是否需要提取码

type ShareRecordInfoList

type ShareRecordInfoList []*ShareRecordInfo

ShareRecordInfoList 分享信息列表

func (*ShareRecordInfoList) Clean

func (sril *ShareRecordInfoList) Clean()

Clean 清理

type Shared

type Shared struct {
	Link    string `json:"link"`
	ShareID int64  `json:"shareid"`

Shared 分享信息

type URLInfo

type URLInfo struct {
	URLs []struct {
		URL string `json:"url"`
	} `json:"urls"`

URLInfo 下载链接详情

func (*URLInfo) SingleURL

func (ui *URLInfo) SingleURL(https bool) *url.URL

SingleURL 返回单条下载链接

func (*URLInfo) URLStrings

func (ui *URLInfo) URLStrings(https bool) (urls []*url.URL)

URLStrings 返回下载链接数组

type UploadFunc

type UploadFunc func(uploadURL string, jar http.CookieJar) (resp *http.Response, err error)

UploadFunc 上传文件处理函数

type UploadSeq

type UploadSeq struct {
	Seq   int
	Block string

UploadSeq 分片上传顺序


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Package pcserror PCS错误包

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