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type Proxy

type Proxy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Proxy maintains state for proxies connections from listen to backend.

func NewTCPProxy

func NewTCPProxy(
	tp tokenaccessor.TokenAccessor,
	c collector.EventCollector,
	puContext string,
	registry *serviceregistry.Registry,
	certificate *tls.Certificate,
	caPool *x509.CertPool,
) *Proxy

NewTCPProxy creates a new instance of proxy reate a new instance of Proxy

func (*Proxy) CompleteEndPointAuthorization

func (p *Proxy) CompleteEndPointAuthorization(downIP net.IP, downPort int, upConn, downConn net.Conn) (bool, error)

CompleteEndPointAuthorization -- Aporeto Handshake on top of a completed connection We will define states here equivalent to SYN_SENT AND SYN_RECEIVED

func (*Proxy) RunNetworkServer

func (p *Proxy) RunNetworkServer(ctx context.Context, listener net.Listener, encrypted bool) error

RunNetworkServer implements enforcer.Enforcer interface

func (*Proxy) ShutDown

func (p *Proxy) ShutDown() error

ShutDown shuts down the server.

func (*Proxy) StartClientAuthStateMachine

func (p *Proxy) StartClientAuthStateMachine(downIP net.IP, downPort int, downConn net.Conn) (bool, error)

StartClientAuthStateMachine -- Starts the aporeto handshake for client application

func (*Proxy) StartServerAuthStateMachine

func (p *Proxy) StartServerAuthStateMachine(ip net.IP, backendport int, upConn net.Conn) (bool, error)

StartServerAuthStateMachine -- Start the aporeto handshake for a server application

func (*Proxy) UpdateSecrets

func (p *Proxy) UpdateSecrets(cert *tls.Certificate, caPool *x509.CertPool, s secrets.Secrets, certPEM, keyPEM string)

UpdateSecrets updates the secrets of the connections.

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