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Published: Feb 1, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 29 Imported by: 0




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const (
	ContentType     = "Content-Type"
	ContentTypeJSON = "application/json"
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const QUERY_RULE_ID = "internal-xstream_query_rule"


This section is empty.


func StartUp

func StartUp(Version, LoadFileType string)


type RuleRegistry

type RuleRegistry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RuleRegistry) Delete

func (rr *RuleRegistry) Delete(key string) (*RuleState, bool)

Atomic get and delete

func (*RuleRegistry) Load

func (rr *RuleRegistry) Load(key string) (value *RuleState, ok bool)

func (*RuleRegistry) Store

func (rr *RuleRegistry) Store(key string, value *RuleState)

type RuleState

type RuleState struct {
	Name      string
	Topology  *xstream.TopologyNew
	Triggered bool

type Server

type Server int

func (*Server) CreatePlugin

func (t *Server) CreatePlugin(arg *common.PluginDesc, reply *string) error

func (*Server) CreateQuery

func (t *Server) CreateQuery(sql string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) CreateRule

func (t *Server) CreateRule(rule *common.RuleDesc, reply *string) error

func (*Server) DescPlugin

func (t *Server) DescPlugin(arg *common.PluginDesc, reply *string) error

func (*Server) DescRule

func (t *Server) DescRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) DropPlugin

func (t *Server) DropPlugin(arg *common.PluginDesc, reply *string) error

func (*Server) DropRule

func (t *Server) DropRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) GetQueryResult

func (t *Server) GetQueryResult(qid string, reply *string) error


  • qid is not currently used.

func (*Server) GetStatusRule

func (t *Server) GetStatusRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) GetTopoRule

func (t *Server) GetTopoRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) RestartRule

func (t *Server) RestartRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) ShowPlugins

func (t *Server) ShowPlugins(arg int, reply *string) error

func (*Server) ShowRules

func (t *Server) ShowRules(_ int, reply *string) error

func (*Server) StartRule

func (t *Server) StartRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) StopRule

func (t *Server) StopRule(name string, reply *string) error

func (*Server) Stream

func (t *Server) Stream(stream string, reply *string) error

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