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func NewHTTP

func NewHTTP() services.Service


type HTTP

type HTTP struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*HTTP) CheckArgs

func (s *HTTP) CheckArgs() (err error)

func (*HTTP) Clean

func (s *HTTP) Clean()

func (*HTTP) ConnectSSH

func (s *HTTP) ConnectSSH() (err error)

func (*HTTP) GetDirectConn

func (s *HTTP) GetDirectConn(address string, localAddr string) (conn net.Conn, err error)

func (*HTTP) GetParentConn

func (s *HTTP) GetParentConn(address string) (conn net.Conn, err error)

func (*HTTP) InitBasicAuth

func (s *HTTP) InitBasicAuth() (err error)

func (*HTTP) InitLB

func (s *HTTP) InitLB()

func (*HTTP) InitService

func (s *HTTP) InitService() (err error)

func (*HTTP) IsBasicAuth

func (s *HTTP) IsBasicAuth() bool

func (*HTTP) IsDeadLoop

func (s *HTTP) IsDeadLoop(inLocalAddr string, host string) bool

func (*HTTP) OutToTCP

func (s *HTTP) OutToTCP(useProxy bool, address string, inConn *net.Conn, req *utils.HTTPRequest) (lbAddr string, err interface{})

func (*HTTP) Resolve

func (s *HTTP) Resolve(address string) string

func (*HTTP) Start

func (s *HTTP) Start(args interface{}, log *logger.Logger) (err error)

func (*HTTP) StopService

func (s *HTTP) StopService()

type HTTPArgs

type HTTPArgs struct {
	Parent                *[]string
	CertFile              *string
	KeyFile               *string
	CaCertFile            *string
	CaCertBytes           []byte
	CertBytes             []byte
	KeyBytes              []byte
	Local                 *string
	Always                *bool
	HTTPTimeout           *int
	Interval              *int
	Blocked               *string
	Direct                *string
	AuthFile              *string
	Auth                  *[]string
	AuthURL               *string
	AuthURLOkCode         *int
	AuthURLTimeout        *int
	AuthURLRetry          *int
	ParentType            *string
	LocalType             *string
	Timeout               *int
	CheckParentInterval   *int
	SSHKeyFile            *string
	SSHKeyFileSalt        *string
	SSHPassword           *string
	SSHUser               *string
	SSHKeyBytes           []byte
	SSHAuthMethod         ssh.AuthMethod
	KCP                   kcpcfg.KCPConfigArgs
	LocalIPS              *[]string
	DNSAddress            *string
	DNSTTL                *int
	LocalKey              *string
	ParentKey             *string
	LocalCompress         *bool
	ParentCompress        *bool
	Intelligent           *string
	LoadBalanceMethod     *string
	LoadBalanceTimeout    *int
	LoadBalanceRetryTime  *int
	LoadBalanceHashTarget *bool
	LoadBalanceOnlyHA     *bool

	RateLimit      *string
	RateLimitBytes float64
	BindListen     *bool
	Debug          *bool
	Jumper         *string

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