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func GetImage

func GetImage(src string) (m image.Image, err error)

GetImage 从源读取图片,支持网络和本地

func GetQRImage

func GetQRImage(url string, level qrcode.RecoveryLevel, size int) (image.Image, error)

GetQRImage 获取二维码图像

func LoadTextType

func LoadTextType(path string) (*truetype.Font, error)

LoadTextType 读取字体类型

func Merge

func Merge(png draw.Image, merged *os.File) error

Merge 合并到图片

func MergeImage

func MergeImage(PNG draw.Image, image image.Image, imageBound image.Point)

MergeImage 合并图片到载体

func NewMerged

func NewMerged(path string) (*os.File, error)

NewMerged 新建文件载体

func NewPNG

func NewPNG(X0 int, Y0 int, X1 int, Y1 int) *image.RGBA

NewPNG 新建图片载体


type DImage

type DImage struct {
	PNG draw.Image //合并到的PNG切片,可用image.NewrRGBA设置
	X   int        //横坐标
	Y   int        //纵坐标

DImage 图片切片

type DText

type DText struct {
	PNG   draw.Image //合并到的PNG切片,可用image.NewrRGBA设置
	Title string     //文字
	X     int        //横坐标
	Y     int        //纵坐标
	Size  float64
	R     uint8
	G     uint8
	B     uint8
	A     uint8

DText 文字切片

func NewDrawText

func NewDrawText(png draw.Image) *DText

NewDrawText 创建新字体切片

func (*DText) MergeText

func (dtext *DText) MergeText(title string, tf *truetype.Font, x int, y int, rect image.Rectangle) error

MergeText 合并字体到载体

func (*DText) SetColor

func (dtext *DText) SetColor(R uint8, G uint8, B uint8)

SetColor 设置字体颜色

type Pt

type Pt struct {
	X int
	Y int

Pt 坐标

type Rect

type Rect struct {
	X0 int
	X1 int
	Y0 int
	Y1 int


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